Difficulty Rating

As general day ticket waters go, Blakemere would probably be an 9/10  difficulty rating.

Most anglers that visit us blank on their first few occassions, and even the regulars endure periods of motionless bobbins !

We have large amounts of bloodworm at times, and the fish seem hard to tempt away from these when they are abundant. 

If you are used to fishing 'commercial' type waters that are small and overstocked, this is NOT be the place for you. 

Blakemere would definitely NOT fall into the category of being called a runs water, and although we have had the odd anlger catch multiple fish, 1 fish in a session would be a good result, however there are always plenty of blanks in between too.

We currently have 11 different fish that have gone past 30lb+ and have 31 fish in total over 25lb as well as lots of 20's and doubles (average weight 18lb) so if these are the type of fish you are after, and your are happy to sit in quiet surroundings with plenty of space, and can handle blanking a few times, then it should be right up your street. The fish are getting more pressured each year, and have definitely got a little riggy now, with many of them going in excess of a year in between captures.

As Blakemere was created from the 'Ice Ages' over 11,000 years ago, it is extremely mature and full of natural food for the carp. There are bloodworm beds, large freshwater mussels, snails, freshwater shrimps, daphnia, tadpoles, and all the usual cadis larvae  etc, so using good quality bait to tempt them away from their natural diet is advised, and please note we don't allow shelf life boilies. 

Many of the larger fish only visit the bank once every few years. For example, in October 2017 out of the 31 fish over 25lb in weight, only 19 of them have been out in the last 12 months, leaving 12 fish that havn't been banked between 1-5 years.

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