Frank Warwick Tutorials


Carp Fishing Legend, and all round nice guy, Frank Warwick, is now available for Tutorials for 24, 36 or 48 hours on one a 1-1 basis, or pairs of anglers, here at Blakemere. The prices below are payable to Frank on the day, and before fishing starts. 

You must still book your session dates in the normal way through our online booking form, once dates have been agreed with Frank.

Tutorials are available to ANYONE, regardless of if you have been here before, or how many times. Frank will be happy to teach you whatever it is you need to improve upon, be it rig mechanics or casting for example. Personally I think its worth the money just to spend some time with one of the country's finest carp anglers we have, and hear some of his never ending stories from around the world .

 The prices are all set out below.

1 person 24 hours £120   1 person 36 hours £180   1 person 48 hours £230

2 people 24 hours £180   2 people 36 hours £240   2 people 48 hours £345

If you want to book a session, please make sure you and your group are happy to pay the fees above, and have the funds available, and your required choice of dates ready. Then check your dates with the online booking form to make sure there is space for the whole number of your party. Then simply contact me, either by emailing me at  or pm me via facebook. I will then send you Franks personal email, and he will confirm if he is free on your required dates. Once you have a date booked with Frank, then book online, and turn up and Frank will meet you to look after you.Please ensure you pay him on arrival and before you start.

Weekdays will give you a better choice of dates, and will give you more room on the lake as its quieter if Frank feels you should move. It's also better for group bookings to fit you all on, but weekends may be possible, if there is room on the lake and Frank is free.

 I hope that you all enjoy this experience and please feel free to leave feedback to me so that Frank and I can make sure you are getting out of it what you want, and that you feel thats its good value for money as an overall experience.

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