Fish Stock

Currently Blakemere has 11 different fish that have been out over 30 lbs and 25 other known fish that are over 25 lbs giving a total of 35 fish over 25lbs in weight.

The remaining stock is made up of mainly fish in the 17-25lb bracket along with a few smaller fish of 10-17 lb some of which were obviously spawned naturally in the mere a few years ago. The total stock of fish is approx 200.

October 31st 2010 New Stock Arrives. Today we introduced 15 absolutely stunning C6 carp from VS Fisheries, 12 mirrors and 3 commons. These fish were immaculate (except one damaged tail) and the largest fish a common weighed in at 26.08 lb. This fish grew from 1lb to 7lb in one year , and has put on an average of nearly 6lb per year since, and is the largest fish ever produced by the farm. The total weight of all 15 fish was just under 350lbs, giving an average weight of 23lbs. The future looks very exciting with these amazing quality fish, as I am sure you will agree.

Click here to view the parentage & history of these latest Blakemere residents.

11th March 2010. Blakemere recieved 86 carp. these wre mainly c4 and c5 year fish with the average c5 fish weighing 13lbs. The largest fish was an ex brood fish at 21lbs.

Blakemere had an existing stock of fish when we purchased it in 2006. These fish were from original stockings back in the 1980's from clubs that used to fish it, namely Whitchurch Iron foundry and until more recently Wyche Anglers. The existing stock included carp (seemingly all commons - up to 32 lbs) tench up to 9lbs, pike, perch, roach, rudd, & eels.

To the existing stock we have added around 220 carp. These ranged from 5lb - 24lb when stocked, and were selected as much for their looks as their weight. We have some beautiful linears, fully scaled mirrors, along with a few leathers and some cracking commons with huge fins. Most of the fish stocked at 5lbs are now weighing between 11-15lbs. There is also one known ghost carp around 18lbs in weight.

We have also stocked 100 tench around 6-8 inches to grow on and add to the existing tench stocks which weigh in between 3- 9 lbs. There are no bream at present.

The pike seem to be plentiful but small in weight (all under 10lbs) but so little fishing has been done there are sure to be much larger fish lurking uncaught. Locals suggest that there used to be many fish in the 20lb plus bracket , but we haven't seen them - YET !

vs_stocking_2010_011 vs_stocking_2010_028 vs_stocking_2010_044

The fish above are also from the 11th March 2010 stocking.  

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