Catch Reports

***   We provide Landing Nets, Weigh Slings, XLS retaining slings and Cradles on ALL swims. There is a complete ban on bringing your own onto the fishery ****

Blakemere is now operating as a Day Ticket water- March 2020

September Well the months has got off to a flyer on it's first morning with Steve Adcock lnding 'Jurgen' at it's heighest weight of 31 lbs and another new 30 for the mere. Steve fished mid water in the Boathoue swim. The Half Linear was out last night too at 27lb from the Channel and a 16lb fish from the pads, and mid double from the Snags.

August It's been a very wet, and windy August and looks like ending that way too. Not a bad thing for the fishing though, and it's fished very well during what is undoubtedly one of the hardest three months on the Mere. It will now start coming into it's own and this last week has proved that. Nick Haliwell went into the Reeds and caught a fish named Shadow Scale at 31.00 a new PB. Adam Latham came down last week and had 5 fish and lost 3 from the reeds swim. The Pads also fished exceptionally well although it has slowed slightly in the last ten days. Russell Lovatt came with his two sons, one of whom had 'Joe' at 32.02 and the other a low twenty from the Channel.  Yesterday Damien McLaughlin landed Ivy at a new Lake Record weight of 34.12 and a new PB so well done Damien. Thats a very high weight for the time of year. Fish last month were clearly still at spawned out weights so I'm expecting to see some big weights as we go into the winter months. The fishing gets really good from this time of year onwards and right through the winter.

June & July Undoubtedly the hardest time on the mere from June to end August, but fish have still been coming off reguarly which is great, and clearly a massive improvement with the aerators working wonders compared to years of old. The fish spawned hard and well, and the fishing prior to spawning was amazing, and continued into June at almost the same level. Then after a few weeks of intense pressure, seeing the lake full almost 7 days a week, the fishing started getting a bit slower, especially during the hot periods as we generally expect. July has seen more rain and as such more fish with the the two end pegs of the reeds and pads both doing good numbers of bites, but their fair share of losses af fish make it to the pads. Anyway, catches of note that I have been sent or can remember are as follows; Kevin George had Big De spawned out at 26+ , Andy Patrick fished in the Stumps and had a common of 18lb plus Badgers fish at 26.08, Kane had an 18.06 mirror from Herons, Allan Goddard had a mid double and first ever carp from the Channel, adam Dutton and girlfriend came a couple of times having 5 fish in 4 nights from the Reeds, then 3 fish in 3 nights in the pads, Tom Gibson had an upper double leather from the snags, Jamie Atherton had 4 fish in 3 visits, Tony Ibel lost his first ever blakemere fish at the net from the Boathouse, which may have been Ivy, Michael Clewes had Scar at a spawned out weight of 28.08 at 5pm in baking sunshine which is almost unheard of on here! Nick Wintle had at least 8 runs for 4 fish from the pads.

31st May Well the mere fished really well for the first week after fishing was allowed once again. We then had to close due to the fish spawning, but I always knew that would be the case as we nearly lways find the fish spawn in the last week of May or first week of June so it was almost bang on. Prior to spawning fish were coming off every single swim around the lake, with a few more than average from the pads, as fish were most probably gathering up that end to get ready to spawn. Notible captures were Kevin George who had 5 fish from the Pads, as well as two lost. The went 12lb, 20.06, 20.08, The Ghost Common at 25.10 first time over 25lb and now called 'Casper'  and also one of the A team with My Jennie at 27.04.  John Cavadino had The Half Linear at 28lb from the Snags swim and Mark Benson had Ash at 298lb from The stumps swim. Lee Neild had fish of 16 & 18 from the Reeds, Joe Brandreth had Cluster at 29.02 from the Stream. Craig Ridge got into the pads and had 4 and lost one including fish of 14.15, 19.08, 23lb and UB1 at 28.04  Rich Woollam followed in behind and had a low twenty followed by our largest leather, a fish known as Alex's fish at 25+ which hadn't been caught for 5 years to the month so a fantastic catch. Matty Lea had a 19lb common from the Snags. Ste May came down for a night and snared the Big Lin from the pads at 32.10 ! Nathan Reid had a 30.02 mirror from the Channel the same day. Since spawning Craig McGettrick had a fish called 'Scar' from the stumps at 27lb. James Herbert had a fish called 'Jurgen' from the pads at 32lb and also a 20lb fish as well.  So overall pretty good considering how hard conditions are in this hot weather which is certainly not ideal. 

21st Mar Andy Lewis was the first angler on under the new day ticket system and went into the Boathouse for a few nights. On Thursday around 10am he landed a lovely 24lb mirror from the middle area of the lake. Darrin Bromsgrove came on Thursday and went into the pads, a lightly fished swim of late and ended up with 3 fish of 12, 17 and 18lb so great session for you Darrin, well done.

12th Mar Andy Barton went into the Moat to get some shelter from the gale force winds and lost a fish under the tree witin ten minutes of casting out. At 3pm he had a lovely mirror of 20lb in his net, so a well deserved reward. Steve Hall from Crewe came on and went into the Boathouse last night and had two fish in quick succession this morning around 7am, one a beautiful Zip linear that has grown on in the lake, the other a mirror of 24.12  The fish definitely starting to seek out the food and as regulars know a good spread of boilies works best topped up reguarly.

March 11th 2020. The lake has fished well to the few anglers who have ventured out in the hurrendous weath of late, and when the mere hasn't been flooded. Blakemere's winter form has been shining through. Ste May did 3 nights last week and had fish of 26.10, 25.12, 19 and lost one more and the wind chill was unbelievably cold. Kevin George had a nice 19lb leather from the Moat last wekend, as well as many more captures in Feb. Water temps starting to go up and currently over 7 degrees so a few more angler should see more fish on the bank soon.

28th Sept Sorry for the lack of updates been super busy with organising my 50th party, the Launch of our new brand Kumu, and soeting the house out!  It's been a good few weeks for fihing for a surprisingly few number of anglers. Forgive me if I have missed oyur capture out, just let me know and I'll add it in later. Adam Bonehill had 3 frish from the pads of 14, 19.10 and 20.08 as well as losing one. Chris M had fish of 15.08 and 18.06 from the Snags. Colin Campbell had 3 fish from the Moat a 17lb mirror followed by a brace of 31's with Shadow Scale at 31.06 and The Big LIn at 31.10 both fish looking in A1 condition and simply stunning. Andy Barton followed in behind Colin and had 2 fish of 14 and 17 before landing Jabba at a top weight of 27.06. My good friend and long time fishing partner Steve Adcock had made the long journey up from Croydon for my party and fished in various swims over the last week, ending up with 7 fish of 17,17,19,19,20,21,and the Ghost/koi Common at 24.08 interestingly 5 of the 7 fish fell to tiger nuts fished on the bottom. Loads of fish showing in the middle area of the lake last night (fri).

14th Sept We had a singles carp match at the weekend, due to not having enough pairs and it was a blast. Matt Tesler won with the biggest fish and a PB to boot, catching Nyeve t 26.12 from the pads. Lee and Dean Makinson both had a fish eachin the Boathouse,  and both weighed exactly the same at 18.05 and yours truly had a mirror of 20.08 from the Snags. Adam Latham came down after the match and went into the Moat and had a fish of around 20lbs. (13).

11th Sept Colin Campbell was straight back down for the new syndicate season, and had a nice common of 17lb from the Reeds, then came back a few days later to land the Half Linear from the Moat at 27.08, it's highest weight and up from it's last capture at 24.11lb in Nov 2018. Adam Latham also came down into th Moat and despite seeing tons of shows, could only manage one at 19lb but thats so often the case when there's a hatch of some sort going on. Nick Haliwell had  stunning linear which was one of the stock pond fish gone in at around 8lb and now 12lb but an awesome looking fish now even at this weight. Colin Campbell later had two fish of 14 and 11lb from Herons view. Geoff Cartwright had his first fish from the mere at 13lb from the pads.  I guested on a couple of young lads to fish together in the Moat one night as nobody was on, and they're keen to get into the sport, and Young Alfie was gutted after losing a decent frish from the Moat, only to make it uop with a lovely 19lb mirror the next morning. (8)

June -Aug  Open Access This years open access saw a huge improvement on fish caught compared to the previous two years. The aeration system obviously doing wonders and keeping the algael blooms at bay, meant the fish carried on feeding despite very warm water temps, and all those catching remarking how hard the fish are fighting. Interestingly enough almost all fish were up in weight, many at their highest levels to date, which goes to show the huge effect the increase in water quality and oxygen levels has had on them over the last 10 months. Having not seen hardly any A teamers last year, this open access has seen H, Shadow Scale, Joe, and Big D all visit the bank, along with e new 25+ mirror called Jay, so thats incredibly encouraging to see them all in the summer months, and at really impressive weights too. We have also seen a good number of tench this year,  in complete contrast to last year where I believe not a single tench was landed. I as away for quite a few periods over the summer so havent been able to keep a record of the numbers of fish caught. I will start the next half of the syndicate log from zero so we can compare the two halves of the year for numbers caught, then total them up for the year.

1st July Lake closed for 2weeks for spawning Andrew Lewis booked on for another couple of night and ended up with 6 fish for his whole session. There was a small common of 12lb out from the Moat on Sat night and two fish of 18 & 19lb from the Pads to . Stuart Chard did a quick 24 in the pads and had two fish of 21 and 24 which he thinks may have been the Big Lin spawned out but I'm awaiting photo's to see. (150)

25th June Andrew Lewis has now had 3 fish in total, adding a 19 mirror, plus another A team fish with a common of 29lb -either 'The Peach' or 'Tun' sadly the pictues not good enough to enlarge fully to see, but excellent result for his first visit.  Steve Hymers was in Herons view and had a fish of 16lb last night at 1 am. (142)

24th June Adam Bonehill came on for a quick 24 hours and had his first Blakemere carp from the Reeds swim at 21.08 at 7pm on Sat. Dean Power went into the Pads swim and had a couple of lovely mirrors of 23 & 21lb along with a 6lb tench. . His friend Raymond fished next door in Herons and had a mirror of 18lb. Andrew Lewis is on for a couple of nights in the Boathouse and Had 'My Jenne' at 26.04 at 4am this morning as well as a nice tench. (137)

19th June After having one of the dryest six months on record, it seems all the rain we had missed arrived in the space of 4 days without stopping. The lake flooded and came over all swims at least half way. Water levels have since subsided and all swims are now fishable once again. Paul Ryding managed two tench and a mid double carp in the first two hours of his visit, and lost another in the pads that night. Will Tonks fished the Reeds which was underwater by an inch, and had three fish of 14,16 &17. Darrin Bromsgrove went into the Pads swim and had two lovely mirrors of 17 and 24+. Stuart Chard came backwith his daughter and managed a lovely 16lb common after losing his first fish early on in the Channel. Ben Critchley started off in the Boathouse but the fish were clearly showing down on the end of the wind so moved down into the Snags. Ben ended up with 3 fish of 16, 17 and 25.12as well as a 6.12 tench and losing 2 others. (132) water temp has rises from 15.5to 16.1 in last 24 hours. Temps set to go up to the 20s early next week so I'll update the site when the fish eventually start spawning.

9th June Kev Davies came on with his brother and mate for a couple of nights and managed his first Blakmere fish with a low double from the Reeds swim yesterday morning. Kevin George was also with them and had a cracking mirror of 19.04 then followed it up with Big D at 29.02 from the Moat at 2am.  I was in the Boathouse with my great friend Steve Burchall who broke his pb four times in succession with fish of 15, 17, 24.12 and finally a big Common called 'H' at 30lb on the nose plus lost one at 4.30 am. We Used 4kg of B5 salami between setting up at 6pm and packing away at 11am this morning. All fish over the weekend caught on B5 Salami. (122)

6th June Colin Campbell came back on, as its been so quiet with anglers and managed another couple of fish in the Moat with a mirror of 19.08 and a small common of 12.06  no signs of fish even pairing up as water temps just not high enough. Water is definitely clearing up which is greta as this month is normally where we get all the real trouble with the algae starting so thats great news. (115).

2nd June I managed a mid double common in the early hours of the following night, fishing at around 30 yards out from the Channel. Colin Campbell dropped into the moat and had two nice mirrors of 21.04 and 23.08 between midnight and 3.30am..  He then moved down to the reeds for a night as a big westerly picked up and lost a fish from there. Steve shaw come on Friday evening and headed up to the pads. There were plenty of fish up there and when I saw him this morning he had landed 3 and lost 4 so a pretty hectic session for him. His fish weighed 12, 14 and 18lb. I'm sure the bigger fish get uo in the Pads but it just seems there's always big numbers of fish in there, especially before spawning and the smaller fish tend to get to the baits first. Anyway, still no sign of spawning. There's rain forecast from Tuesday through to Sat on most days so I can't really see it happening this week. Water is clearing up too which is hopefully a result of the aeration system so thats a good sign for this time of year when we have had the algael blooms at their worst during this month. (113)

28th May Summer nights don't get too much carpier than last night. A warm day ending in a proper thunder and lightning storm with torrential rain for 20 minutes then going quieter and sun coming out, pressure quite low and fish rolling over most parts of the lake. Adam managed another small double as well as two tench and one carp lost, Steve Hall did a quick overnighter in the Snags for a 19lb mirror, and I went out with my youngest, Kaitlin in the Channel and had her up at 3am on photo duties for a lovely scaley 24.12 mirror so action all over. Hopefully the carp will continure to feed this week then spawn at the weekend with temps set to rise to 22 degrees on Sat (107).

27th May Adam Latham went into the Moat and said there were loads of fish between him and the Reeds on Sunday night as it was going dark. His first run was at 6am which sadlycame off just before the net, but not to be outdone he went on to land his next two bites, firstly with 'The Frog' weighing in at 28.11 and followed by a lovely leather of 19.11 a short time later (104).

24th May The water is past 18 degrees today but the fish have not started spawning yet. If they don't go tomorrow then I'm not sure when it will be. Dean Picton let me know he had a 15lber on Wed night from the boathouse and Rob Sagan had a baby of around 6lb from Herons view yesterday morning around 9am. (102)

23rd May It's been a very quiet last few weeks. I closed the lake last Thursday as the fish started spawning in the channel area, then stopped that lunchtime and never restarted after a bout of rain on Friday morning, so I re-opened back up. Cold wind chills have kept the lake from warming up and with water temps staying constant at 15.5 degrees over the last week its been a case of the fish being on edge ready to go, but not doing so as they need another few degrees. We have only had a handful of anglers on. Two fish have been lost from the Boathouse this week, and one from the outlet channel, and a small common of 14lb landed from the pads swim by Brian Round. The water temp was finally up to 17 degrees last night (Wed) but the forecast is for temps to start dropping down to low to mid teens next week, so if they don't start by the coming weekend, I can see it happening until into the frst or second week of June. (100)

18th May Lake is back opened fish never really got going nd have stopped spawning.

16th May Fish have started spawning in the Channel this morning so I am shutting the lake. It's around a week before they normally go on here but dictated solely by water temps. I will close for 10-14 days depending on how well they go in the next 3-4 days. 

15th May Kevin George becoame the first angler I'm aware of the outlet channel and only a baby around 6lb  but a good fisht and the first of many no doubt. Chris Kirkham spent a quick night under the stars (he forgot his bivvy!) and had a pristine 19.06 common around 5am before leaving early morning. (99).

14th May Ste Wright added another fish last night at 2.45 am with a low double common. (97)

13th May  Stephen Wright came on after the match had finished and headed for the pads. He idn'tstart fishing until the evening and had two fish during the night. The first one a around 1am was a fish of 16lb followed at 3am by a fish of 24.14 which was possibly a leathe, so a good first night and one more to go. (96)

12th May We had a very successful pairs match at the weekend, with 16 anglers competing in total. The top two silver bags were 30lb and 27lb of roach and we removed around 100lb of silver fish in total. The carp were somewhat harder to catch but Adam Fletcher and Will Tonks did a great job down in the pads landing 6 fish, 3 of which were stockies and three mid to upper doubles. Only one other fish lost from Herons so numbers of fish down that end..Weather is still very variable, water temps were down to 12.8 after all the rain and we had a very hard frost on Sat night with bivvy's being frozen between 3am - 6am.  (94)

8th May Adam Fletcher has had the lake to himself for last two nights and managed to land his first named fish since joining the syndicate. He banked 'Ash' at 27.08 from the Boathouse swim around 5pm this evening so well done Adam.  Lots of fish showing rolling quietly in the hour before dark, another hatch and swallows in abundance. (88)

7th May Adam Latham has just had an 18.06 leather from the moat after losing a fish at 3am. Adam Fletcher has also had a fish this morning with a common of 16.05 from the Boathouse.(87)

6th May Stephen right had a cracking mirror of 21.12 from th Snags on Monday night just around 11pm. The following morning Bill O'Connor broke his PB in style landing the Big Lin at 31.03, it's 2nd highest weight, but more importantly its not been on the bank for 2 years and 9 moths so a great fish to catch for your PB, well done Bill. I've been away in China since then with OTBT and the mere has been very quiet, with only a few anglers on. Stuart Bewster text me to say he had fished the Pads swim on Sun Night and had two of the new stockies at 7lb and 9lb. Water temp around 13.8 degrees. (85)

27th April Carp fishing is so difficult to predict, made somewhat impossible when the weather fluctutes so dramatically. The week before last saw us have 5 hard frosts back to back, then we jumped to a week of temps between 20-23 degrees and water temps going up to 13.8 degrees, before turning last few days and temps down to 10 degrees with loads of rain and wind chill dropping them right back down. Some fish started spawning last week around the uk, practically unheard of for April. On the mere, the last 3-4 nights has seen large displays of fish rollin before dark, but as often is the case, proving difficult to catch. Robert Sagan had his first fish of this season on Thursday night from Herons, a mirror of 18lb so well done Rob. Next week sees a much more settled week ahead, with more average temps for the time of year of around 15 degrees in the daytime with light westerly winds and 4-6 hours of sun each day so fingers crossed the cathces will become steadier too. (81).

