We have tried to cover as many common questions as possible here, but if we have missed anything please email us at fishing@blakemere-leisure.co.uk  and we will be happy to answer your queries.

Q. What time can I arrive?

A. You can arrive 15 minutes before your start time to allow you to get unloaded, but please wait until your time starts before taking your tackle to your swim.

Q. What happens if the lake is frozen over or flooded ?

A. If the lake is frozen completely over, or flooded over the tops of the swims, we will issue you with a full refund.

Q. Can my friends come down and see me while I?m fishing?

A. NO. We do not allow any non fishing guests to walk around the site. This is to ensure you get maximum privacy whilst you are fishing.

Q. Can I bring a NON fishing partner, or child ?

A. Yes you can. We charge £5.00 per day (24 hours) if you wish to bring a non fishing partner. They must stay in your swim and follow all rules and keep noise to a minimum.

Q. Can my under 16 year old fish on their own swim ?

A. Yes they can, however they are your responsibility completely and Blakemere Leisure hold no responsibility for their safety whatsoever.

Q. Are there any suitable pegs for disabled anglers and what is access like?

A. The swims are all large and The Boathouse is probably most suitable for wheelchairs. We can get vehicle access down depending on the conditions so please contact us shortly before your intended visit.

Q. Can we pair up and fish with other booked on anglers in the same swim ?

A. Yes , providing you have booked on, you can fish two anglers in the same swim, which most are now large enough for 2 bivvies. You can also book the 'swim share' option which allows the 2nd angler on in the same swim for a discounted price. 2 rods each max when sharing a swim.

Q. Can we pre- book swims ?

A. We do not pre-allocate swims. There are plenty to chose from and always at least 3 extra free. All of the swims have produced great catches and have plenty of water to target.

Q. Are there any toilets, showers or shop on site?

A. There is a portaloo on the car park, but there is no shop or shower facility at present. These are both planned for the future, and information will be posted on the site once available.

Q. Can I get drinking water on site ?

A. No, not at present , but we are around once if not twice a day and can top up any water containers from the house whenever you need. 

Q. Can I get any food on site ?

We have a local Chinese and Indian restaraunt that will deliver to either car park gate. Please ensure they know which one you are in. Please take all your litter home with you. Their tel numbers are on the 'hot food delivered' tab, on the homepage.

Q. Can I turn up in a van?

A. Yes you can, but we make regular checks on vehicles, so please don?t be offended if we ask you to let us have a look in the back, it?s just routine.

Q. Can I move swims once I have arrived?

A. Yes of course. As long as there is a free swim to move to you can move as many times as you like.

Q. Can I extend my stay once I have arrived if I want to fish for longer?

A. Technically yes you can, providing you can get someone to book you in online and there is room, or you can do it via your phone. If we are full then you have to leave as per your original booking.

Q. What do I do if I need help during my stay ?

A. When you book you will receive an online confirmation, and at the bottom of this is both mine and my wife Nic's mobile numbers, so if you have any problems you can call us, and if we are nearby we will of course try to help you.

Q. Can I sack fish up for photo?s ?

A. Sorry, we do not allow sacks on site, and all fish must be photographed and returned immediately.

Q. Can I book the lake exclusively?

A. Of course providing there are spaces, one angler can make a booking for all 6 of the swims at once and enter the names of his colleagues. You can fish up to 9 anglers if booking exclusively, and any extra anglers can pay on the bank.

Q. Why don?t you allow wading and what happens if a fish gets snagged?

A. We don?t allow wading as the lake bed is very unstable, and dangerous. If you get a fish snagged, try pulling from different directions, or take your bail arm off and put the rod back on the rest for a few minutes. This will often do the trick. We appreciate the value of our fish, but nobody?s life is worth putting at risk. Providing you are following the rules regarding rigs and barbelss hooks, if you snap off the fish should have a good chance of getting free.

Q. What baits work best?

A. Most good quality freezer boilies work, as do pellets and corn, but bilies do seem to do better than particles as a rule. We don't allow shelf life boilies.  

Q. Can I keep what I catch?

A. No. Anyone found taking or introducing fish from or to Blakemere will be prosecuted.

Q. How much bait can we use?

A. There is no limit to how much bait you use. The only bait requirement, is that all particles are soaked and prepared properly, and we don't allow shelf lif boilies, only frozen ones. 

Q. Can I floater fish for carp ?

A. Yes you can use floaters for the carp

Q. Is there a closed season at Blakemere?

A. We will be closing for approx 1-2 weeks once the fish start spawning. The welfare of our fish is paramount. Anyone booked on during this time will be notified and refunded in full .

Q. Can I use a pole?

A. Yes there is plenty of room on all swims to fish with a pole.

Q. Are boats allowed?

A. We do not allow bait boats, or any other type of boats at all.

Q. Is Blakemere just a carp water?

A. Blakemere is a complete coarse fishery and as well as the carp contains Pike, Perch, Tench and Eels, roach and a huge crucian carp a feww ounces under the British record. 

Q. Can you park by your swim?.

A. No, sorry you can?t. We can get disabled anglers cars down near to the lake to unload, if the ground conditions allow, generally in summmer only. Please contact us prior to your visit if you are disabled. The walk is about 75 -100 yards from the car park to the swims on this bank. 

Q. What is the wildlife like?

A. You may see any of the following depending on the time of year: kingfishers, swans, herons, great crested grebes, sparrow hawks, barn owls, greylag and canadian geese, mallards, occasional tufted ducks, golden eye, water rails (usually hiding in the reed beds and very tricky to spot), foxes and badgers, depending on how quiet you are !

Q. Can I bring pets such as a dog ?

A. We do NOT allow dogs or pets on site as we have sheep in the fields.

Q. Can I use a Keepnet?

A. No you cant they are banned. You will be asked to leave if you are found with a keepnet.

Q. Do I need a large unhooking mat?

A. No you don't as we have put xls Nash Cradles in all the swims. 

Q. Do I need a landing net or weigh sling or water bucket ?

A. No we provide Landing Nets, Cradles, Weigh slings and collapsable water buckets in All swims. You are not allowed to bring your own. This is to reduce the riosk of disease. There was a record amount of outbreaks of KHV in 2016.

Q. Can I make a suggestion about the fishery?

A. We welcome any feedback at all, good or bad. We can only improve the fishery by listening to what you want, and trying to provide it. Please email us at fishing@blakemere-leisure.co.uk with any feedback you have. Thank you.

Q. How many swims are available?

A. There are now 9 swims finished,  7 of which can easily accomodate 2 bivvies, so each one has plenty of water to fish.

Q. What leaders are banned?

A. Leadcore is banned, but all Korda and Nash safe zone leaders are allowed.

Q. What are the main features of the lake bed ?

A. The lake bed is very smooth and a little silty, as per most of the Shropshire Mere?s. The biggest feature are the drop- offs from the edges of the lily?s that surround the lake where it drops from 3-4 feet into 6-10 feet within 2 rod lengths. There are plenty of bloodworm beds, and fish feed happily in open water.

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