Blakemere will become a syndicate as of January 1st 2018. There will be full members who can fish 7 days a week, and midweek members who can fish from 4pm on a Sunday through till Thursday lunchtime. There are currently waiting lists for both. If you wish to go onto a list, please either message Blakemere fishery on Facebook or email

 The syndicate tickets will run for 9 months of the year, from Jan 1st to May 31st, at which point we will then revert to open access for June, July and August (we will still close for 2 weeks for spawning) This quarter will be booked out in weekly bookings, and if not booked, will revert back to day ticket bookings as they are done currently. Syndicate members can fish the open access period, but will have to book on and pay as if they are a non member. The syndicate members will then return from Sept 1st and fish through until end of May the following year, with renewals being on the 1st of Jan each year.

The main fishery Rules will remain as they are at present.

Any members breaking rules or causing issues with other members, or myself, will be asked to leave without a refund.  I will reserve the right not to renew members Tickets for any reason, should I feel it will benefit the overall experience of the majority of all other members. 

The syndicate members will still need to book on, although this will be ch quicker as they will be given a unique booking number and the site will remember all their other details. In order to ensure some anglers do not 'hog' the lake, and book on week after week, they will only be able to book on for one session at a time, and not be able to book their next session until the first one has finished. This should allow everyone the opportunity to book and all get a fair amount of fishing, without restricting anyone. So for example, if they finish their session on a sunday night, they wont be able to book for the following weekend until 8pm on that sunday, however if its not booked up, they will be able to book for the next weekend as well, so there's no restriction this way.

I will be re-investing back into the fishery as normal. We will be installing at least one, and possibly 2 Ultrasonic machines early in the year to combat the algae, which should in turn improve the fishing. If we can get the water 100% all year round, or as close as possible, then the fish will be feeding harder, and more frequently. This ensures they keep their optimum fitness,  and achieve maximum potential weight gains, but also means they should get caught more often if they are feeding hard all year round. If this works, we may also dye the water to combat any potential weed growth. I am currently also trialling some speacialised magnets which purify water, and if these trials are succesful one will be installed as soon as possible.

I will be giving the fish some supplementary feed throughout the year, which is good fishery management if you care to look into it. This will consist of some micronised flaked maize, cereal pellet, and fishmeal pellet in the summer, along with the best nutritional boilies available.  With the aid of this feed, and members using good quality boilies, I would like to think that by the end of 2019 there will be 25+ thirties and a couple of fish near or over the magical forty pound barrier.

We will also be netting annually to remove the roach. The first netting will be in the next few weeks if possible, but certainly before Christmas 2017.           The reduction of the lakes overall biomass means that there will be more oxygen, food and space for the carp, and will help them to grow and be stress free

I will be putting in a planning application at some point for a toilet block and showers on the car park one side. This will mean there will be electric charging points, drinking water, and a freezer for bait storage.

The car park 1 gate, and the otter gate to the fishery on car park 2 side by the lake, will both have combination locks on, so you will be completely secure.

Members will be able to come and see other members who are fishing at any time, and also to come a pre- bait spots as they wish to do so, without booking on.

I will be allowing 'stalking' with 2 rods, from anywhere that is within you swim boundary. For example, if you are in the Boathouse, you will be able to take 2 rods round to the far side and fish under the trees with 2 rods from dusk till dawn, providing you are still fishing in the same water that you would be from the main swim. I will try and remove as many of the stages from this side, next summer when we close for spawning, and its dry, and we can get suitable machinery near to the lake.

There will be at least 1, if not 2 social events in each year, not compulsary but a good chance to have a beer and get to know each other a little more. This may even be coupled with a team competition, if members favour it.

I will be removing branches and placing some helping blocks to enable members to climb trees safely (still at their own risk) and if we can keep the lake's clarity good, this should be something that is quite exciting, as we have been able to watch the fish for the first time this year at certain times when the clarity allowed.

Members will still be allowed to book on partners / wives, and children, who can happily fish for roach and silvers etc FOC.

I will keep an open opinion to any suggestions members have, to improve the whole experience of the syndicate. I will actively encourage members to voice their own opinions, and will do my best to improve the fishery to the maximum level I can. 

We will have an ongoing stocking policy going forward. I currently have 6 fish that were removed last year from the main lake that are held in the stock pond. These will be removed next winter 2018, and if they have improved significantly and are upper doubles or near to twenty pounds they will be returned. if they are still the same weight they will be removed altogether. The remaining new C3's I put in the stock pond at 4lb last winter should be approaching 7lb - 9lb this winter and be 12-14lb next winter. Any fish not growing at a good rate will not be put into the main lake. There are still a few 'cricket bat commons' in the main lake. These are between 10lb- 12lb and quite long and lean and not growing. These will be removed completely. If you catch one please retain it and notify me as soon as you can. We have also just freceived 4 x C4 Fully Scaled Mirrors that have gone into the stockpond for a year, hopefully to go into the mere next winter if they grow well enough. They averaged 9lb.

These are just a few of the main aims for the first year. I will adjust members numbers and rules if they are deemed not to be working by the majority of members, until the point that everything is working as best as it possibly can.

Prices are £600 for the full ticket and £300 midweek ticket.

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