23rd April Well things are starting to pick up and I'm convinced with the change of weater tomorrow things are going to kick off big time this week. Will Tonks had two more mirrors of 20lb and Jabba at 27 on the nose, up 2.5lb since her last capture back in Sept and her top ever weight, so thats good news. Joe Massey had another two fish of 12 & 18lb from the pads so ended on four altogether. Dean Picton had the most memorable of captures when he stalked a mirror of 17lb off the top, which is the 1st Ever fish in 12 years to be caught on the surface !  Adam Fletcher dropped in for a quick overnighter and had a mirror of 16.12 and even I managed a couple, one being a fully scaled stockie around 10lbs and a mid double mirror from the Channel. so over the bank holiday weekend there have been 12 fish out and 7 lost (don't ask! ) Hopefully see some of the big girls who have been hiding away make an appearance in the next 4 weeks or so. (80)

19th April The fishing has continued to be difficult, despite the winds dropping and the massive increase in temps. The water is still quite murky, although that has to be said for most waters around here, even ones that are normally quite clear. Anyway, we have a few anglers on over Easter, 5 today and the Boathouse is free so pretty unusual for a bank holiday weekend. The ever reliable Will Tonks went into the Moat for a few days, and had a lovely mirror of 23+ last night shortly before dark. He followed it up with another one in the night, this time weighing 17lb. Joe Massey is down the other end in The pads and started off with a lovely dark mirror of 16lb, before losing his next fish. Then today he's had Jurgen at 27.06, which I have to say is a little dissapointing. Considering nearly all the other named fish are up beteen 2-6lb since October I really thought this fish would be nudging 30lb at this time of year. Anyway, I'm sure things will kick off in style fairly soon and in the next two weeks. There's a bit of rain coming on Monday with a big drop in pressure and temps, as well as a new sooutherly wind to replace this Easterly which has held fast for the 3 previous weeks, so fingers crossed that will be enough to trigger a positive response from the fish. Only time will tell. (72)

14th April Adam had another fish of 15.12 as well as losing two more unfortunately, but a great session all the same. The Easterly winds are still dominant and look set to stay for another week at least. We have had 5 ground frosts on the bounce, and the wind chill is bitter. Temps are forecast to get to 20 degrees for Easter next weekend, and staying at 5-6 degrees at night too, so fingers crossed the fishing will pick up considerably. Stephen Wright was rewarded after moving from the Pads to the Moat and then to the Snags, having a lovely long young common of 19.04 and a near lether mid double this morning, and ends a barron spell so well done Ste. Otherwise quiet, although only 4 anglers on fri and sat day and 3 on overnight. (68)

10th April Wow, its been 10 days since our last fish out, possibly due to the very cold snap we had where the water dropped nearly 3 degrees in 48 hours combined with the water clarity being awful. Anyway temps are now creeping up again and clarity slowly improving and despite a hard ground frost early this morning Adam Latham had his first fish from the syndicate when he landed UB1 at 7.15 am this morning at an all time high weight of 28.05 She was looking in excellent condition so well done Adam. One fish also lost last night from the Pads swim so fingers crossed if the water clears over the next few weeks and we see the end of the cold easterly winds catch reports should pick up once again (65).

4th April I've been desperate to get out onthe bank for ages, and my chance came to do a couple of nights this week, and work during the day. I had seen a low pressure front coming in, but sadly didn't study it well enough to see how cold it was going to be. I had taken the water temp on Monday at 10.8 degrees so everything seemed good. Having got set up around 5.30pm onTuesday it rained, then as soon as the sun went down the temp plummeted into what was one of my coldest nights on the bank in memory. By 9pm my brolly was completely frozen solid !! For some reason unknown to me, I then decided to do a second night again, and awoke to another hard frost this morning !  Forecast for rain all day so a quick pack away was due, and rods away for warmers nights ahead. Temp was 8.8 degrees when I left so its dropped 2 full degrees in last 48 hours. I did actually see one fish roll in the middle of the lake over my spot so was hopeful for a while, but it wasn't to be. Anyway, nice to get the dust off the rods, just need to get the ice off them now !!  No other fish to report. Water is quite murky at the momemnt probably due to all the pads pushing up through the lake bed.

1st April A quiet weekend compared to late, possibly due to Mothers day or the cold winds that have been ruinning what would otherwise be acceptable temperatures. Anyway, Will Tonks managed a lovely 21lb mirror vrom the Stumps, and Steve Shaw had a pretty little stockie from the Boathouse. There was a fish lost eary on Sat from the Pads swim, and plenty of fish up this end of the lake now with the sun having been out at the tail end of last week. The pads themselves are halfway up and will be completely out within the next 2-3 weeks. Kevin George had a 21lb mirror from the Moat at 8.30 am on Sat, almost exactly 24 hours after losing one the morning before. (64)

26th March I was away at The Big One over the weekend with the OTBT gang, and had predicted big things before leaving. However, the weather wasn't quite what I expected with Northerly winds pushing in and pressure rising so it turned out to be a bit of a tougher weekend than of late. However, we did see a few fish on the bank. Craige Ridge continued his amazing run without a blank landing a low double mirror from the Pads swim, on his favourite B5 Salami. A few fish have been seen, and caught from this swim so they're deinitely moving about. Adam fletcher had a 13.08 common but lost a much bigger fish from the Moat on on Sunday morning. Joe Massey had a small stockie around 10lb and followed it up with a lovely mirror of 24.14 from Herons view at 5am on Sat morning. Thats it as far as I know. Work party on Wed to do several jobs including poer washing the stages, burning all the timber by the moat and on the island, pruning the trees at back of island, chalking the outlet channel and building a boathouse (if time allows). (61)

20th March Joe Brandreth had a lovely true leather at 2.30 am this morning at 21.08 from the Stumps swim. Chris M added another with one of the fully scaled stockies and John Taylor had a lovely scaley mirror from the Reeds swim late on this afternoon which is a great result as John only fishes days.  Water temp up to 8.6 degrees this evening.  (57)

18th March Steven Lyons fished in the Pads swim and had the largest of the year from that swim with a 24lb mirror, so fish definitely starting to move all around the lake. Stuart Brewster caught one of the fully sclaed stockies from the Moat at 10lb.  Chris M had a mirror of 16lb from the Moat this afternoon, and Bill O'connor landed his PB mirror at 4.30pm today when he landed Ash at 26.12 from the Boathouse swim.  Plenty of these fish coming within an hour or two of bait going in, so regular baiting seems to be working well. Weather set to warm up this week, with a full moon too I'm predicting we will see a few lumps before the endo f this weekend coming. (54)

15th March Michael managed a mirror of 15.10 to even up the scores with Ste,  only to be out done when Ste landed Scar at 4am. It was so windy the scales just kept bouncing between 25-26 so I guess it would be just over 25lb. Keving George also had a cracking mirror of 22.09 from the stumps around 11.30pm. He had seen a fish roll in open water just as it was getting dark, and put a rod on it so good angling Kevin. (50)

14th March Ste May come on this morning along with his good friend Michael, and it needed both of them to get the bivvies up such was the force of the winds.Getting the rods out to 25 wraps without a 30 yard bow of line was tricky too, but, having finally got them sorted after 20 mins of trying, Ste didn't have to wait long for his first bite of the session so far, with a dumpy mirror of 18.10 fished over a large bed of CC Moore pacific tuna. Well done Ste (47)

13th March Mark Benson went into the pads for a very quick overnighter and had a small stockie of 10lbs, one of the fish we put in last November and a couple of pounds up in weight so was goodto see it as only a handful have been caught ince going in. Wind has died down slightly this evening. Water was down to 6.2 degrees so we could do with some sunshine and warm days to get it back up and past 10  degrees. (46)

12th March Mark Barton waited for two hours before the rain eased and he could get set up in the Boathouse which had just become vacant. Three hours later and he was having his photo taken with a stunning PB common of 24.06 so well done Mark. The land drain behind the stream was running like a small stream with some very cold water in it !! (45)

10th March Chris Kirkham had his first fish of the year in the torrential rain at 7am this morning. One of the long commons at 16.08 but a welcome fish and only the 2nd one of the year from the pads swim, so well done Chris.  (44)

9th March Only one fish out of the Stumps to Will Tonks who had a cracking mirror of 18.14 which is nearly 2lb up on its capture this time last year. One fish also lost from the Moat. (43)

8th March One fish lost from this morning from the Moat. Having said its been quiet, we must remember thats its still just the first week of March and water temps have dipped slightly back to 6.8 degrees. Having said that, we have already done 42 fish landed this year as opposed to 17 for the same time last year so a noticeable difference, and with many fish showing weight gains too, so if the trend continues its going to be a very good year indeed. Quietest weekend of the year too with only 4 anglers booked on.

7th March Well despite what seemed very favourable conditions this week its been very quiet on the whole. However, Chris M broke the spell and landed a lovely 20.08 mirror from the Baothouse just before midday today.  Water seems to be be getting slightly clearer. 

2nd March Craig Ridge has a manic hour in the Boathouse yesterday afternoon. The furst run was short lived with him gettng cut off, possibly on a swan mussel as he was backleading. Then a few minutes later his next run resulted in him landing Ivy at 31.06 and a new PB, so massive congrats from us all. He then backed it up with a lovely mirror of 18lb all on the trusted B5 Salami which he's not blanked on since Sept. Steve Shaw added another fish to his tally with a mirror of 17.08, and Stuart Brewster has got his first fish under his belt this afternoon with a lovely common of 26.08 which may be the Peach, but I'll confirm once I receive the photos.

1st March Steve Shaw had a common of 22.08 from the Stumps at 9.30pm. One fish lost from the Channel around 11pm and Chris Mychalkiw had a mirror of 19.08 from the Moat first thing this morning. Weather looking spot on for a few more fish this weekend.  

26th Feb My very good friend and fishing partner for nearly 30 years, Steve Adcock had been up to help us on the OTBT stand at the NAS show over the weekend, so treated himself to a couple of days only on the bank.Steve landed a lovely mirror of 24.14 at 1pm in 17 degrees of sunshine. Another 2 oz and he would have got to name it. Next year perhaps Steve !

24th Feb A pretty good weekend overall with at least 8 runs and 6 fish landed. Bill O'connor went into the Moat and had 3 fish, a common of 18.14, and mirrors of 20.13 and 22.14 as well as losing two other so a cracking session for Bill, well done. Kevin George had two fish from the Boathouse a mirror of 20lb and I think an upper double common too. Stephen Lancaster had his first syndicate fish,a lovely scaley 15lb mirror and first fish of the year from the Pads swim so they are starting to move about with daytime temps up to 17 degrees- pushing water temp up to 8 degrees, then cold frosty nights knocking it back down to around 6.5 -7 degrees. Should soon be up at 10 degrees in daytime. Water is a little coloured at present. If anyone is walking around over the bridge can you please clean the grill if it needs, the swans are uprooting losts of reeds and it needs cleaning reguarly. Thank you.

20th Feb Suprisingly quiet given the moon phase and weather in general ! David Lowry had a 15lb common from the Boathouse just before 1pm today. The fish had some 'carp pox' which is a white mucus on its head. Its pretty harmless and shouldn't be wiped off as it will only make it spread. It normally dissapears once the water warms up. The fish did however have lots of leeches on it, which you can wipe off, using a dry towel or cloth is normally the best thing to get them to detatch. Water is now 5.8 degrees so warming up nicely, and the banks have been very busy this week so plenty of bait going in, and I would expect to see a few more fish out before the end of the coming weekend.

18th Feb Well 5 5 bites and 4 fish landed in total over the weekend. Will Tonks had a common of 15.08 from the Stumps as well as losing another fish. George J-D had a common of 13.08 from Herons view, and Dean Makinson made up with the largest common of the weekend at 16.04.   Star of the weekend was Steve Shaw who fished the Channel and at 8am landed Cluster at 28.11 up 3lbs since it was last caught in Sept and it's highest ever weight so great news overall and hugely promising for the rest of the year.

14th Feb  Very damp and misty start this morning. However bite time seems to be between 8 and 10am recently and Chris M landed his 5th carp of his session so far with a 17lb common at 8.45am, after having landed 4 mirrors of 19.08, 23.04, 13.12 fully scaled and 22.08  He's in the Boathouse and has put 7kg of boilies since he arrived Sunday night! 

10th Feb Well busiest weekend of the new season by far with 7 anglers on braving the huge winds on Friday night / sat morning. Very low pressure too, seemingly perfect conditions if you forget the water was still only 3.5 degrees, and the moon phase at its lowest point. The fact we had also just put 8 tons of chalk into the lake on Tuesday was also a possible downside and may have put the fish off the feed. However Craig Ridge retained his 100% record of catching whilst using the B5 salami in the moat swim, taking a mid double just into dark on Sat evening. Then, out of the blue on Sunday morning, Steve Shaw in the Boathouse had one of those short spells we all dream of, taking 3 fish in 2 hours firstly with the M&M fish at its highest weight of 29.02, followed by a 16lb common and before that had been weighed, Shadow Scale was on the bank at an all time high of 31.01 so very happy days indeed for Steve, well done. The aeration system seems to be doing wonders, Shadow scale being up 6lb in weight since her last capture in Sept so that's great news and a very exciting year lies ahead for all of us. 

6th Feb Its been the coldest week of winter so far with temps down to minus 5 at times and averaging minus 2 the lake has been partially frozen for most of the last week apart from directly above the aerators. I managed to get out in the boat yesterday morning and smash the ice, and with the wind picking up and air temps rising the ice began to thaw quickly meaning we could go ahead and put the 8 tons of chalk in one go. We left half a dozen bags for the outlet channel which was frozen and to thick to get to. I have turned off the aerators this morning to let the chalk settle now its been thoroughly mixed. Warmer temps ahead for the end of the week so lets hope we can get back up past 5 degrees fairly soon. Feb can be a very cold month and we have had a mild winter so far until January so we will have to wait and see. Spring not too far away regardless and days drawing out nicely. 

27th Jan Massive winds today from the North, so feeling a tad chilly. Part of the tall willow by the Channel has come down this afternoon, so remember to keep safe when fishing in gale force winds and be choosy where you put your bivvy !  A few braved the conditions, and Adam Fletcher was rewarded with his first fish of 2019 with a stunning common of 18lb from the Channel. Will Tonks popped out for a few hours this afternoon and had only been down an hour and landed Scar at 25.04 so shes back on the way up again which is great news. He then followed it up with a nice 17lb common less than an hour later so an awesome couple of hours in January.  Water Temp is 4.1 degrees so up nearly a degree from middle of the week. 

23rd Jan  Just an update to say that the lake is ice free. The stock pond is frozen but the aeration system seems to be keeping the mere completely free of ice. However water temp is now down to 3.2 degrees and another night of minus 2 forecast so will be interesting to see what its like tomorrow. I'm putting up two more ladders, one in the trees down the left hand margin from the Stumps, and one right down in the corner of the pads (opposite side to the swim). I'll be pruning branches and putting some sort of structure under them to make them secure but they are nice and high and should give you a great vantage point for spotting fish. Chalk is coming on Friday and being applied to the lake on Tuesday 5th Feb. 

20th Jan Been a quiet week on the fish front, only a couple of anglers on midweek. Water temp is down to 3.9 today, lowest its been all winter. Had 6 anglers on and off over the weekend. Steve Shaw only one to land a fish with an 18lb leather from the Snags at 8am this morning. Its been a very cloudy few weeks would be nice to see some sunshine hitting the water at some point soon!  So far this year we have had 13 fish out as opposed to 5 fish to the same date last year. 

13th Jan An exceptionally warm night, and my first Blank of the year out of the way. In the Boathouse, Craig Ridge managed a 15lb Mirror just after dark around 5.30pm on the B5 salami, then his guest Rich Mack went onto land a mirror of 22lb at around 8pm.  The coots were incredibly vocal last night so I'm going to have to up the management of them over the next few weeks as the season finishes at the end of the month. Looks perfect for a few bites today as wind has picked up properly now and its still amazingly mild for the time of year. 

12th Jan  David Lowry landed his third fish of his session last night from the Stumps. The fish was 25lb and turned out to be '3 Scales' which was last out in Sept at 23.08 so another fish up in weight. Not a bad session for January. New member Bill O'connor got his account opened at 5am this morning with a small low double mirror from Herons view so well done Bill, always nice to get off the mark on a new water.  I took the water temp this morning and it's currently at 4.5 degrees so its cold but fish obviously still feeding. Very mild for next two days and wind has picked up today after being flat for last two days, so hopefully see a couple more on the bank this weekend. Tight lines all. The machine at the quarry has broken so that means we won't be getting the chalk next week as planned, but it should still be here in the next two weeks if they can get it fixed quickly. I'll post out on Whattsapp to see if a few members can come and help, could do with about 3 that's all. Cheers. 

10th Jan Despite some of the coldest nights of the winter so far, and some fairly high pressure the fish have continued to feed. Yesterday David Lowry started off with a nice small mid double mirror from the Stumps. At 4pm and not to be outdone, his dad John then had a new 25+ mirror for the lake at 25.02 which he has called Rambo due to how hard it fought !! well done John.  One fish lost from the Boathouse also due to a hook pull. David also added a 16lb common this morning around 8am so fish still biting. Water clarity is excellent. Hopefully chalk is arriving on mon or Tues and will go in next week. 

5th Jan  I spent a short while with Steve Hall in the Stumps over the last two evenings, and saw 6-7 fish roll out in front in the middle of the lake whilst it was dark. It's quite silty here, but clearly the fish like it for whatever reason. Quite a few other fish have been seen too over the last week. It's fair to say that normally it's pretty rare to see fish in the depths of winter, even when they are getting caught. I can only imagine that due to the aeration and increased oxygen levels, along with the fact that bait is still going in, the fish are still feeding and staying active which is a brilliant sign for the future months this year. The water has gone really clear, and Steve Hall has landed two tench this morning which is a massive indicator. Why ? well firstly, I'm not aware that of a single Tench being caught in 2018, and Steve has NEVER caught a tench in all the years he has been here, so to catch two in one morning, after two of the coldest nights of the winter too, must mean that the underwater environment is changing for the better. We have 8 tons of chalk going into the mere in 10 days time, plus we will be putting in some barley straw in around a months time, then adding some blue dye in mid March to help combat the growth of weed and algae. I'm really looking forward to this year, almost more so than any before. 

1st Jan 2019  Happy New Year folks !!! It's going to be a fantastic year.  Colin Campbell dropped on as a surprise opportunity arose, and made the most of it by catching his biggest Blakemere carp to date with 'Big D' it its highest ever weight of 28.09 which is even better news as the last time it was out it was actually down in weight at 25.09 so that's a 3lb gain (as many of the fish have been this year with the algae problems). Steve Shaw came on for a quick overnighter and had one fish and lost 1 from the Boathouse, and Steve Hall had 2 small fish out too and Colin had another small fish so all in all we had 6 bites in one day in the first week of Jan.  

