Most of the swims can fit two bivvies on, and it's ok for 2 anglers to fish from the same swim if they want.

The following swims require a POD or Stage Stands:  The Reeds, Snags, Stream, Stumps and Pads.

On Herons View you can put a Pod on the platform, OR you can fit normal Banksticks down either side if you prefer.

Bank Sticks can be used on The Moat, Boathouse, and Channel swims(all large double swims)

Long Extended bank sticks could be used on the side of the Stream swim too, if prefered.

Important Notice. If you are fishing a swim within your boundaries, and the next swim, or that opposite swim is empty, then you may fish in that swims water. However, if an angler then comes into that swim, you must wind in and fish within your normal boundaries.

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