31st Dec It really has been a mild winter so far, especially comparing it to last year, and the water temp has actually gone up nearly a full degree from 4.9 to 5.8 in the last week, with day time temp of 10-12 degrees and staying well above freezing at night too. Fishing has also been very good for those who have managed to make time to get out. Colin Campbell managed 3 nights in the Moat last week and landed 7 fish and one lost, including the 'H' common hich was last out back in Sept 2017, all on B5. He came back on this week and had two more fish from the Stumps. Steve Shaw was also on Yesterday for 24 hours managing a 21lb common from the Boathouse as well as losing another, and Craig Ridge did 48 hours in the Moat landing two fish of 17 & 21 on the Essential Baits B5 so that was 5 bites in all yesterday !  Water clarity is still good. 10 tons of chalk all booked for middle of Jan so that will help. So as we leave another year behind us, thanks for all those who helped out in the work parties, goodbye to all those dropping their tickets this year, and a very warm welcome to all those new faces coming in for 2019. I hope you all have a great night out, and look forward to seeing you on the bank again soon. Cheers, Dave

8th Dec As the temps fall and we get more and more into winter the mere is starting to show some of its cold water form. Despite very few anglers on the bank we have managed two fish this weekend so far, 3 last and 2 the weekend before.  Having made the effort to come down to help video the new stockies going in the mere, of which we managed 23, although 10 were missing, either hiding in the silt, or having escaped through the dam wall when it collapsed on the wed as I was draining it down, Ste May managed an upper double on the Friday lunchtime, but on Sat morning around 6.30am  he landed his target fish with Ivy, at a new PB weight of 31.13  That's great news not only for Ste, but to see Ivy 2lb up in just over 2 months.  Craig Ridge managed 2 fish of 18 and 21 which was a great result for two quick nights. Kevin George has managed a beautifully dark mirror of 19.10 this morning and Colin Campbell landed the first stockie this morning from Herons view so its great to see they have settled in already. 

29th Nov  Well its really blowing a hooley right now as this storm passes through, but its been very mild with warm south westerly gales and low pressure. John Cavadino endured the storm for two nights and was rewarded for his efforts when he landed the M&M fish last night at 9pm from Herons view. The fish was looking in great shape and at its highest weight at 28.03 so that's excellent news. Gerry Gladman also braved the storms and had a nice little common of 17lb at 5am from the Moat this morning. I hoping to get the rods out myself after lunch for a quick 24 hours as Ste May is on his way down for a couple of nights. I have started draining down the stock pond so it will be all go for Sat when we plan to move most if not all of the stockies into the main lake. I can't wait to see how they have faired over the last 18 months. 

26th Nov Its been pretty tough going over the last few weeks, cold Easterly winds and several frosts, meaning water temp is down to 5.9 degrees. However, we have finally seen a couple of fish, with Dean Makinson having landed a PB mirror of 21.05 around 4pm on Sat, and brother Lee not be outdone, landing the half linear just 12 hours later at 4am and going 24.11 .  Water quality still looking goo but loads of daphnia still in abundance which seems late in the year. Draining down stock pond on sat to move some of the smaller fish into the lake to grow on even quicker hopefully. Conditions do look bang on for it this week, pressure is low, winds picking up and south westerly too, temps up to mid doubles in day and staying at 9-10 degrees at night and moon phase is also bang on so I'm hoping to get out myself at some point either wed or Thursday nights. 

2nd Nov There have been at least 6 hard frosts in the last week, an unsurprisingly the water temp has dropped from 10 degrees to 6.9 within the last few days. The aeration system is in and running really well, we probably wont see the real benefits until this time next year, when all being well we will have had an algae free year, one with clear water and excellent fish captures along with significant growth rates. This weekend sees some much milder weather coming in,  with night temp around the 6-8 degrees and day temps in mid double figures. The coots and tufties seem no longer to be causing many problems which is good, and long may that continue, and I had a visit from my neighbouring farmers worker yesterday, as my barrage of emails and texts seems to have had some impact, and they are going to get the ditches cleaned out. You may be wondering why its a big deal, well basically if they don't clean them out for around 3/4 mile downstream, the water backs up and we flood all over the swims etc so its an important thing for me to get done. 

29th Oct Well we probably had two of the coldest nights since Feb this weekend for the pairs match, including a 20 min hail storm with huge ice balls just minutes after the start. Great fun, and a good social at Sat lunchtime. Two carp out at 13lb and 18lb, plus around 40lb of silvers mainly on Friday as nobody could buy a bite on Sat. I will definitely host one if not two next year, in the warmer weather perhaps late April or early May, then early Sept so hopefully we can fill all the swims and have some great prize money to fish for. The new aeration system was installed today, I'll try and send everyone a map of where all the pipes are and put it on the lake map page asap. Also sadly we lost a fish called tubs yesterday. She had fallen in weight from 27 down to 20lb over the last 4 years so obviously had some underlying issues. Hopefully one of the new stockies will fly and take her place very soon. I've emailed everyone about next years tickets so if you've not had an email please get in touch ASAP

27th Oct  John Cavadino went into the Boathouse swim for a couple of nights and had a mirror of 23lb known as 'My Jennie' this fish has had a broken rib at the back of it a few years ago, and has now healed over but looks like a big round dark mark, but its all healed up nicely. 

20th Oct  Another very still night, with a damp morning, but smiles for Steve Shaw who had The Frog at 26.07 from the Snags swim before first light this morning, fishing in open water. 

19th Oct Very quiet on the mere over the last week, high pressure dominating, with bright sunny, windless days and cold nights. Water temp is at 12 degrees. I think once it drops a couple more degrees and we see a low front come in with some big winds then the fishing will pick up. Water clarity is very good at the moment. New Aeration system set to go in a week on mon 29th Oct. 

14th Oct  It has continued to be quiet, with odd exceptions. Joe Massey was down for 48 hours midweek, and fished in the Snags swim. He had two fish within half an hour of each other, right in the middle of the day, fish of 13 and 18.  Nobody on for Friday as the wind battered us, but Colin Campbell came on yesterday and had a fish called UB-1  (one spot as I call it) at 26.12 and shortly after followed it up with another mirror of 16.08. Water temp is 13.5 degrees.  Aeration system half way there, the main manifold pipe is in place up the lake, and the electrics are being done at the end of this week coming, and hopefully the airstones being delivered and installed the week after that .

4th Oct Well after having had an excellent 3 weeks fishing in the start of Sept the lake has quietned down omewhat. Fish still rolling in the evenings especially, but not in so many numbers, and not getting caught much either. Kevin George was struggling in the Moat until he saw a fish roll, and after putting a bait on it for only ten minutes, ended up with a new PB of 29.12 with Ivy, so well done Kev, just a shame she didn't go over the magical 30 mark for you! I hvae had all the ditches dug out, and we have widened, and deepened the putlet ditch in order to create a stalking spot next year. It's approx 4-5m wide and around 3 feet deep now, so the fish should start to get up there from Springtime onwards. The new aeration system will be going in over the next ten days as well, and should help make the water a more consistant temp, as well as increase oxygen levels throughout all depths,  which is part of the destratisfication that will help to create a better waterbody overall.The clarity is still improving, and fish should be starting to gain decent weights over the next two months or so. Lots of things already in the pipeline for next year, chalking in feb, along with intoducing some barley straw bails to combatt algae growth, and the draining of the stockpond to see whats ready to be transferred into the main mere.

19th Sept  Steve Hall come on and headed for the Stumps, going on to land 'The Peach' common at 23.02 . Quite a few fish still down in weight but feeding hard nowand I'm sure they will be back up to big weights soon as long as we see plenty of anglers on the bank and the bait goes in. Joe Massey has just finished 48 hours in the Channel and has smashed it uo big time, ending up with 10 runs, 9 fish landed including Scar, Ash and the Frog, as well as a new and unique leather at 20lb with a deformed tail. Awesome angling Joe.  John Lowry had a lovely scaley 20.03 mirror from the Snags at lunchtime today. I've struggled to keep tabs on all the fish, but on the last count it was at least 36 fish landed, with quite a few lost too, compared to 14 fish landed the same time last Sept. Interestingly, water clarity and temp were very similar at this time last year and fish also still down from their pre-spawning weights.  

12th Sept Sorry guys, got a bit behind, just struggling to keep up with the numbers of fish coming out at present. Will Tonks did 36 hours in the snags and had 5 fish and lost one, 12,  17.08, 20.04, 25.08 & 28.00. Dave Jones had 'Cluster' at 25.10 from the Moat. I managed a small 17lb common from the stumps. Colin Campbell had an 18.12 from the Boathouse. Darrin Bromsgrove managed a 23.05 from the Stumps. Craig ended up  on 5 fish for his session in the moat.

8th Sept The Mere is fishing relly well at present, and I'm struggling to keep up with all the captures, which is a refreshing change ! Craig Ridge is in the Moat and has already had 3 fish of 12, 16 &23lb,  and lost 2 so with one more night looks set to beat his record of 3 in a session, so tight lines tonight Craig. Stephen Wright managed a a mirror of 15lb from the Channel which was his third swim of his session so well desereved. Will Tonks also had a low double out of the Moat on a quick overnighter, before Craig arrived.

5th Sept Syndicate back on.  Well, after a great social BBQ on Sat to mark the re-opening of the syndicate, the mere has fished really well. In fact in the last 7 days its produced 10 fish with another 4 fish being lost. Three of those fish havent been caught for over 18months so thats great news too. I think the cooler nights and some fresh rain has done wonders for the lake, and I expect to see catch reports increase over the coming months. Most fish down in weight, which is usual and they should start piling on the weight over the next wo or three months. Chris Mychalkiw had '3 Scales'at 23.08 from the Reeds swim around midday on Sunday. George jones Dobbs had 'Badgers fish' at 19.14 from the Stumps, Andy Remelie had two double before landing 'Shadow Scale' at 25.12 from the Boathouse swim, John Lowry has had 3 and lost two, including a fish known as 'Jabba' at 24.08, an 18lb and a grown on fish of 12lb from the Channel. Joe Ogden had a common of 14.08 from the Moat as well as losing one from the Pads swim the day before. So lets hope it carry's on with its current form for a bit longer !

30th Aug Adam Latham managed a low double mirror from the Channel just before leaving last Monday, and on is first visit too so well done Adam. Jeff lunn has been on a couple of times in the last two weeks, and managed two fish in quick succession this morning, firstly at 6.30am with a 23.08 common, the shortly before 8am a 21lb mirror, both from the Stumps swim. Well done Jeff.  It definitely seems to be picking up, and last Aug we only had two runs in the whole of the month on the last two days so its much better than last year at least. Looking forward to seeing how the anglers get on this sat night and if they are able to get anywhere near their spots ;)

26th Aug  Things starting to pick up now the weather has cooled, and rain has been more frequent.  Night time temps have also started to drop quite noticeably too. Mark Benson came on in the week and went into herons view where he had a low double common (possibly a home-grown fish ) then followed it up with a mirror of 23.08 so good result for Marc. So far its been a quieter bank holiday weekend although James Tudor manage a low twenty mirror out of the Moat swim at around 11am yesterday morning. Luckily I chose to walk around last night before dark, as the gate to the toilet behind the stream swim had been left WIDE open. Its actually got an otter gate sign on with a picture of an ottered carp!  If I actually find anyone leaving a gate open they can expect an earful and a quick departure without a refund.

13th Aug Well I have to say its been our usual slow summer once again, hence the lack of catch reports! Craig Ridge managed a low twenty two weeks ago, and last weekend there were two fish lost. Last night, I managed my first overnighter since April, and went into the Snags to give myself plenty of options as there was only one other on up the far end in the pads swim. I was fortunate to catch a small common around 18lb at 2.15am this morning so I was well happpy with that given its form of late. Loads of fish rolling this evening, and temps starting to cool down, and lower pressure of late should mean catch reports increase over the next few months. Aerator comes on between 3am and 7am every night until the water temps cool down and algae clears completely.

9th June Open Access  Wow, what a way to start our open access off. Syndicate member Steve Shaw booked on for a 48 hour session and after getting into the pads swim around lunchtime on the Friday, managed his first bite within an hour of getting his rods out !  Not just any bite, but one from a fish named Bertha, which hasn't visited the bank for close on 3 years and her first ever visit in the summer months.  Steve said she was clearly spawned out, and given she weighed in at 28.15 then she should be around 35lb by the end of this winter, and it was just great to see her after such a long time. Steve managed two more mid double commons as well as losing a fourth fish before he left so great session Steve. Matthew Lea managed an upper double from Herons view, and Darrin Bromsgrove also managed a brace of fish from the opposite end of the lake in the Reeds swim, so all in all not a bad start to the summer months.

17th May Sorry for the lack of reports I have been away twice in the last month and also embarked in a new business so time has been rather scarce ! There have been some very good sessions over the last month, depsite the banks remaining less than full, except for the odd weekend. Colin Campbell had a good session in the Moat fishing only nights as he worked in the day. He was the only one on for four days too !! He ended up with 8 fish of 20, 19, 19, 18,17, 17, 13 and 10.  Adam Lythgoe also had a great session ending up with 10 fish and losing 5 from the Reeds swim. Paul Clark caught the 'S' common at 29.08 from the Snags swim. There have also been a fair few other captures around all areas of the lake. Water temp is approx 15 degrees but needs to be 18-20 degrees for a few days before the fish will spawn. We had the second very hard frost of the week this morning, it having frozen the car windscreens solid during the hours of around 4-6am. 

11th April Wow, what a few days we have had. Since last Sat I believe we have had a total of 22 fish landed and 8 lost, thats 30 runs in 5 days !! Will ended up with 7 fish from the Boathouse, Colin had a new 25.02 common and aptly named it 'The Peach' which it most certainly was. Steve Hall came on into the Stumps and had Ivy at 32.02, a 15lb common and Cluster at 25.00 all within 36 hours and Richard Hipkiss ended up with 4 fish from the pads. Hopefully water will cotinue to warm and clear and the form will push on into next week as the warmer weather arrives. Fingers crossed for some speacial ones before the end of May.

8th April Well after what has been a verly long and drawn out winter, Spring seems to finally arrived, and after a few very hard weeks the water has cleared slightly and the fish have switched on big time with 10 fish out and 4 lost in last 36 hours alone. Will Tonks has had 3 fish including Scar at 28.15 from the Boathouse, and Kevin George has had a new 25+ when he landed a mirror of 26.08 from the Reeds swim. Colin Campbell has had 4 fish from the Moat including 'The Half Lin' at 24.10 and Adam Fletcher has had 2 and lost 2 from the Channel so the fish are pretty well spread out. If the water continues to both warm up and clear even more over the next 5 weeks it should continue to be one of the best times of the year, and one where we have a slim chance of seeing some of the more elusive fish that we haven't seen for a number of years now.

12th March Well its been an unbelievably cold last month, with constant Easterly winds and air temps getting down to minus 6 or 7 degrees on a regular basis, and the water temperature getting down to less than 0.5 degrees !! Prior to this weekend, we have only had 3 anglers on in the last 11 days . I'm glad to say that the temps are now on the rise, water temps are back up to 4 degrees, and no more frosts forecast this week at least, There has been a huge amount of rain overnight, but at least the water is warming up, and hopefully the fish too. Simon Corney managed a brace of fish out of the Reeeds swim this weekend, weighing 16 & 19lb. Ironically, the same weekend last year also produced two fish from the Reeds, both being the first fish from that swim for at least 3-4 months in each year. I'm still hoping to see my first fish of the year before too long, and get my rods out in the next few weeks as the carp finally start to wake up properly. 

12th Feb Steve Hall popped down last Thursday evening for a very quick overnighter in Herons view and had a mint 19lb common first thing before packing away so the effort was all worth it. George Jones-Dobbs came down over the weekend for  48 hours and had a  lovely mirror of 19.07 from the Boathouse early afternoon, so well done George. Temps went down to minus 4 last night (sun)  and lake had frozen this morning but both the sun and wind came out and the lake was free of ice by 11am in a rapid thaw. Temps still cold this week, especially he wind chill,  but hopefully warming up a little over the weekend. Spring seems a fair way away this morning !

6th Feb Well we are still having our run of smaller fish, so many in the mid to upper teens, but as its been minus 4 at night and its snowing, we shouldn't complain !  Will Tonks had a mirror of 17.10 from the Moat at the weekend, and there was a fish lost from the Stumps swim.  Andy Remelie came into the Moat yesterday morning (mon) and had a gorgeous mirror of 16lb and has just had a common of 17.04 today in the snow, both fish coming around lunchtime.  The lake was 75% frozen first thing this morning, but by 10.30am the wind had picked up and 90% of the lake had defrosted. Set to go to -5 tonight so good chance there will be a lid on it tomorrow. Ste May added a second fish to his tally before leaving last week, another mid double. So I think the total count so far in 2018 is 18 bites with 12 landed. Water had crept up to 4.7 degrees on Sat, but was down to 4.2 again yesterday and will no doubt be lower than that by the end of this week.

29th Jan Tony Cliff came back for his 2nd session of the year last Wed and caught ''Sally'' at 23.08 so down in weight but a good result in fairly horrendous winds and a day session. Ste Wright was in the Boathouse for a few days and had 3 bites ending up with 2 fish. Sadly the one that got away seemed to feel like a really big fish, slow and plodding along as they do, but thats fishing. His other two were just under 16 and a small fish of 11lb that has grown on in the lake. Nick Haliwell had his first Balkemere fish from the Channel swim at 14lb, and lost another shortly afterwards. One fish lost from the stumps at midnight sat, and another fish lost from the Moat on Friday lunchtime. Ste May came down last night and went into the Moat and had a mirror of 16lb within 30 seconds of casting out his first rod. He had literally just put the bobbin on when it was away.

20th Jan Wellits still pretty cold at the moment, the stock pond is frozen over and the mere had cat ice on it this morning. Its due to be cold again tonight, but after that its all change and nice warm south westerleys coming in with daytme temps into double figures and nighttime ones not far behind, so hopefully we can see the water temps start to climb slightly an get past 5 degrees by the end of the week. We pulled the main snag out of the lake this week, it turned out to be a whole tree, along with enough leads and line to stock a small tackle shop !! This should move the fish around the lake, and of course stop all those fish from being hooked and lost underneath it.  Still a few fish coming out too. Tony Cliff braved the crazy winds on Wed night to be rewarded with a mirror of 17lbs from the Boathouse, and Simon Corney managed his first fish of the year from the same swim yesterday , hen he landed 'Jabba' at 25.00 around noon.

15th Jan John Cavadino came on for his first ever trip to Blakemere, and ended up following in behind the angler coming out of the Boathouse this morning. He went round the far side to put in around half a kilo of bait, then 40 mnutes after his rods were out, he had his first Blakemere carp on the bank.  If it was only that easy for the rest of us ! At 28.06 it was the first visit to the bank for 'Joelle' for almost a year, when she was last caught in Jan 2017 at 27.00 so a cracking fish to start his campaign, well done John.

7th Jan Ste May came down for his first 48 hour session of the year, and the wind chill over his two day stay could only be described as baltic. However, as consistent as he is, Stemanaged to bag a stunnigly proportioned, and scale perect common of 17lb on the Monday morning so it was smiles all round. Water temp is currently around 4 dgrees so its still pretty cold. We are removing the main snag from the lake on Tuesday 16th Jan, and will also be removing all the old stages from around the edges ASAP too.

4th Jan Well, Andy Barton finally got the Syndicate off to a flier, having spent a few nights in the Snags only to sadly lose 3 fish, he moved into the moat.  48 hours later having been battered by storm Elanor, he was fishless, and was packing down his stuff when the rod he had recast at first light to open water, ripped off. After  spirirted battle he landed a decent sized fish and called me as I was on my way round. At first I thought the fish was our Big Lin down in weight, but after doing the photos I realised its a fish called Big D, one that hasn't seen the bank since July 2015, some two and a half years ago when it was caught spawned out at 21.15 also from the Moat. So what a start, and fingers crossed we see many more surprises during 2018. tight lines everyone.

1st Jan 2018 Happy New Year to you all. I hope it brings you everything that you personally want out of your fishing, which is different for us all. Rich Wollam landed the last fish of 2017, a fish known as Tubs down in weight at 21.09, and his 3rd in as may nights, so well done to him on an epic finish to what had ben a gruelling year for him. The syndicate Started today, and so far we have had two fish lost from the Snags swim, so the race is still on to be the first angler to catch a Blakemere Syndicate carp. I'm looking forward to seehow the year unfolds with the new changes. Fingers crossed they will all be positive. Time will tell.

28th Dec Anthony Barton repeated his succesful apparoach yesterday again, by puuting in another couple of kilos of boilies and having his second fish a couple of hours later, this time at 21.14 so he went home very happpy with two nice winter carp under his belt. Ryan Waters came on and headed for the stumps and after only a few hours managed to land 'Cluster' at 25.03 from his left hand margin rod. Temp dropped very low last night down to around -4 degrees, then warmed up around 5am. Weather looks to get warmer over the weekend and into the new year as low pressure dominates so fingers crossed we will see some more fish, and hopefully one of the larger residents early on in 2018. We hope you all have a great new year and are looking forward to a new chapter in 2018 as we go syndicate from Jan 1st. 

27th Dec Rich Woollam came on Christmas day as his wife was ill in bed, and his effort was rewarded with a lovely mirror just shy of twenty pounds from the Moat at 7.30am on Boxing Day. Anthony Barton also came on Christmas day and he too had acracking miror of 19lb from the Boathouse swim at around 2pm, just a couple of hours after putting in a couple of kilos of bait. Rich Woollam then had a low double at 11.30pm in the driving rain and wind, but after having endured a very long fishless period was more than happy with two fish in less than 24hours. Lake is pretty full for the next 48 hours so will be interesting to see if any other fish come out from different swims.

20th Dec The lake has completely defrosted and water levels dropped back so all swims are now fishable again. Only one angler on over weekend as rest cancelled due to water levels so nothing to report fish wise. The water temp has gone back up from 2.6 degrees last week to 3.4 degrees today, and its very very mild currently, and for the next 4 or 5 days ahead, so with a few anglers out this weekend, we may get to see another fish before the end of the year. 


11th Dec My long term fishing partner of 28 years, Steve Adcock, made the long trip up from London this weekend, so we both braved the snow on Sat and Sunday night, with temps down to minur 6 and minus 7. Steve had a beautifully dark adn scaly mirror on Sunday night just before dark after repositioning his rods.

7th Dec Andy Burton had fish number two this evening, after having moved into the Boathouse swim this morning as it became free. It turned out to be a fish known as 'Cluster' at 25.14 and was looking in mint condition.  Unfortunately,  just as I was about to photograph it for him at 5.30pm, the heavens opened big time, so I only managed a couple of quick shots either side before we got it back, and I made a hasty retreat. Weather turning cold at the weekend with a chance of a 'snow' carp on  Sat and Sunday. .

5th Dec Andy Remelie came on for a few days on Monday, straight from night shift, and set up home in the Boathouse. At 2.45pm he called me to say he had a good common in the net, and when I got there with the camera shortly afterwards it was clear from his smile it was indeed a good fish. It turned out to be Ivy, just down from the lake record weight, but a new PB for Andy all the same at 33.06 and he was more than buzzing. Later that night he caught T-bone, down in weight at 27.02 but anothe of Blakemere's A team all the same so a great result so far with one night left to go. So it looks as if the Blakemere winter form is coming good once more at last.  Andy Barton came on yesterday and opened his account at 9.30am this morning with an absolutely stunning mirror, one I haven't seen before at 17.08 from the Channel swim.  Pressure dropping loads today, winds picking up and a mild night ahead before cold snap arrives for the weekend, but with the lake full this weekend, i'm hoping to see a few more fish on te bank.

1st Dec Steve Hall from Crewe came on late last night for a very quick overnighter in the Boathouse. He had a couple of beeps in the night which got him out to his rods, but his bobbins remained motionless so he returned to his bag. On winding in this morning he found that he was attached to a fish on that rod !! Needless to say it felt a good fish, just plodding along as big fish do, but sadly Steves left hand rod was on the deck and still out, and the fish found the line and before Steve knew it, the fish was gone. Small margins between usccess and failure. Group booking on today so would be nice to see a fish or two reach the bank this weekend. Good luck guys.

27th Nov I was away all weekend, but Darren Grant emailed me to let me know that his son Chris had a mirror of 17lb from the Stream , and friend Shaun Marchington also having a fish of the same weight off the Snags.   As far as I'm aware they were the only two fish out. We also took delivery of 4 stunning fully scaled mirrors at the weekend,  which averaged around 9lb and have gone into the stock pond where they will spend 12 months before being let out.

23rd Nov Nothing to report last weekend, with very calm, bright conditions and high pressure for most of the time. Not many anglers on in midweek either. This Monday just gone, we netted the lake and removed just over 700lb of roach and this reduction in the lakes overall biomass will enable the carp to grow to their full potential this coming year.   Conditions better this week with strong winds and low pressure at the moment. One fish lost from the Boathouse last night around 1.30am. Hopefully we will see a couple of fish out this weekend. We also have 4 new C4's arriving for the stock pond. All fully scaled mirrors as we currently don't have any in the lake at present.

13th Nov Steve Shaw was back on for the first time since the Spring, and had a mid double from the Moat. George Jones- Dobbs went into Herons view and had a mirror of 22lb at 5am on Sat morning. Andy Remelie was in the Boathouse and landed a fish of aorund7lb which  I gues may be another stock pond escapee, but I'll know for sure when he sends me the photos. A little dissapointing we didn't see a few ore fish and any of the big ones as the conditions looked pretty good overall. There was a good frost on the ground this morning (mon) and water is really clear at the moment.

7th Nov  Water temps down to 9.8  degrees. Frost predicted tonight down to minus 1 or 2 , but temps warming again as the week goes on, and the moon phase coming in good for theweekend, along with falling pressure, so hopefully we will see a few decent fish on the bank. Andy Barton had the 'M&M' fish today, slightly down in weight, but looking great all the same at 24.10. Andy is fishing in the Boathouse and had the fish at around 3.45pm today after having been round and baited up with around 3kgs of pre-soaked boiles.  Interestingly he fished the first night on singles without so much as a bleep. One fish also lost in the Channel around 10.30 am this morning after loads of liners last night.

5th Nov Anthony Barton fished in the Channel swim and had a mirror of 23.04 at 10pm on Friday night, which was the only fish of the weekend, despite a few fish showing on dark on sat night. So, my prediction was a little short although this fish was the largest for around a month, so perhaps the bigger fish are only around the corner.

1st Nov We have been empty for the last two days, so I managed a good bonfire yesterday to clear some of the tree branches I've been collecting after the storms. All swims have been raked of leaves and fish have had a couple of days peace and quiet. I went down to the lake just before dark this evening, and there were loads of fish rollling in the middle parts of the lake, which is the first real signs of good fish activity since a week ago, as the fish haven't really been showing themselves during the daylight hours recently. I am going to predict that we see at least two named fish over the weekend, despite not being fiull, as the pressure is dropping and the moon phase looks good, and its the time of year we start to fish well. Lets wait and see what happens.

29th Oct Well a pretty quiet weekend all in all. Gaz Wilson managed a mirror of 18lb from the Moat around 2am this morning, and one fish lost from the sangs swim at 6pm last night, and other than that is been very quiet. Forecast is set for temps to go down to 3 degrees tonight so we could see a ground fronst overnight, and hopefully kick things off. I have heard that a lot of places are fishing hard, but once we have had a few frosts we should see some bigger fish come out.

23rd Oct Olly Jones managed a nice mirror of 22lbs from the Channel swim around 10pm on his first trip here, and I believe there was a fish out of the Moat on Sat night of 18lbs, otherwise the carp got the upper hand with two fish being lost in the Snags swim, and one from the Boathouse on Friday mid afternoon. Water is fairly clear currently. Not many fish showing during the daytime, so perhaps we will have to wait and see what happens after the first decent frosts arrive !!

19th Oct Stephen May ended up ith 3 fish banked and two lost, fishing over to the far side from the Snags swim. Ste used between 8-10kgs of 10mm and 15mm Pacific Tuna boilies, all rehydrated in Tuna LO30. Although that sounds a lot of bait, he was on for 4 nights so its only around 2.5kgs per day, and he feeds mornings and evenings so its not really that much. If you're getting bites then the rest is almost certainly being eaten. I managed to join him for a couple of nights, dropping in next door in the Moat for the storm on Monday night. I managed a very plain looking mirror of 21lbs around 2am. The Tuesday night was so very different, we had an amazing sunset, fish started rolling for an hour, then stopped, and it was one of the quietist nights I have ever spent on the bank, not a breath of wind, or sound from birds or animals, or even fish ! Tom Gibson who was on with Bev Clifford at the weekend, managed an upper double mirror from the Moat on Sunday night. This weekend looks promising, low pressure, good winds forecast tomorrow, so finger crossed for a couple of the big girls to show up. I personally think it will be after the first few hrad frosts that we start to see them, but lets wait and see what happens.

15th Oct Its been pretty quiet all week, despite good winds but slightly higher pressure may be to blame ?  Paul Ryding was on for 48 hours in the Moat for his 7th visit, and when he lost his first ever fish on Friday morning he was begining to wonder if he woukd ever get on to the bank. However at 7pm he landed his first Blakemere carp, a fine mirror of 21.06, then at 11pm he followed it up with another mirror of 15.02 and finally again at 4am he  landed a common of 22.04  so was an extremely happy angler packing up on Sat morning. A few fish boshing in the dark last night, but otherwise hardly any fish showing during the daytime. Stephen May is on for a few nights and managed his first fish just on dark last night from the Snags, with a mid double mirror.  Weather looks great for end part of the week with pressure falling and very strong winds.

9th Oct I was away fishing in France last week, so the following report is based on those who contacted me to say they had caught. Andy Remelie had an upper double mirror from the Moat.  John Buckley had 'H' the common at 27.04 after having lost two fish to start, then made up in style with a mirror of 24.14 from the Boathouse . Nathan Burrows had a mirror of 21.02 from the Pads. Chris Onions had a mirror of 22.12 from the Stumps. Mark King had an upper double from the Snags. CraigRidge also had a mid double zip lnear from the Boathouse. If you caught and are not on here please let me know. The oxygen levels are back to normal now, and were at 5.3 mg/l at 7.30am on Sun morning, compared to barely being at 2 mg/l a fortnight ago, so the aerators are off for the time-being. One thing about fishing a week long session, is that you realise how incredibly challenging it is to catch a carp in only 24 /48 hours. Fish on pressured waters, know when they are being fished for, and last week was no exception. The lake would seem devoid of fish at times when it was full, then as anglers left fish would show up in numbers within 24 hours and clean up all their bait !! However, we are entering a period of the year where it is definitely ''easier'' to get a fish from Blakemere, compared to June - August. I have been practicing my photographic skills on my new camera, and if you catch a decent fish around mid twenties upwards and want a photo, let me know and I will come and do it, if I am around and have time. There's no charge, I just like to see my fish, and so many anglers who do manage to catch a decent fish, leave without any good shots to remember it by, so I will come out as much as I can.

28th Sept  2 mirrors of 16lb and 17lb out from Herons view last night to Nick Cooper, both on bottom baits, which seems to be against the grain somewhat with the majority of anglers fishing pop ups, so well done Nick. Conditions looking spot on this weekend with plenty of rain last night. I am away to France tomorrow morning at 6am, so anyone due on tomorrow onwards for a week won't see me. My wife Nic, will be around whenever possible, so please let yourselves in and close the gates behind you, and let me know if you catch. You can text me (my numbers on the unhooking mats and both mine and Nic's numbers on the booking confirmation form).

27th Sept Mark Barton has now had two fish from the Moat, a lovely dark mirror of 19lb followed up with a zip linear of 21lb at 1am this morning so is enjoying a good session with 12 hours left to go, after having blanked on his previous 7 visits, so well done Mark !  Two fish lost from the stumps yetserday around 3-3.30pm 

25th Sept Bit of a wierd weekend in some ways with fish showing quite well on Friday then getting quieter as the weekend went on. Joe Charnock dropped into  Herons View on Sat morning for a quick 24 hours, after seeing fish there when he arrived. 20 hours later he hadn't had any action at all, when within an hour he had three runs, sadly only got one mid double fish to the bank. Kevin George was in the Channel, and had experienced some aborted takes and missed runs fishing red maggots. Finally he struck into a fish, and ended up landing a 5lb Eel which is very big by todays standards !  The rain came down Sunday evening and all night, and the lake rose by 1.5" and is now flowing out of the outlet pipes for the first time in over 5 months.  If we could just have a couple of frosts, and some big winds with low pressure we will be away. I saw Gary Denmade as he was packing away inthe rain last night, and he ended up with a mirror of 17.08 from the Snags, as well as losing a better fish. Matt Tesler had an upper double mirror from the Stumps this morning as i was chatting to him, so well done Matt on your first Blakemere fish.

21st Sept One fish out yesterday morning to an angler in the Stumps. Fish had been showing there consistently and he was finally rewarded just before leaving, having spent two days previously in other swims with fish all around. There's still plenty of life about, with swarms of daphnia still in the sheltered bay by the aerator this morning, and also lots of snails about which love to eat the dying lily pads at this time of year. You can sometime hear the carp 'slurping' at the pads to get the snails off if its quiet. Water temp is down slightly to just under 15 degrees.  It's forecast to go down to 4 degrees tonight, and I'm sure once we have had our first few frosts things will cick off for us as usual.

18th Sept Callum Boyd came on for a few days and headed for the Moat. On his second night he had a slight surpriese when he landed a small mirror of around 5 or 6lbs. This fish is from the stock pond, and has escaped, I think quite a while ago when one of the wire meshes covering the pipes got dislodged by the coots. I have no idea if any more escaped, so I apologise if you do catch any stock fish of this size. I am going to leave him in the main lake as a comparison against the stock pond fish which are fed daily, to see the weight differences, so if you do catch a small carp please take some photos of it, and weigh it quickly for my records. Thank you. Cal managed to bag a mid double mirror on his last morning so was happy enough with thsat. I didn't see the anglers last night so not sure if anything was out yeasterday. 

15th Sept I managed to sneak in behind George and Joe, and do a couple of quick overnighters, working during the day and resting the swim. I put about 3 kgs of B5 out the first night, even though I knew the lads had put in at least the same during the previous 12 hours, and had nothing during the night before leaving the swim around 7am. Then on Tues night when I returned the swim was alive with fish rolling and fizzing. I flicked out a bottom bait with a pva bag of 6 shellfish B5 boilies and had a lovely scaley mid double mirror around 20 mins later. Then around 6.30 am I had another mirror of the same size from a spot about 2/3rds the way across. The fish will start to get their heads down now for the next few months and hopefully put some weight back on quickly ready for winter, so its one time of year I'm not afraid to bait heavily.  Jason Hunter was in the Channel swim for a few days and had a very quiet time, up until the last 12 hours of his seession when he had 3 runs,  unfortunately losing 2 to hook pulls, but he did manage to land a mid double in the end. Quite a few fish boshing at nighttime currently.

10th Sept Peter Barton came on for his first time and managed a 16lb mirror from the Snags on Sat.  There was another fish lost from the snags today. Joe Ogden had a mid double from the Moat on sat morning, and lost a fish this evening due to a hook pull.  Joe is paired up with his good friend George Jones- Dobbs. George lost a fish around 6.30pm this evvening then made up for it with a lovely linear of 20.02 around 7.30pm.They have put a fair it of bait out over the last 36 hours so it looks good for them tonight with 4 runs coming within the last two hours before dark. John Dixon had a fsh of 18lb from the Channel swim early this morning. Water temp down to 15.8 degrees and still clearing each week.

6th Sept Martin in the Boathouse had a mid double mirror at 6am this morning, and shortly after 8am a good fish was lost into the pads from the Channel swim next door. Lots of fish rolling in front of the Moat and snags swims this evening, both of which are vacant tonight.   More rain forecast over the next 3-4 days coupled with some very low pressure so hoping to see some more fish on the bank this weekend. 

5th Sept Well, the recent rain has kicked things off finally. Nick Bennett came on this morning and has had 4 runs in the Snags swim almost on each hour between 1pm and 4pm this afternoon. His first two bites resulted in fish of 17 & 18lb then he lost his third fish, which was much bigger as he couldn't stop it kiting around the corner of the snags. We managed to get all his gear back in the boat, and due to my barbless hook rule, the fish had shed the hook long before we got to it. Then in the midst of the downpour, he had a fourth run resulting in a fish of 21lb. There were loads of fish fizzing like crazy and rolling quietly down in front of the Moat and the Snags when I went round at 5pm.

4th Sept I had a very excited angler on the phone at lunchtime today, saying he had a large fish in the net. I set off with camera, tripod and scales, down to the pads swim, where Mateusz Kopytko had been on since last night. We got the mirror outand weighed and photographed before slipping her back. It turned out to be The Frog, and well spawned out too at 25.14 so it will be another 6-8 weeks before she gets back up to full weight and possibly past her heaviest of 32lb.  Sp after having no fish for nearly a month we have now had 4 in a week.

3rd Sept Luke Thompson had a low double mirror from the Pads this morning. There were loads of fish rolling and boshing all over the lake last night, and a lot of bats flying low over the lake (giving plenty of liners !!!) which would indicate that there was another large hatch of some sort. The air temp was much cooler first thing and water temp just a fraction under 16 degrees. Water is also clearing gradually so I expect to see catch reports building up gradually over the next few weeks. Nice to have some wind and rain today, feels proper carpy after still and sunny days.

29th Aug Nick Cooper came on yesterday and went into the snags and had a lovely half linear mirror this morning at just over 25lb, probably oa named fish but won't know until I see the photos later, but he said it was still slightly spawned out. Loads of fish in front of the Moat fizzing like crazy. Perhaps we will start to see some more fish out over the next few days, looked proper carpy this morning, fresh wind after the rain, and overcast.

28th Aug Hands up to Mike Gospel, who this morning saved us from going a whole calendar month without a fish when he landed a mirror, and new PB from the pads swim at 24.09. Mike got up early and re-cast his rods and received the take within ten minutes so a massive well done Mike on your new PB, especially as we have only had two fish lost so far this month. The fish have continued to show, lots of fish boshing in the pads, but also showing mid way across from the bBoathouse, and off the back of the island. The temps in the mornings are starting to drop, and as they do we should see catches improve as we move into prime Blakemere time over the next 6-8 weeks and onward into winter. Due to be warm and dry with fairly high pressure for the rest of the week, so hopefully we will get some rain and low pressure once we get into mid September.

22nd Aug Well we have had another fish lost this weekend at 4am on Sat morning from the Moat swim, so we are getting closer !  However if we go another week it will be a month since the last fish was actually on the bank, so even for our usual slow summer period its a little quieter than normal. Thats probably contributing to the lack of catches too, as only one angler on last night for a quick overnighter, and a couple on tonight. Water temp is just at 17 degrees and mornings are definitely cooler so the fishing should get better over the next month ahead. Fish are still quite active, they are jumping and rolling so they are obviously feeding, just not on little round balls. It might be worth someone giving the worm or maggots a go. We do have Eels which can be a pain but they generally come out at night. Pads are clearly starting to die back, going brown around the edges and breaking off in some places. I do love this next six months on the mere, and I'm really hoping for a few surprises this Autumn and winter. see you soon.

11th Aug I'm currently on holiday in France with the family, but spoke to Woolly this morning and found out that we still havent done any fish as of yet this month. So, since 17th of July (almost a month) we have only had one fish out and one lost, despite having some very good summer conditions and plenty of shows of fish. Autumn isn't far away however, and I'm sure once we get into Sept and October we shall see the fish appearing once again. Its interesting that Marbury mere is also fishing hard, yet Ossmere is doing a few fish, as they are both glacial meres within 5 miles of us. I look forward to the autumn and to seeing some of the fish this winter and hopefully a few new thirties and fingers crossed for our first 35lb + fish. See you all soon. 

29th July I have had a lovely bunch of lads on for 3.5 days this week.  They have seen loads of fish, had plenty of rain, tried every tactic in the book, and enjoyed their time despite only one fish coming out to Paul Greenall in the Snags swim on Friday lunchtime. Paul had a mirror of 19.11 off a baited area in the middle of the lake. Only a few fish showing tonight so perhaps without so many naturals about they may be catchable !! The air was fresher this morning, and almost had an autumnal feel to it, and it wont be long until we get into our best months once the summer is out of the way, as its yet again proving to be the hardest three months fishing on the mere.

25th July It's been a fruitless week since my last report, with just one fish getting lost from the Stumps swim on Friday night. We have had two big displays, one on Friday night in front of Herons view and the Boathouse, and last night in front of the Reeds and Snags swims, where fish crashed, and slurped and rolled as there was a huge hatch of midge pupae. On both nights, the anglers fishing these areas failed to get a bite, however the spectacle of seeing so may fish almost makes up for it, especially if you have been here a few times and not seen many fish, its a real eye- openener as to how many fish are present in front of you at times, without you even knowing!! I'm sure it will stay quite hard, as it has done over the previous summers, until the days start to cool and we move into Autumn. The average daytime temps are starting to fall over the next week, and we have a few rainy days along with some lower pressure on the horizon, so lets keep our fingers crossed that a few fish grace the bank at some point over the next few weeks.

17th July Marc Minshall went into the Pads swim last Monday when we had the short spell of low pressure and rain, and had a great session, landing two fish of 13lb and 15lb as well as loosing two more which was a shame. He was followed in by another angler who lost one and 'got done' twice.  This weekend passed without any fish at all, apart from a few eels and roach to guys fishing maggots and worm. I have dyed the lake again today as the algae was getting really bad. Unfortunately with the first attempt, the results were short lived, but this dye is from a different supplier so I'm hoping it will work longer, and I have only had to put a fraction of the amount in. It certainly has spread out well and the lake looks great this afternoon. Last time we dyed it , the fishing really picked up, so fingers crossed once the algae dies off and the clarity improves, then I'm hoping the fishing will too. 

10th July With the blistering hot weather over the weekend, it wasn't too much of a surprise to hear that no fish had been out except for a Tench from Herons view, and plenty of silvers etc to the guys in the Moat who are bit bashing whilst waiting patiently for the carp. There have ben lots of fish up in the channel, I even got them going on the floaters last week, mainly fish around the mid double sort of size with one slightly larger one amongst them. Hopefully with the rain we have had all day, on and off since 4am this morning, and a whole day of rain tomorrow, combined with a drop in pressure, it should be good for a bite, and certainly the best condtions we have had for the last few weeks, so fingers crossed to all those out these over the next 48 hours.

8th July We have sadly lost the fish known as 'The Pretty One''. It was found unwell about two weeks ago and we placed it into the tock pond. She was bloated and full of fluid and I thought after 48 hours of her surviving we had past the worst but she popped up yesterday sadly. She had clearly been hooked at least once, possibly twice very recently. Always a shame when its one of the A team, and hopefully another new thirty will take her place this winter. No fish out this weekend so far.

4th July David Gilbert had two more fish on his last night, weighing 14lb and 13lb so unlucky to have 3 small fish but thats the way it goes sometimes. Two fish lost from the snags from the middle area of the lake, one of them felt to be a bigger fish, and one low double to davids son Lee, who as in the Moat. So, overall they had 6 runs in three nights which isn't too bad at this time of year. Interestingly enough, 3 of those runs came within minutes of each other at around 2am. Last night there were quite a few fish literally boshing out of the water around 10 pm or just after, but no doubt it will be different tonight as its seldom the same for two nights running !

3rd July  Well despite fish being seen in numbers on Sat evening its been a pretty quiet weekend, with David Gilbert having the only fish out at 16lb from the Reeds swim, and one other fish being lost from the Pads. Lots of bloodworm coming in so its a matter of tempting them off that somehow. The Pretty one hasn't bobbed up in the stock pond which is great news so I'm hoping it will recover fully and can go back into the main lake at the end of Autumn.

28th June Joe Massey had been in the Moat and was walking the long way back round after packing up when he stopped in the Pads swim for a quick look. We had an easterly wind blowing down there, and after ten minutes Joe had seen half a dozen fish rolling on the top very subtly which was enough to convince him to stay for an extra night.  It's quite unusual to see fish roilling in open water at this end, but like everything else in carp fishing there are never any hard and fast rules, and he saw plenty more shows before it went too dark. Around midnight Joe hooked and landed a new 25lb + fish, one he has now named 'Jurgen' and weighing in at 26.08 so nice to see new fish still coming out over this weight at this time of year, and bodes well for the autumn / winter. Weather has been more carpy this week, with some much needed rain, and water temps currently at 17 degrees.

26th June Apologies for lack of reports, its been a combination of me being away working, the lack of fish being caught, and the fact I have no internet at home as I'm changing providers !  Anyway, I'm enjoying a nice Cappuccino whilst i use Starbucks free wifi to get this update done. Stuart Stanton was on at the weekend and had a mid double leather at the unusual time of 1pm on Sat afternoon !  James Patrick had a fish of 21lbs from the pads at 12 noon yesterday morning after I had been around. I was away in the mid part of last week so I'm not sure if any fish came out then, but it has been quiet, generally, which is nothing nusual at this time of year given the conditions. We have a weather front moving in this week, bringing some much needed rain and lower pressure so that may switch things on, but we shall have to wait and see. Darren Griffiths was in the Snags on Sat and pointed out a fish just hiding in the pads next to the platform. It obviously wasn't quite right and I went over to get the boat, Darren managed to get it into his net, and it turned out to be the Pretty one. I took it over to the stock pond and it looked very bloated, as if it hadn't spawned so I ''stripped it out'' and removed a huge amount of fluid, along with a few tiny eggs. I spoke to Viv at V.S.Fisheries and he said it maybe a kidney issue which is causing water retention. Anyway, thanks to Darren its in the stcok pond and now 48 hours later still appears to be alive so fingers crossed it survives and can come back inot the lake later this winter. I did notice that it had a couple of small tears on its lips, so there was a good chance it had been hooked and lost, once if not twice and the stress of this pre, or post spawning may possibly have been anough to cause the issues. The path round the far side is now complete and I have put some bivvy screws out on the platforms so please put them back if you use them. Thank you.

17th June Well as the hot weather continues it's proving to make the fishing quite tricky, however as always with fishing if you're out there, then there's always a chance no matter how small the odds are. Dan Hepworth came on Wed and went into the Moat for the day but ended up moving up to the pads later on in the afternoon. Nothing occurred overnight, but a short feeding spell for an hour just after 9am saw him bank 3 fish of 19lb, 20lb, and 24lb so a very welcome outcome for him. Geoff Aspinall has just had his first Blakemere fish with 'Nyeve' at a spawned out weight of 24.02 from the Reeds swim this morning, so well done Geoff.

12th June Kyrie Smethurst came on for a quick night last night and went onto the Channel swim. Between 9.30 and 10.30pm there were fish rolling over most middle areas of the lake. Kyrie managed to bag a small fish of 16.08 around 2am so was happy enough when he left this morning. Not quite so many fish showing this evening although its a bit earlier as I write this.

11th June We had a lovely bunch of guys on from the Bentley motors factory in Crewe over the weekend, from Friday morning until today, but despite very carpy looking conditions the fish didn't seem to play ball. One fish out to Toby, from the Stumps at 18lb, and other than that just a tench and an eel, as well as one other carp lost from Herons view on Friday, so a little bit dissapointing. I'll be treating the lake again tomorrow with some more dye as its possible the algae is starting to return as its gone a bit cloudy.  Path round the far side is now finished, just needs a smooth top coat later on when its all settled down.

8th June  Andy Barton moved yesterday afternoon from the Moat over to the Boathouse. He had already had a fish of 17lb from the Moat on his first night, but had seen lots of fish in the middle part of the lake showing in late evening, so decided upon a move which turned out to be a good one, as he landed a fish known as Ash at 27.00 around 4am this morning. It's down nearly 4lbs since last caught prior to it spawning so I'm really happy to see that, and the fish are now feeding and will start to build up their weights again over the next few months. I have neary finished the path on the far side, and will have it done by tonight.

6th June After a successful spawning period, the fish have had a good rest, and its given me time to re-do the Reeds and Snags swim so they are both all decked out so you can bivvy up behind your rods, providing you bring some bivvy screws. I have started on the path and should have it finished on Wed, so I will be going behind the Stream and stumps swims on Wednesday with the dumper and whacker, so please be warned it will be a little noisy whilst i'm there. No fish out at the weekend that I know of. I was away Sat night and by the time I got home on Sunday nnight everyone had gone bar two fishing on through Sunday night. I do know that two fish were lost from the Sangs swim. Conditions looking about as good as they get this evening with low pressure, weterly winds and rain and warm temps. Wish I could be out there n ow but sadly I can't tonight.  Still should be good for a few days more despite the pressure going back up slightly tomorrow. Tight lines all thoe lucky enough to be out there this eveninig.

24th May We have now closed as the fish are spawning, and they are reallly going for it all over the lake. They are spawning down by the tree with the lifebouy on, in the pads by the Reeds swim, under the snag tree by the moat , loads of fish down in the pads at the far end, and also in the pads along the margin between the boathouse and channel swims, and to the left of the channel swim behind the island, so fingers crossed they go at it for 3 days solid and all the fish then still have a good weeks rest before I let you back at them !  Stephen May came on last Sunday for 48 hours and ended up with 3 fish in lcuding Sally at 26.06  She is almost identical to Tubs, but it was definitely her, and also had a brace of 19's as well as lsoing 3 fish. One was a straight hook pull after a few seconds but one was due to a double take, with Stephen believing the fish he was aplaying had gone through his other line. Obviously the 2nd fish got in the pads and despite me getting the boat out it had ditched the hook. Then on his final morning Ste lost a fish which he described as the most powerful fish he has ever hooked (including catfish) and despite palying it for ten minutes and keeping it out of the pads, it had flat rodded him on several occassions and ended up straightening the hook. As I said to Stephen, as I do to many, I would never fish smaller than a size 6 and make sure you use good quality hooks. I won't go into any more detail as he's done a video diary piece so you can see his anguish on screen soon. I've also banned three anglers who have left rubbish bags and cigarette buts and joints on the swim, I don't allow drugs, and I don't tolerate litter, so please take note. see you all soon.

20th May Ryan Waters moved from the Snags into the Stumps yesterday and had a low double early this morning. Paul Clark ended a fantastic session in the pads after catching a mid double early this morning, followed by a repeat cappture of Nyeve at 27lb (his previsous pB)  and another lovely mirror of around 16lb to leave with 4 fish landed and two lost, but a very happy angler. Andy Remelie is trying out his new founded secret ''Blakemere Rig'' which caught him a tench alst night, then a fish or 19.10 and one this evening of 16.08 so its working well. Water temp is 15.5 degrees. Very warm temps of 20-23 degrees forecast every day this week with no rain so theres a very good chance they will start spawning by the end of the week. I'll keep a close eye on the lake and let you know as and when it happens. Its usual to have a few blank days before it happens as they comletely switch off and anyone booked on will get refunded for any time left they have on.

19th May Mark Cunliffe came on Wed and spent the night in the Snags without success, so upped and moved at 6am into the channel where he had a low double at 7.30am. Then when the anglers left the Moat at lunchtime he moved all the way back around, just for a few hours before he left, and was rewarded with 2 more fish from the Moat, both being upper doubles , so well done Mark great effort and a just reward for staying so mobile. Paul Clark has just had Shadow Scale at 4.30pm this evening (Friday) from the Pads, at a PB weight of 30.04 so well done Paul and its been 14 months since she last saw the bank so thats even better. Water temp was over 16 degrees this afternoon before it started raining, so we are getting closer to the 18 degrees needed for them to spawn.  Warm days ahead, but rain too , so I'll just keep the site as well as FB updated every day.

16th May Nick Cooper went into the Snags for 36 hours and had a very leathery looking upper double to start with, then followed it up with a fish called the Pretty ONe at 27.08 which is slightly down in weight. Nick said it had a hookhold on the otherside of its mouth where it had possibly been hooked and lost recently and may account for the slight drop in weight. Water temp was only 14.5 degrees yeaterday so we are still some way away from spawning, certainly until we get some sunshine and heat to warm it up again.

15th May MIchael Hodgetts came on last night at 8pm for a quick overighter as his first trip, and had a common of 12lb from the Moat during the night. Then around 6.30am just before he was due to be off, he managed to land a fish know as 'The Frog' at 33.00 on the nose, a fish which last saw the bank back in Dec 2015 so thats great to see it up in weight and looking immaculate. As many of you regulars know, its not unusual to have many of the fish go over a year or two (some even longer) without capture, so its a special moment when they do appear. So well done Michael !  David Anderson has a nice Mirror of 22lb from the pads at 7.30am so well done on making the move yesterday from another swim.

14th May  John Buckley caught 'Ash' from the Moat at 11.15am yesterday weighing in at 30.14 so goes home this morning a happy man, and deservedly so. Colin in the pads lost one and had another lovely linear of 18lb around 3am. Water temp still at 14.9 this morning, but fish are starting to be a little more active into dark as the light fades around 9pm onwards.  Still time for some of the A team to show up before they spawn. The angler in Herons view, pulled in a right tangle of lines all wrapped up around an eel of approx 2lbs. There were two rigs and leads wrapped tightly behind its head and after cutting away at all the line for five minutes or so, he was able to slip back the eel which swam off gingerly, but intact. If you lose a rig with lots of line, or a spod / spomb with braid, please tell me (it happens to us all so don't worry) and I'll get the boat out when the swim becomes free and try and recover it.

13th May Steve Hall left this morning and told me how he had been well and truly 'done' in the night. Receiving a single bleep, followed 20 mins later by another Steve came out to find his bobbin right down so tightened up his spool but the bobbin kept falling back, so he wound in to find that he had been picked up and the fish had dumped the lead and spat the hook. This occurence is happening all the time, and is one reason I'm sure that those trickling the bait in catch more fish, as they keep coming back and feeding. Putting only one hit of bait in  sees the fish come in, clear you out then leave your hookbait on its own. Also I have had a number of anglers fishing with line so slack its drooping from their rod tips and drooping between the eyes of the rings. Now unless the fish swims in the opposite direction you're not going to get any indication at all, so I would advise at lease a ''semi-slack' approach so that last part of the line is on the deck, and you'll have half a chance of seeing if you get any liners or pick ups at least . The water temp stayed at 16 degrees all day yesterday, but with the rain and cool new westerly wind has dropped down to 14.9 degrees this morning. Colin Campbell came on last night for his second visit, and managed to get into the Pads jsut as Joe was packing up. He lost  common early ths morning but followed it up at 5.30am with a lovely, yet unusal Mirror of 24.10 that has a tiny dorsal only a few cm's long, then a gorgeous looking dark Linear of 23.04 at 6.30 am. 

12th May  MIchael Conely was fishing in Herons on Wednesday and produced its first fish in ages with a 20.04 mirror so well done Mick.  Steve Hall from Crewe is in the Stumps and had had a small common of 14lb this morning at 6.15am as well as losing one yesterday. Joe Massey also had a common at 6.15am from the Pads swim this morning, although somewhat bigger, when he broke his PB common with the 'S' common at its heighest weight of 33.00 so well done Joe, its not been out for 8 months so a great result. Joe was fishing a kd rig over about 3kg of manilla boilies to the far side. PLease try and ensure you lose your lead, especially if your fishing in the pads swim as they will get into the pads if they can. I also found a couple of zig rigs hanging up in a tree, both with barbed hooks on. Now I don't know how long they have been there, or if they had been used, but please be aware its strictly barbless, and, as its my number 1 rule if you brake it you will have to leave. As the water gets warmer - its 16 degrees this morning, please ensure you keep the fish out of the water for the absolute min of time, get all your camera gear ready, use the water buckets, and please take your time releasing them and make sure they can swim away strongly, so you can catch them again in the future. Thank you. 

10th May Connor Virtue had a lovely mirror of 25.10 named 'Jabba' which has  not been out for 16 months, along with and a common of 18.06 from the pads swim around 7.30pm yesterday fishing with the Spotted Fin catalyst boilies. He had lots of fish down in the pads so hopefully he may have had another one or two overight. I managed to get out quickly, getting down around 9pm and fluked a small common of 16.04 out from the Moat. I'm hoping to get back down tonight to catch its grandmother !  My fish came at 3.30am (very considerate ) and there were loads of fish boshing until 4.30am when I finally got back to sleep. It went very cold last night and we actually had another very early morning frost. The water temp got up to 16.4 degrees yesterday afternoon but was down to 14.7 at 7am this morning. We have rain coming in tonight and tomorrow, so we will have to see if the water temps drop or stay stable. If they reach 18 degrees for a couple of days the fish will most likely start spawning, even though we would be two weeks ahead of normal. I think we will be ok this weekend, but if your planning coming next week please keep an eye in here and our facebook page which will be updated reguarly. 

9th May  Not seen half the anglers this morning as they were all tucked up as I went round early, But Ian Birchall was awake in the pads and had just landed his second fish of his session. Unfortunately it was the second small fish weighing in at 11lb just a pound less than his first. The pads does seem to throw up good numbers of fish but I think the smaller ones are there in numbers and simply get onto the bait before the bigger fish. It was otherwise quiet, which was a little surprising as it had fished so well on Fri and Sat then apart from a decent fish being lost on Sunday, its been very quiet except for Ians brace. Water temps are up afters Sundays sunshine, going from 12.9 up to 14.6 degrees. The fish normally require the water to be 18+ degrees for a couple of days, so we are still a little way off, especially if the cold easterly wind blows like it did last night !!  If the fish start pairing up I'll let you know, and we will close once they do start spawning and refund any anglers that are on at the time. We will be shut for one to two weeks depending on how well they spawn.

6th May Well its all starting to kick off now, rather like the same week we had in May two years ago, as the fish go on the feed in order to bulk up before spawning. Matt Huxley has moved onto fish number 6 from the Moat, the biggest being 28.08 with a fish named T-Bone, and lots of fish rolling in front of him as it went dark, so I'll be very surprised if he hasn't increased his total by the morning. Ryan waters has had a lovely scaly fish of 16lb from the stumps, one of my favourite fish in the mere, then followed it up with a new PB of 27.00 with a fish called 'The M&M fish'  so well done to Ryan who is understandably buzzing. Hats off also to David Anderson in the Reeds who has only been fishing for just over a year, he stayed put and has finally caught a stunning scaley of 18lbs, so well in there David. Hoping to see some more of the A team over the next few weeks, (especially If I mange to get out this week !) Thats now made it 10 fish in the last 24 hours, and nearly 30 fish in the last two weeks.

5th May Well the Easterly winds are still blowing, meaning its pretty chilly out, but it hasn't put the fish off. I commented on a facebook post yesterday how the Boathouse hadn't done a fish for ages, then as I walked round last night there were loads of fish rolling across on the opposite bank. There were thousands of midges out, and some large sedges, and plenty of bats too, so no doubt some major hatches going off which may be why the fish were so active. They tend to be showing between 8.30 and 9.30pm but not much in the daytime.  Simon Carrier went into the Boathouse last night and was watching the fish but was having trouble getting all the way over to them in the wind. Anyhow he excitedly rang me just after 10pm to say he had broken his Blakemere duck, and I went down to do some photo's for him, and his lovely clean looking mirror of 21.06.  Matthew Huxley went into the Moat and had 3 fish, the first was a very small common of around 9lb which we took out to go into the stock pond, then at 3am he had a leather of 17lb and at 8.15 this morning followed it up with a 19lb mirror so a great start in his first 12 hours of his session. Full today so hopefully see some more fish off this weekend. May can be a very good month, and it certainly looks to be so this year, possibly due to the dye getting rid of all the algae, so I'm really hoping to see some of the big girls this month before they spawn, and a new lake record can't be far away as there are possibly four fish that will pass it next time they come out ! 

4th May Darrin Bromsgrove came on for a 48hour session on Tuesday night and blanked on his first night in Herons view, so when Joe left the pads last night he upped sticks and moved in behind. Despite sitting by his rods until the small hours, Darrin had a couple of short runs which he ended up striking into nothing. He decided this evening to stay for just one more night, so booked himself on from his phone, and some 2 hours later smashed his old PB of 17lb with a fish called Cluster weighing in at 25.14. Darrin fished a wafter across to the far side, and was understandably excited when I went down to do the photos. Well done Darrin, its made all the waiting worthwhile at long last. 

3rd May  Joe Massey come back on for 48 hours and went down into the Pads swim. He fished at night and spent most of the daytime standing right down in the corner watching all the fish just swimming around, the water really is that clear. Anyway he said he enjoyed that as much as the fishing, and I have to agree, having never been able to see the fish, it's fascinating to watch them when the suns out and there's not too much ripple. Joe ended up with 6 runs, landing 3 of 13,15 and 16 all fish coming at night. 

1st May Steve Hall from Crewe came onto the Moat last night at 8pm for a quick overnighter, and had fish showing in front of him as it went dark, right in the middle of the lake. He had a 16lb common at 11.30pm and followed it up with a 21lb mirror at 7am this morning before he left so job well done Steve. Colin Campbell in the pads added 3 more with fish of 17lb, 18lb and a19lb coming at 9.30pm, 1.30am and 2am all on pop ups. I got called out in the boat over the weekend to some ducks in distress under the snag tree by the moat. It turned out that a spod ha snapped off along with around 50m of very thin braid, and both ducks were cuaght up in it. The female was unfortunately already dead, and the braid had actually amputated one of her legs. I managed to get the male out alive, and retrieve the rest of the braid after much difficulty. So please, if you crack off (it happens to us all don't worry) please just tell me, especailly if you have lost some line either on your rig or spod, and Ill get it back so that anglers / fish / wildlife don't get caught up in it, and you get your £11.99 spod back with a bit of luck.

30th April  Not the greatest of conditions with slightly high pressure and easterly winds, however the pressure is on its way down, and with a bit of rain this evening we have managed a few fish. Roy Murtagh lost a fish from the channel on his first night, but ended up with a mid double common on the second to make up for it. Andy Remelie had a lovey apple slice mirror of 20lb around 6pm yesterday from the Reeds swim, and a fish was lost in the Moat at almost exactly the same time.  Colin Campbell had a nice two tone mirror of 22lb at 2pm this afternoon on a single white pop up, and as I made my way around tonight, Kamil Przybylski was just finsihing playing a very large common on the stumps swim, which turned out to be H at an all time high of 30.08 and another thirty for the venue as it was 29lb last time it was out nearly a year ago. That now tsakes us to 11 thirties.     Kamil had already lost two fish this morning in the pads, but he was using inline leads and backleads, so I told him to put on a lead clip and dump the lead on the take, and take off the backleads, and despite H going into the pads to begin with he was able to get it out quickly with his new arrangement.   I would actually say that the water is now so clear that zigs may be worth a go, and also floaters. If anyone fancies a challenge then we have never had (as far as I am aware) a fish taken off the top in all the 6 years we have been open, but now the clarity is so good, that might change.

26th April Wow, got back to Manchester airport at 6am this morning to find my car frozen solid !!  sounds like you have had a couple of hard days with the weather whilst I've been away. Lake has cleared amazingly well and is nearly as clear as its ever been. Thomas kyffin was in the pads swim last night and managed a mirror of 19lbs. I had 4 anglers on yesterday who came for 12 hours and sent me an email to tell me they all blanked, saying ''nice place, just needs stock'' to quote them, so may I say once again if your reading this and thinking of coming on, then please realise its NOT a runs water and even the guys who fish it reguarly blank.. We have just had 10 days without a fish, despite being full, then it switched on and we had 5 fish out over last weekend all between 23 and 28, but thats the way it goes. Obviously the weather plays a massive part in whether the fish are feeding, and if they aren't it wouldn't matter if I doubled my stock, you still wouldn't catch them. 

24th April  I managed to get all the dye in two parts last week, and within 24 hours you could see the dead algae collecting on the surface film in the mornings, and the clarity improving. Fish had been spotted cruising in the pads to the left of the channel and in the pads swim, so it as inevitable that after 10 fishless days it would all come good in the end. I flew off to China last Friday and the fish started coming not long after I had left !!  Marcus Morris and his brother Ryan ended up swim sharing in the Stream on Friday night, as we were full with 7 anglers coming on in the evening. Feeling it was a bit tight for two (which it is really) they moved on Sat into the recently vacated Pads swim. Ryan ended up breaking his PB 4 times I believe with fish of 23.05, 23,06, 23.11 and 24.00 and Marcus broke his pB with a single fish of 28.05 so they had an amazing end to their 36 hours trip, well done to you both. They hve sent pictures but due to China not allowing Facebook I'll have to wait till my return to see which fish it was that Marcus had. I also heard that Declan Sarge had a fish of 17lb from the Reeds so the fish are obviously getting into the shallower water now. If anyone else had any fish please let me know by text or email. Hopefully the water will be nice and clear (and blue) by the time I return and I'm hoping for a much increased catch report this summer without any alage to ruin the fishing.

17th April  Well its been very slow to say the least. Hardly any fish even showing, and I really can't say why, I think chatting to some of the anglers that fish the shropshire mere's reguarly say thats the norm with them, sometimes they are just moody !!  The water temp has actually dropped in the last week from just under 12 degrees to just under 11, mainly due to the very cold winds we have had over the last two weeks. High pressure dominating the net few days. The dye is hopefully coming this week and we will see if that makes any difference over the next month. April and May can be two of the best months for carp fishing, so lets hope thats the case this year and temps warm up and the water clears in the next few weeks.

11th April  Stephen May had the lake to himself for 24 hours on Sunday night, and took himself round to the Stumps, which was a brave move given the North Westerly winds that were blowing into him it was pretty dam chilly despite looking like summer to me from inside the house !!  And given how hard it's been fishing, I have to take my hat off to him, as he only fished one rod at night down the left hand margin. He had seen 9 or 10 fish show down there, and had been introducing bait reguarly, using approx 5kgs over the course of 48 hours. He was getting liners too, a couple of quite savage ones where in all honesty he thinks he was probably done, but at first light, around 6am he had a lovely mirror of 24.06. The reason for only fishing one rod was that the fish often kite back along the margin and get caught in your other lines. Ste had lost a very big common from this swim previously, where it ended up wrapped around his middle rod just wallowing on the top a foot out of netting range before just coming off and sliding away !! He also saw fish rolling to the rhs of the Stumps, mainly just on dark or first light, with very few shows in the day. The activity is definitely increasing ,but its how you go about your fishing, and how you feed  that can be the difference between blanking or not. He also told me he had snagged up on something, so after he left it took the boat out with a rope and claw anchor. There wasn't really any snags other than the lily pad roots which are the thickness of your wrist, but he would have been caught up in the couple of hundred yards of line I got back in from at least ten rigs. Quite how anyone has cast down this margin and managed to wind their rig back in is beyond me, such was the extent of lost lines of at least 30-50m in length. Anyway I seemed to have got most of it out, so tight lines, we are getting there slowly. The dye should be here in the next week or so.

8th April Andrew Ward had a 17lb common from Herons view last night just on dark, he had walked the far margin and found a clear patch in the lillies which are rapidly coming up, and got a bait onto it, and had the fish within the hour, so a very good bit of angling for the only fish of the weekend so far. Andrew fished a pop up on a stiff hinged rig. It was again very cold last night with a hard frost and bivvy's and water buckets frozen solid this morning. Sun is up and looks like being a hot and still day. Not great conditions biut at least the water might warm up a bit over the next 48 hours.

7th April  I have been away working since Sunday, but Stephen Wright messaged me to say he had managed a mid double from the Boathouse last Sunday, which was a great result especially after he had come down with a bout of man flu on the Friday and stuck it out. Apart from that I've not heard from any other anglers regarding catches. We had a fish lost from the Channel at 3pm on Tues this week and one lost yesterday morning from the Boathouse. Having been down south, I couldn't believe how cold the North wind was when I went round yesterday evening. It really was bitter, and followed with a frost last night. The water temp is 10 degrees so its hardly risen in the last few weeks, but we have two very warm days ahead this weekend with temps getting set to get close to 20 degrees, along with 11 hours of sunshine !! The water is still a little murky too, not sure if its a result of the chalk taking effect or if its just all the lilly pads pushing up through and the bottom turning over as it does each spring. A few fish being spotted here and there, but hopefully things will pick up at the weekend.

28th March Well done to Darren Griffiths from Wrexham who managed to land our first fish for two weeks, a very clean mirror of 19lbs, and on his first visit too !! Even more encouraging is that it came from the Pads swim, and thats the first fish from there this year, and probably in around 5 months so the fish must now be getting about with the increase in daylight hours. It really is still very cold in the mornings with the wind chill, and although the water is warming up by a degree in the afternoon, its dropping back down at  ight, so its still hovering just under 9 degrees. Warmer  nights in the middle and end of this week should see it push through into double figures and hopefully catches will increase along with the temperature.

27th March Just had a look back through the catch reports to last March (you can go back a few years of you want) and its uncannily similar in that we didn't have a fish for two weeks from 9th -23rd March ! The weather was just starting to pick up, and we started to finally see fish coming out a little more reguarly into early April.  We seem to be a couple of degrees warmer this year in water temps right now, so fingers crossed with air temps of 14-16 degrees for the middle of the week, coupled with double digit night time temps too, we can't be too far away from seeing the next run of fish out. 

26th March Blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank. Thats the catch report from each swim this weekend so far.

21st March Nicholas Cooper came on yesterday morning for 36 hours and set up in the Boathouse after having seen a few flat spots on the far margin as he walked around. After a very quiet day, and night, his right hand rod was away at 7am this monring, and he ended up with a pristine common of 21.12 falling to an orange pop up on a withy pool rig. I've just done a couple of nights in th Moat without so much as a bleep, so thats now 7 nights for me this year, and one fish banked, just in case that makes any of you feel any better as I know there's a few going through a tough patch !!  It's still only March and there was a frost this morning, so keep the faith, the fishing will pick up in time. 

19th March After having a weekend of seemingly great conditions its was a little surprising to have to report that no fish have been ot all weekend. We did have one fish lost in the Snags swim early on Sat Morning but that was it. Apart from the Moon phase not being great, it was warm and windy with low pressure over most of the last few days. The water is still pretty murky, perhaps not surprising since storm Doris tchurned it up, and the recent winds have kept the water body moving well no doubt under the srurface layers. The chalking may also be starting to take effect. However I did notice in one of the water buckets where an anler was washing out some bait, there's a huge amount of daphnia in the water already. I'm sure it will kick off soon as water temps continually creep up and are now just under 9 degrees and the pads in the stock pond are just starting to come up off the bottom, so in the next month we should see a big change with everything springing into life. 

15th March I managed a couple of nights out in the Moat with Stephen May, to catch up and discuss the new video, and other new ventures for the future, as well as just have a good social fishing trip with the lake to ourselves on Monday night. We actually saw a few fish show too, into dark as well, as the moonlight was extremely bright. Needless to say Stephen banked a lovely common of 24.04 just as it was going dark,which was surprisingly his first 20+ common from the mere. I managed a very pretty mirror of 17.10 at 3am and one to watch in the future. With all the sunshine today the fish should start moving around more and water temps are now creeping up towards double figures at 8 degrees so a few more sunny days and we will be seeing lots more fish activity. Love this time of year !

12th March We have had the slowest two weeks for some time, perhaps due to the heavy plant work on the railway, or the weather or perhaps something else, however, we have had some fish out so far this weekend, including two fish to Matt Barber in the Reeds swim. These are the first fish from this swim for at least 3-4 months, so perhaps they are starting to move around and get into the shallower water. Matt had mirrors of 18 lb & 19lb at midnight and 3am. We were also honoured to have Emily Blake on this weekend. Emily is the current British Womens carp champion, and she got her Blakemere account off to a flier with a PB common of 23.05 from the Snags swim around 1pm this afternoon. Emily had been baiting off the snags for the last 24 hours little and often with Urban Baits nutcracker boilies and tiger nuts, so well done Emily !! Hopefully Network Rail will finish all their overnight work tonight, and they will be gone within 4-5 weeks altogether.  The water levels have dropped back down and the snags and reeds are both above water now, altohugh it's still very muddy down this end on the path behind the swims.

8th March We are slightly flooded on the Reeds and Snags swims- there is approx 1" of water over the stages so you can still use them with suitsble footwear. Its still very muddy behind these two swims. Please don't turn up in trainers (yes people still do !). We have had no anglers on for last two days, and are closed today as we continue to remove some snags. Network rail are still vibrating their pilings into the embankemnt although I am hoping they will be finished on our side by tomorrow. They will be working on the other side after that, but hopefully it will not be quite as noisy.  Weather is looking ok for a fish or two this weekend.

5th March What a miserable weekend, with rain taking over most of it ! Very quiet on the fish front, just one fish lost from the Moat, however I did see my first carp for around 3 months, when it rolled just off the far bank of the Boathouse, so that was a little bit encouraging, and hopefully over the next few weeks, as temps finally start to rise, it will become a more common sight. Network rail should be finished piling the huge steel plates into our side of the embankment by the middle of the week, so the noise and the vibrations should be a little bit more tollerable for next weekend.

2nd March Its been very quiet since the weekend, after a frosty night and two other fairly cold ones. No bites at all as far as I know of. I get a lot of requests and text etc asking if there's been much out etc, so I just wanted to say that this catch report area is kept very up to date the majority of time, unless I'm away working or on holiday, so if theres nothing new on here, then it generally means nothing has been caught !! Its getting very muddy (due to the recent rain and amount of anglers) on the far side between the reeds swim and the snags swim, so please bring appropriate footwear. I will be stoning this stretch from the otter gate all the way to the stumps, BUT it probably wont be until we close for spawning when the ground is firm enough for us to get machines in, and we have a quiet time on the lake, so please be prepared. I have managed to keep on top of the candian geese this year, and hopefully within the next week there will be none on the lake, apart from the terrible mess they make on the swims, and into the water, they are also exceptionally noisy, especially at this time of year, so it should be a little quieter once the last pair have gone. The railway embankment is being underpinned by Network Rail so there is quite a bit of noise coming from there during daytime working hours, and that might continue for a couple of months but I cannot do much about it apart from let you know in advance.

26th Feb Well its been a windy old few days and the mere is properly stirred up now after having been quite clear in the middle of last week. We were pretty full over the weekend, and managed to see two fish on the bank, one of them a new lake record for Lee Neild fishing in the Stumps when he landed Ivy the big common at 33.08 just before dark on a white pop up. Lee has had mirrors over thirty but had been wanting a big common for a long time so well done Lee, its a fantastic fish to add to your portfolio. Anthony White came on for his first ever trip and landed a mirror of 27.07 from the stream swim fishing fairly close in to the tress on the rhs of the swim. Unfotunately he only got photos of one side of the fish and I really cant be sure which one it is, ( I think it may be T-bone slightly down in weight) but none the less its a great result for anyone on their first visit. One other fish lost from the Boathouse.

23rd Feb  Well storm Dorris has well and truly battered us today, and left two anglers with broken bivvies and having to leave early. Gladly its all passed and we can look forward to a good weekend of angling, even the moon phases are up to 90 and 100% for Sat and Sunday, so along with the low pressure and relatively mild temp there should be one or two fish out. I am away from tomorrow lunchtime (friday) until Sun afternoon, but Rich (Woolly) is on site. He's fishing in the Channel so if you need any help with photos of a fish etc please give him a call on 07932 605501.   James Hatchell came on yesterday and braved the storms today and had an 18lb mirror from the Boathouse swim early this afternoon. Its getting very wet and boggy behind the Reeds and snags swims, so please bring wellies or boots and go easy along this section. Its easier to actually pull your barrow through the small bit behind the reeds and theres less chance of tipping it over if you do. Its on the plans to stone this section all the way along to the stumps once it dries out in the summer and we can get machines down again.

20th Feb We were shut all last week to net the lake, and put 5 tons of Calcium Carbonate (chalk) in, as well as thinning out the snag tree on the moat swim, so the lake was put through a fair bit all in all. That might explain why it fished hard this weekend, but the water is now very clear and all looks to be settling in. There was a fish lost last night from the Boathouse and a 6lb tench caught from the Stumps yesterday so they should be back feeding well this week. Weather looks spot on right now and some rain due in the next few days. For anyone who doesn't know why we chalk I'll expalin briefly. The chalk benefits the water in several ways. It can help to improve the PH of the lake as its an alkaline based product so reduces any acidity,  as well as removing suspended particles which improve clarity, but mainly it acts as a catalyst for crustaceans and invertibrates to live down on the bottom and in the silt, as oxygen molecules attach themselves to the tiny microns of chalk before it settles onto the lake bed. This will help to increase the levels of quality natural food and will also help reduce silt levels over time. We will probably put a few tons more in about 6 months time. We will also be dying the lake in about a months time, this will be in an attempt to stop the 'red light rays' from the sun, penetrating the water. Red light rays are required by algae to photosynthesisie and without them they cant survive so if we can put this in early in the year before we get any algae then it will help the lake immensly. Last year we had two major algael blooms from May right through till early October. The fish didn't feed well (therefore they are much harder to catch as many of you know who fished through the summer), the oxygen levels were much lower at times, and of course you run the risk of a total oxygen crash once all the alge dies off at the end of the year. By getting the water quality as good as possible, it will help keep the fish in top condition and be stress free , meaning they feed harder and longer (making them a little easier to catch) as well as growing bigger which we are all keen to see.

11th Feb Iestyn Smith came on yesterday and went into the Channel swim.He recast his right hand rod at around 5pm after seeing some bubbles out in the middle area of the lake and had a fish about ten minutes later which was a 16.02 leather. He added a mirror of 18.08 at just after 1am from the same area. Pretty cold out there this morning with a Northerly wind and snow in the air. Steve Shaw has just landed a mirror of 24.14 from the Stumps, and Paul Clark has just broken his PB with 'Nyeve' at 27.04 from the Boathouse at 10.15am. Tight lines to all those brave enough to be out there. 

10th Feb Brad ended up on 7 landed with 2 lost and six of them 20lb + so an amazing February session for him, well done Brad. Ste Harry made the decision to move from The Boathouse and was rewarded when he had two fish of 21lb and 11lb so well done for making the effort. There was a fish lost today from the Boathouse and one caught from the Channel around 5.30pm this evening but not had any details yet. We are netting on Monday and chalking the lake on Tuesday hence why I have closed it until Friday. I'll post some vides and stills up of the netting, if we catch anything of interest !! Tight lines to all those out there this wekend, its still pretty cold !

7th Feb Despite only having three anglers on (all good ones !) we have had a few more decent fish out. Brad Lewis moves his totals to 5 landed with 2 lost, comprising of fish of 20,22,23,26 and 29 (the pretty one) and Stephen May had Scar at 30.08 today from the Boathouse. 

6th Feb Well, its hard to believe But Brad Lewis came on today and went into the Moat, and had our third new 25lb+ fish of the last three days at 26.06 making it a total of 30 fish over 25lb in weight. He also had two other mint fish of 22lb and 20lb. 

5th Feb   I was away working today, but word got back to me that Rich Newell who had been in the pads overnight, moved into Herons view just after the two lads vacated it this morning, and fished a yellow and black zig across the far side to take as fish just as he was packing away. It turned out to be another NEW 25lb+ fish for the mere at 25.04, so thats two new ones in as many days, and only the sixth fish caguht on a zig in as many years. Top angling rich. Pictures to follow shortly.

4th Feb 9.30pm Well I did my evening round slightly earlier so I could get back in time to watch the England rugby on telly, however by the time I got round to the Moat Shaun had landed yet another fish,a mirror of 19.07, so he finished up on 5 fish landed and two lost, not a bad day on the bank by anyones standards, and top angling Shaun. He has called the new fish The Half Linear which is quite fitting and certainly one to watch out for in the future. I cant seem to see any photos of it at any weight in the last two years so if you have caught it previously I would be intereated to know when and at what weight, thank you. 

4th Feb Sat 9am  Just done my early morning rounds. One fish lost this morning from the Boathouse to a hook pull shortly after connecting. Shaun Marchington moved yesterday morning from the Boathouse, round to the Moat, and lost one fairly quickly after his move.  Then at 8am this morning he had a mirror of 14.09, he quickly recast whilst the fish was in the net, and before he had got the fish out to weight it, the same rod was away again resulting in an 18.06 common. Then an hour later he landed a new unknown 25 at 25.06 and a real stunner of a fish which he will get to name. Shaun is using cell, but has been washing it out for the last 24 hours. This takes the tally to 11 fish landed and 4 lost so far in 2017.

28th Jan Dave Johns came on this morning and went into the Boathouse swim. Its been 3 years since he was last here, and at 5pm he had a very welcome new PB common at 21.12 (pictures to follow) so he was one very happy man this evening. Five minutes after that, Craig Dunning had a lovely scaley half lin at 19.12 from the Snags which hasn't been fished for ages, so well done Craig. It was already freezing at 5.15pm and due to go down to -2 so keep warm if your on the bank tonight !

27th Jan It really has been bitterly cold the last 48 hours with the wind chill making it very unpleasant. Steve Shaw put the effort in to come on last night in the dark after work, and went in the Stumps so the wind was over his back, and was duly rewarded with his first fish of the year at 8am this morning when he landed a mid double mirror on a pink pop up fished on a chod. Top angling Steve, anyone who ventures out in these conditions deserves a bit of luck.

20th Jan Luke Thompson came on this morning about 9.30 and was set up and fishing by 10.30 in the Stream. He only had to wait an hour before his goo soaked pop up was away resulting in a mint common of 23lb which had a very distinctive tail- that the top lobe was very dark , and the lower lobe a lovely glowing orange colour. Anyway he was very pleased to say the least and it was a welcome prize for just a short days fishing. Its set to go down to minus 3 tonight. Water still just above 4 degrees this mornning so I don't think it will freeze but I'll post it up straight away on the home page if we have a lid on in the morning. 

19th Jan  Water temp slightly up at 4.3 degrees. Only a couple of anglers on this week. Mark Reilly had a mirrorof 15lb around midnight last night as well as a tench early this morning.

10th Jan I was away for the first week, hence no report, but I'm glad to say we have had a few fish out already this year. Obviously numbers of anglers are down, and we have had some severe frosts in the last week, including last Thursday when it went down to -7 and the lake froze over for 24 hours. Despite this Paul Locker had the 1st fish of the new year at 19lb from the Moat, and went on to lose one as well. Steve Hall from Crewe had a mirror of 24lb + then lost one under the ice, both from the Boathouse,  and Andy Remeilie has just landed 'Joelle' at 5am this morning at 27lb + from the Boathouse. Conditions look good for the next 36 hours then its set to cool back down again and possibly give us some sleet / snow showers over the weekend. Water temp currently 3.2 degrees so its pretty cold !

Happy New Year to you all, I hope that 2017 brings you all you want from your angling, and we look forward to seeing many of you again sometime later this year. We have loads of plans for the year ahead, we will be netting out the silvers in early Feb, as well as chalking the lake afterwards. This will help to improve the water quality and reduce silt slightly. We have plans to build Bivvy platforms directly behind the Snags and Reeds stages so you can be on top of your rods at all times. I will continue to remove any fish of 15lb or under into the stock pond and we will be adding some new fish to the stock pond also to grow on for future release once they reach upper double size. We will also be trying our best to get a shower and toilet block put in by the end of the year, which will also provide power and drinking water within it. We will be putting in some barley straw 'sausages' in the early part of spring to try and reduce the algae which has effected so many lakes in 2016, as well as continuing to keep on top of the Coot population before the shooting season closes. I will also be increasing the supplimentary feeding of the fish this year. I really didn't feed as much as I would have liked in 2016, mainly to do with the fact that the fish weren't feeding properly during the summer as a result of the algael blooms, so we will try and increase this when possible, and only when the lake isn't full. It was noted that the fishing was consistently better within a few days of feeding ,especially after it had been having a quiet spell, and the quality and condition of the fish last year was second to none. Supplimentary feeding is an important part of fishery management. The lake record was broken shortly before Chrsitmas by regular Steve Shaw and a fabulous common known as 'Ivy' at 33.04, but I'm sure we will see it broken very soon by any number of fish, and on more than one or two occassions this year, so lots to look forward to. Quite a few fish around the 24lb mark last year, so if you catch a fish of 25 or 26lb and want to name it if its a new one, please make sure you take some high res pictures of BOTH sides, otherwise you wont be able too.


29th Dec We have had 3 really cold nights and hard frosts each morning, and as a result the water temp has dropped from just under 5 degrees last week to 3.5 degrees today. There was ice up in the pads area this morning, but this has now gone and temps are set to increase over the next few nights so the lake shouldn't freeze over if the forecast is correct. Steve Adcock is in the Boathouse and has managed a mid double mirror this morning at 8.15am which was then taken to the stock pond. It was so cold his alarm didnt go off but steve just happened to be up and see his rod bending round !!  He then added another mirror of 18lbs at midday. The rest of the lake has been quiet as far as I know.

27th Dec There as plenty of frost on the ground this morning, but it didn't seem to bother the fish and Stuart Wareham added his second fish with a pristine common of 24lbs then followed it up later on with a 19.08 mirror. Anthony lost a fish in the Moat due to a hook pull about 3pm this afternoon. More frost forecast overnight then its starts to wrm up a bit.

26th Dec  3 anglers on today, and two fish out so a very Happy Boxing day to them all. Anthony Barton first off the mark at 9am this morning in the Moat with a 19.08 common followed by Stuart Wareham with a 22lb mirror around 11.45am from the Boathouse. Clear skies tonight so I think there might be a bit of white stuff on the ground in the morning !

24th Dec George Jones-Dobbs has had the lake to himself for the last 48 hours as he braved storm Barbara, which despite the winds, ended up with what was pretty good conditions. It remained quite warm and pressure was fairly low, but despite that he had remained fishless. So this morning he decided to move from the Channel to the Boathouse swim for the last part of the day before leaving this evening. He had only just got his third rod out when he was into his first fish, a stunning mirror of 17.02. Then at around 4pm he had a savage take and after a very spirited battle which would have easily led him to have thought he had a very big fish on, he netted his first common from the lake at 17.00 so a lovely Christmas brace and full marks for making a move last minute and saving a blank. Nic and I would like to thank all of you for your support this year, and look forward to our best ever year next year. We will be netting the silvers out early in Feb and chalking the lake, then putting barley straw in early spring in the hope of keeping the algae blooms down this year. We will continue to remove all fish of around 15 or under into the stock pond, and with a bit of luck get a shower block and toilets in before the end of the year. We are also hoping to put bivvy areas directly behind the snags and reeds platforms so you can be next to your rods at all times, so plenty to do as usual !!  hope you all have a great Christmas.

21st Dec Steve Hall from Crewe popped down for 48 hours and went into the Boathouse as the lake was empty when he arrived on Monday. After a quiet first 24 hours Steve managed a mirror of 19lbs, before losing a second fish. Then at 2am this morning he landed a fish known as Ash at a new PB weight of 30.08 so a very happy Christmas to Steve, and he's stil got a few hours left today before he leaves.

15th Dec  Alex Woodall managed another fish last night, landing a 17lb common at midnight so a good session for him overall with 4 fish in total. A pike nalger on today had 14 runs landing 10 pike between 2lb and 4.5 lbs on sprats and smelts. Although only small it was good fun for him on light gear. Its pouring down tonight, but temps are still warm and we have a few anglers coming on Friday night so we will hopefully see some more fish this weekend. The fish are still feeding and those who are apllying bait reguarly are still doing well. Alex used 3kgs of bait over his 48 hour session.

14th Dec Joe Massey came on yesterday for 48 hours and was gutted to lose a fish around 5.30pm last night from the Snags swim. However his loss was soon forgotten when he slipped his net under a lovely looking mirror of 28.10 at 6.45am this morning. Although this fish looks similar to Shadow Scale, it is in fact a different fish, and another NEW 25lb+ fish for the fishery, so its happy days all round. Joe gets to name it too so I'll let you know what its called soon enough. Alex Woodall also came on yesterday morning, and went into the Boathouse. He's fishing at around 23 wraps and has 3 fish and lost one so far, weighing 12lb , 17lb and 22lb. If any of you catch a fish of under 15lb please put them in the large retaining slings provided on the swims, and let me know, I'll come and get them for the stock pond. Thank you. Despite fish getting caught there are virtually no fish being seen anywhere on the lake.

9th Dec update Just been called down to Stephen Wright in the Boathouse, has had had a lovely looking mirror of 19.03 this evening followed at 5pm by Scar at 30.11 to follow on from last nights 24.15, so thats 3 fish already and he's only half way through his session. Happy days indeed. 

9th Dec  Just got back from installing an Otter Fence in Limogues in France, so having been working non stop for the last six weeks or so on the fencing side, I've not really been around the fishery much which I hate !!  Thankfully we only lost the single fish to the otter, and it found its way back out either on the ame night, or the sunday night when we left the gates open on purpose, or the Wed night when an angler left them open again !!  anyway, please close alll gates around the fishery, at all times, regardless of if you found them open or closed. I am using the image of the half eaten fish to make into signs to go onto the gates to help prevent this happening again. Anyway, it seems to have got quite mid here this week, after a cold fotnight previously, and Stephen Wright came on yesterday, initially going into the Channel, then moving into the Boathouse for the night when the two lads vacated before dark. He went on to land a mirror of 24.15, a fish which ironically he caught 3 weeks ago at 25.04, and got to name it Sally, before it got caught again a week later, and now its made its third appearance in as many weeks ! Its still a great result for Decmeber, and hes here until Sunday so dingers crossed he can add a couple more.

28th Nov I forgot to mention that Andy Barton who was on last week had two fish and lost one fishing in the Boathouse swim. The fish weighed 19 and 15lb. Pressure a bit high at the moment, but coming down a bit for the weekend. The water levels have gone down 4 inches since last week, and water temp is 4.1 degrees. Thats bloody cold to you and me. Its forecast to be -4 to -7 degrees tonight !! 

27th Nov I have been away all week, otter fencing around york. For those that dont foillow us on facebook, the gates were left open last weekend, and an otter got in and took a 25lb fish out. I am fairly happy the otter has gone out. We have had 7 nights now without losing another fish so I'm pretty sure it went back out on sat night when it came in, or sunday night as we opened the gates in the field, or on wed when angler left the gates open. either way, we haven't lost a fish since so I am relaxing a bit. We had a mirror of 25lb caught from the Moat this morning and it turns out to be the same one that was caught last weekend by Stephen Wright who is yet to name it. The weather is constant for this week, and the moon phases are excellent for Mon through till wed so we will see if that makes any difference. tight lines to all those bearing the minus temp this week.

20th Nov  Well i'm pleased to say that my gut feeling was right, and we have seen some better fish so far this weekend. Stephen Wright was in the Boathouse and had what I believe to be a new 25 in the shape of a 25.03 mirror at 9.30pm on Sat night. John Buckley had 'The Pretty One' at 32.04 from the Moat at 4.30pm on Sat, whilst Craig Dunning had his first Blakemere fish at almost the same time, next door in the Stream. Although it was only 15.08 he was buzzing as its his first one, and not to be outdone, his brother Stuart also had his first Blakemere fish around 10.30am this morning from the Stumps at 21lbs so they both went away happy chappies !!  One fish lost from Herons View at 2.30 am. There are now xls retainers in all swims, my number is on the side of the unhooking mats so call me if you get anything under 15lb, and myself or Rich my baliff will call by and take it to the new stock pond. Thank you.

16th Nov Joe Massey has just finished 48 hours in the Channel. He had a lovely looking mirror of 18lb yesterday morning at 10am on a white pop up on a chod rig fished off the back of the island. Weather starting to look proper carpy as the pressure drops and the wind picked up today to its stongest level in ages. My gut feeling is this weekend we will see one or two of the bigger fish that have been avoiding everyone for a long time now !! fingers crossed.  Joe has just text me to say that the fish were going mad out in the middle of the lake just as he left as it was going dark, shame he couldn't stay on a bit longer.

14th Nov Rich Wollam had a second fish from the Moat at just before midnight on Sat which turned out to be 16lb and Ricci Skellam had a low double common from the stumps last night. so we do seem to having a run of small fish lately. I'm hoping to finish off damming the back of the island but it all depends on the ground and how badly it rips up after all the rain. If I get it finished then I will be asking people to retain these small fish so I can ut them into the stockpond for a year or tow and monitor their growth weights. Hopefully we will eventually see a run of big fish, and warm temps and very low pressure coming in towards the back end of the week so things looking good for then.

12th Nov Jason Ellis had another fish around 8pm last night, only a low double common but another fish non the less. Steve Shaw lost a very good fish this morning around 8am in the Boathouse from across the far side. He played it in and got it 2/3rds of the way back, the fish just plodding steadiuly back and forth, when he suffered a hook pull and was gutted. Steve was using a size 8 hook, and my personal opinion is that his is too small. The fish here feed in the silt, and as such have fairly soft mouths, unlike their southern cousins in the gravel pits who's lips toughen up from feeding on harder bottoms. As such, too much pressure from a small hook can result in hook pulls, and I have seen it too often on here for it to be a coincidence. So my advice is, use a size 6 hook to give yourself the best chance of landing a fish if you get one on. Muchh warmer last night, and water temp is currently 6 degrees. 

11th Nov  Jason Ellis came on yesterday morning, and at 6.30 pm had a mirror of 14lb followed by a common of the same size at 5.30 this morning. All bivvies completely frozen last night in the coldest night so far recently, but temps look to rise again next week.

10th Nov Carl Williams came on last night for a quick overnight session and had a 15.08 common within two hours of arriving in the Boathouse swim ! Rich Woollam had a beautifully scaled homegrown mirror of approx 12lbs this morning shortly before 9am from the Moat. The wind has picked up today and with all this rain its the first time we have had water going out of the outflow pipes for four months so hopefully we will see some more fish this weekend. Its going to be wet on sat so bring your coats. The path has been fully finished from car park 2, but unfortunately the rain has very much stopped play on the damming off of the island which I hope to complete next week weather depending.

5th Dec Andy Remelie managed to sneak an 18lb mirror out of the Moat on Thursday night fishing off the back of the island. Steve Hall from Wolverhampton was in the Boathouse with his friend Jason in the Channel for 48 hours. After a blank day and first night, it all looked like it may be a rare blank for Steve, but in the end he managed two fish of 21 along with a mid double , and Jason had an 18lber from the Channel. After having spent the first part of the week finishing off the path from car park 2, Thurs and Fri were spent damming off the back of the island to create a new stock pond. This should be finished by middle of next week, and after that anyone catching a fish of under 15lbs should call me, and if I am here I'll come and get it and put it into the stock pond to feed up and monitor its growth. We hope to buy in some more VS fish and feed them up along with our smaller ones, in order that we can have a regular stocking programme of 10 or so fish pa going back in. I usually lose 1-3 fish per year on average so it will ensure the long term future of the fishery and slowly increase stocks ever so slightly. We will be photographing the small fish and weighing them, and any that are stunted or not growing will NOT be put back into the main lake, but replaced by ypunger faster growing fish of 18-20lbs from our own stock pond.   Next year we are hoping to finally put in a shower and toilet block, and also a new compost toilet over the back side of the fishery behind the Stream and Stumps which will save anglers coming all the way around to car park one. 

29th Oct Its been a very quiet week from what I can gather as I have been working away. There were two fish lost last night from the Reeds and Herons view, and Joe Massey managed a 22lb common on Thursday night at 1.30am as well as losing one the night after, so the odd fish making an appearance. The weather is really all to blame, continual high pressure, no wind and warm temps. As soon as we get a new low front moving in with high winds, rain and low pressure I'm sure it will kick off, but looking at the forecast that isn't likely for at least a week !! Oh well, at least its going to be dry for us this week as we are finally doing the path down from car park 2 and across the field at the bottom so i will be very happy when we finally finish that as its been well overdue. Then I'm hoping to get my own rods out the week after that if possible.. Water temp is currently 11.4 degrees. 

24th Oct Ricci Skellam came on Sunday morning for 24hours and headed for the Stumps. At 3.45 am this morning he had a 26.15 mirror known as Joelle, then followed it up with another smaller mirror of 15lb about an hour later just after getting back into his bag.

23rd Oct Conditions not been great of late, with high pressure and no winds in general. However we have had a few fish this weekend. Dave Jackson fished in the Stumps and had a mirror of 18lb at 7am yesterday morning as the fog was lifting, and almost at exactly the same time Matt Lightfoot was in the Moat and caught the ''Pretty One'' at 26.06. One fish was also lost on a zig from the stream. This morning there were no fish to report other than the anglers in the Boathouse and the moat reporting they had both been done. Not many fish been seen at the moment, and a slightly cooler Easterly ind has come in for a few days. Virtually no rain, but high pressure for the rest of the week until next Sunday when it looks set to drop back again.

19th Oct Andy Poole looked like he was facing his first blank of the year on the Moat, and after having spent 48 hours with absolutely no signs of any fish in front of him, was a little bit gobsmacked when his alarm rattled off, resulting in him landing a 25.11 mirror at 6.30am on Monday, shortly before leaving.  If you catch a fish just over 25lb such as this one, then please take a photo of both sides of it, even if its in the mats. If you want to name any new fish over 25lb, of which there will be a fair few this winter, I won't do it without a photo of both sides, as its too difficult to compare sometimes with only one side. Joe Massey has been in the Channel and had fish of 15lb and 17lb both at 3.30am on consequitive nights, as well as losing one. Stephen May came down on Sunday for 48 hours and had a few fish in front of him on sunday night in the stumps. He ended up with fish of 18lb and a mid double, as well as losing a mid 20 common when it got caught around his middle rod and was wallowing on the top, just out of nets reach before finally spitting the hook.

4th Oct Jono Tolley ended up with a 4th fish just before he left, adding a 13lb linear to his previous captures, so 4 fish in 3 nights was a good result. Paul Morear has come on for 4 days and got off to a good start in the Channel swim. Paul arrived yesterday morning and had a 22lb mirror at midday. At 4pm he followed it up with a low double common, and at 11.45pm he had a mirror of 17.07. He went on to lose two more in the night, as well as having a nice tench of 6lb. Paul is using 10mm CBS Krill boilies. Jonathan Lilley had his first ever Blakemere carp last night when he landed a 13lb mirror from the Moat swim at 10.30pm. Pressure is dropping nicely for the weekend and the wind is picking up so all looks good for a few more fish to be visiting the bank over the next few days.

10th Oct  Jonno Tolley came down on Sat night and had a mirror of 20.14 on Essential Cell from the Boathouse around 10.30am on Sunday morning. Last night he was the only one on and the fish were rolling all around him in the middle area of the lake, just on dark. He had a mirror of 15.02 at 10.30pm then a third fish at 9.30am this morning at 18.05 and still has tonight to go so hopefully we will see some bigger girls appear. I think a bit of a cold snap would do it good myself.

9th Oct I have been away in France this last week, so I'm afraid i don't have too much to report as Nic was working and the kids were taking round Ruby where possible so they didn't stop and get many details !! As far as I am aware its been very hard, with very little wind and high pressure most of the week and the fish not playing ball, as they generally don't when it's like this. Bradley Joinson did however manage a mirror of 18.06 from the Channel last weekend and kindly sent me the photo's so well done Bradley. The carp here at Blakemere do love the days when the wind picks up and that doesn't look like happening this week either, so we will have to wait a little longer for better conditions. However, the water has cleared and everything looks good for whenever the conitions do turn next. I am hoping to get the path done from car park 2 this week, depending on availability of the track dumper, so fingers crossed that will all be done by your next visit. If not we will end up doing it by hand, but either way its a priority for us now this autumn.

29th Sept Nice and breezy out there today ! 3 fish lost in last 36 hours and one mid double landed from the Stumps early this morning by Stephen May who is on for a couple of days. 

26th Sept Craig Bailey came on yesterday morning and headed straight down to the Reeds swim as the wind was blowing strongly down there. There were a lot of fish rolling opposite the snags and as it was empty at the time cast a rod towards a showing fish, and was rewarded with a lovely shaped mirror of 24.06 on a snowman rig. Jason Ellis had a pb fish of 18lb from the Boathouse at around 3am so well done Jason, lets hope another pb comes your way before you leave. It's rained almost none stop for the whole of today and felt pretty miserable to be honest. Not many fish been seen, but then again most anglers have been zipped up for the majority of the day !

25th Sept Friday night was met with anticipation, as those on watched the carp roll all over the relatively flat lake, from around 7pm and well into dark. Morning was met with dissapointment by all, but with a big drop in pressure due, along with big gusts of wind and rain sat night looked about as good as it could get. For once the forecast was absolutely spot on. Not as many fish were seen as expected, but they were rolling off the back of the island opposite the moat, and down in front of the snags and reeds. Come morning and it was fish 3 anglers 1. Peter Hunt being the only angler to get one to the bank in the shape of a low double mirror in the moat swim at 4am. Steve Hall lost a very big fish from the Stream which simply plodded about keeping low, and taking out another anglers lines it eventually got in the marginal snags and threw the hook. The angler in the Snags lost 2 fish, one at 2am amongst a torrential downpour, and a second one at 6am. Nothing at all to report from the other half of the lake. The pads are begining to die back, so provided you have got strong line and a decent size hook then you'll have a better chance of getting them out of the pads if they do find their way into them. Next 8-12 weeks should be one of the bext periods on the lake for the year, and hoping to see ALL the big girls out this autuimn / winter. 

22nd Sept Jonathan Mann came down for a very quick overnighter, just before dark so rushed down into Herons view. John fished approx 3/4 of the way across, spreading essential cell boilies and half a dozen spods of pellets. He fished inline leads and 8" braided hooklinks and at around 8pm had a mirror of 25.04 followed by another mirror of 21lb at midnight. I'm waiting for the photos' to see if its a new 25 or one we recognise, but clearly a great result for a few hours on the bank. Well done Jonathan.

21st Sept Luke Thompson is back on again and had fish rolling all over him in the Stream this morning as he slept !  I got a call from him at 2.30 pm this afternoon to say he had a decent fish and it turned out to be Badgers fish, down in weight at just over 22lb and its first appearance this year too. So the fish are finally getting their heads down at last. A lot of them have Argulus on them, which is a parasite present in almost all water courses. It normally shows up on fish that are stressed and I think with the low oxygen levels this summer, and the algael bloom making visibility almost Zero the fish have been having a tough time. Now the waters clarity is rapidly improving and the water temps are dropping they are coming back on the feed and more fish getting caught.

20th Sept Ryan Cope managed a small common of 12lbs at 10pm after losing a good fish the previous night from the Channel at 1.30am. Loads of fish rolling around 8am in front of the Boathouse, Channel and stream areas. Water is still clearing uo and fish seemingly happy at the moment.

19th Sept One fish lost from the Channel at 1.30am last night, and one lost in the Moat. However Ian Locker who is also doubled up in the Moat managed to catch 'The Pretty One' at 28.12 and a new PB on his first ever visit, so a very happy angler indeed. Ian was fishing out in the middle area of the lake where there have been quite a few fish showing over the last few days. Catched definitely picking up now and should continue to do so. 

18th Sept Lea Warrington had a mirror of 19.14 from the Stream swim at 4am this morning, and was followed shortly afterwards when Rich Woollam also managed a nice 19lb from the Stumps at 6am.

17th Sept  First one of the Big Girls out for a while, perhaps coincidently as the water temp has dropped down from 18.7 to 16 degrees, and we do seem to fish better in the cooler months. Andy Pool had booked on for three nights and had been frustratingly watching fish rolling over him for the last two mornings in the Boathouse. He lost a fish yesterday morning, so decided a bit of tweaking was needed. He lengthened his hooklink to 10" and decided fished a wafter, which resulted in The 'S' common at her heighest weight of 31.03 and a new PB up from 27lb so well done Andy. If anyone does land a fish over 30lb please call me, my numbes on the bottom of your booking confirmation email, and I'll happily come and do photo's for you if I'm around, especially if you're on your own, as its a shame to catch a fish like this and only end up with a photo on the mat. It also makes it difficult for me to identify which fish it is which is a shame, as I cant update the named fish data when that happens. Luke Thompson fished the Moat yesterday and had 'Nic' at just under 25lb so shes still down in weight from spawning, as well as another mid double, so two fish from only his second trip is a good result.

16th Sept The oxygen levels are back to normal after having been depleted by both the algae dying off and the thunder storm on Tuesday night, when they went down to around 3 mg/l at 5am. Loads of fish rolling over the last few days and the forecast today is for rain and winds, so we are starting to get towards some decent conditions on a regular basis. The Water temp is still 18 degrees so we could do with a few back to back colder nights and days to drop that, then I'm sure we will see a noted increase in catches. Stephen May was down on Mon and Tues to do some magazine features for CC Moore, and went into the Moat swim. The fish teased him for two days, showing in close then moving out as soon as he repositioned his rods ! Anyway a bit of persistance and he ended up with mirrors of 14.14 and 15.15 on bright northern special pop-ups on his stiff hinge rig, fihsed over beds of pacific tuna boilies. Pete Johnson had a 14.04 mirror last night from the Reeds, which hasn't been fished for ages. Pete said he would have guessed it was an upper twenty had he lost it, such was the fight it gave him. One fish lost in the nearside pads from the Boathouse swim at 7.30am this morning, all other anglers asleep so I'll find out any more news later. We are putting out Landing Nets and Weigh slings today on all swims. Please DO NOT bring yours with you. If you do by accident, please leave it in the car. Thank you. If you want to see the latest outbreaks of KHV click on this link to visit the fish health inspectorate website where you can see all recent notifications

12th Sept Excellent conditions over the weekend, and the first real drop in temp on Sat night making it feel much colder than late. Loads of fish rolling and boshing in most parts of the lake, especially the middle reaches, but somehow still avoiding capture on the whole !  Steve Hall from Crewe went into the Snags for the day last Thursday in the big winds and had a lovely leather of 17lb and another mirror of 15lb. Shaun Jones had a nice looking mirror of 18lb from the Boathouse down the left hand margin using a worm, early on Sat morning. 

8th Sept I lost my first fish of the year yesterday, it popped up after having been lying on the bottom for a few days and was covered in silt. It was a lovely linear of 16lb, but probably weighed more when it was alive. There was nothing obviously wrong with it, it did have some red markings on one side of its mouth, and its possible that it was hooked and lost in the pads, and as a result became stressed and died. The algae seems to be retreating and as such we are seeing a lot more fish rolling and crashing. The aerators will be kept on constantly for the next few days as we have low pressure this weekend, and as the algae dies off, the bacteria which feed on them use up a lot of oxygen and can cause sudden crashes. The water temp was 18.7 degrees yesterday so its still warm, so please try and keep the fish out of the water for the minimum amount of time as possible. Leave them in the net until your camera and weighing stuff is all ready, and please make sure you have some water to pour over them. There were two fish lost last night both from the Boathouse swim, one at 11.45pm to a hook pull and a second at 6.30am when the fish came all the way in before finding sanctuary in the nearside pads !  Winds started to pick up already this morning, and promises to be strong today, so along with some light rain and low pressure, its looking very carpy indeed out there at the moment. Fingers crossed we get to see a few decent fish on the bank this weekend. 

5th Sept I've just been round to see Ryan Cope as he was asleep this morning on my rounds. He's on for 48 hours and has been having it tough recently. Ryan was the first angler at Blakemere to catch two thirties in 24 hours, and believe it or not they were on his first ever visit, since which he has blanked on all seven occasions, so he was happy to report that he had landed a lovely 19.06 mirror at 11.30am this morning. He was using a white pop up over a bed of krill and manilla boilies. He said there were so may fish rolling last night that when he woke this morning without a bleep in the night he was gutted and thought he was half way through another blank, and 11.30am is not usually known as a bite time so it was a welcome shock. Looks good for a few more fish tonight. More bites coming during daylight hours now and as we move into autumn and winter we should see some bigger fish appearing and in the daytime too.

5th Sept Darren Carr came on last week and I believe ended up with a fish of 19lb as well as losing one other before he left on Thursday morning. Over the weekend, Steve Shaw managed two small fish of 11 and 14, ones we will take out once the stock pond is in place, from the very underfished stream swim. Jason Glover had a 21.12 mirror from the Boathouse swim, and Tom had a fish of 14lbs from the Reeds at 3am on Sunday morning. 

31st Aug 2 anglers on last night, one in the pads and one in the channel. Unfortunately both of them lost a fish, one at 3am and one at 8am this morning. Loads of fish fizzing and rolling early this morning. Forsecast is for some good solid winds in the next few days so hopefully that will bring a few out, they do like a good wind here at Blakemere. 

30th Aug We had a busy weekend as expected, and after having a fishless week prior to Friday, I was wondering what to expect. With a bit of rain, and a decent breeze, coupled with low pressure on Friday night it surely couldn't stay that way. At around 6.30 am on Sat Jason Glover in the Channel swim had an 18lb leather on hybrid boilies. Then between 10am and 10.30 we had 5 runs around the lake. Jason had another run on cell, but unfortunatel lost it. Steve Shaw in the Moat ended up with two fish of 14.12 and 10.04 and Connon Obrien had fish of 16.08 and 14.06. Connor managed another small fish of 11.10 at 6am on Sunday morning. There were fish showing early mornings on a couple of the days. The algae bloom seems to be clearing slightly, however one minute it seems to be clearing the next its all brown again !! I have installed a second aerator, a bubbler that turns the water column. Both are on during the night and just the bibbker during the day. The night temps are starting to fall, and the nights are definitely drawing in, and Sept will be here on Thurs so I'm certainly looking forward to the next 3-4 months.

24th Aug Andy Poole was on for 3 nights and after starting out in herons view for the first 24 hours moved down to the Channel where he had a common of 18lbs at 3am yesterday morning. Quite a lot of fish showing in front of him from 6.30-8am before it went quiet. Aerator is still on and water seems brown again after clearing yesterday considerably !  The aerator will stay on until the algae clears completely, or we see a decent drop in temps and the water cools down. Spotted Fin delivery of Catalyst boilies will be here on friday if anyone would like some they are. £11 per 1kg bag or £40 for a 5kg bag. Please text me on 07973 254 626 and let me know or ask me when you see me on my rounds in the morning or evening. 

21st Aug I put the aerator back on Thursday, mainly to try and get rid of the Algael bloom which doesn't like the movement of water and destratfication the aerators cause. The water has cleared a liitle since then, and I am sure that when the algae finally dies off, and the clarity returns to a decent level, the fishing will switch back on big time. You can definitely sense a change of seasons with nights drawing in and cooler mornings. The big winds yesterday saw plenty of fish showing in the waves, mainly in front of the Boathouse and the Channel. Stuart Chard came on for a quick overnighter into the Reeds and its looked absolutely prime for a fish however they didn't get down there for some reason or another and he left this morning with no action. Sam Stott managed a small double common yesterday around midday in the Boathouse, and Steve Shaw had a common of 16.12 around 7am from The Channel this morning. Interestingly it had a leech on its underside, and I commented that it still looked a bit 'spawned out'. Perhaps its has been laying up and not feeding in the alge, hence the leech ? Anyway, we will be coming into three of the best months here on Blakemere soon, so I'm looking forward to getting out a bit more myself, and trying to unlock the Blakemere code once again.

16th Aug Well I have just got back from a lovely 2 weeks in France with the family. I managed to sneak 2 hours fishing in on a small pond on one of the campsites we stayed at, and eventually caught a strange looking carp of around a pound on freelined breadflake after having baited patiently for an hour and a half previously. It really took me back a few years, and made me glad I had packed my travel rod once again. While I was away, the first ten days were quite busy on the fish front. I believe the winds were pretty fierce and the change in weather even saw 4 fish come out in daylight hours. We had 12 fish out in total, including the Big LIn at 28.07 but also had at least 6 lost. The last 5 days have been quiet again and no fish have been out. Its starting to feel much fresher in the mornings, and the pads are just starting to 'turn' and as the nights start drawing in, and as Autumn approaches in the next month or so, the fishing should steadily improve. The dumper and digger are all booked for next week, so despite the rain coming later this week, we hope we can finally complete the path down the field from carp park 2 by the end of next week. I am also hoping to block off the back of the island if we have time, to create a stock pond and to stop any fish going round the back to hide. Any fish caught under 15lb must be kept and I'll put them into this once its finished to grow them on. We will also have new nets, slings and unhooking mats in place in the next few weeks as soon as the delivery comes in from China as they are all out of stock at present. This is to prevent the risk of KHV which has reared its head recently on a few occassions, and can be rread up on in this weeks carp talk. Once they have been delivered, you will NOT be permitted to use your own nets, weigh slings or unhooking mats at all. I'll post it on here and on FB as soon as they arrive. 

27th July Craig managed another fish last night, this time a mirror of 18lbs and at 2am from the back of the Island. Craig fished 7inch flurocarbon D-rigs with B5 bottom baots tipped with fake corn and used essential bait cream Salami as free offerings. Hopefully last nights rain will have cooled the lake further, and the clarity will improve. As we move further towards September the night temps will fall and hopefully the fishing will pick up, as its still quite patchy (as it always is in June/ July).

26th July Craig Ridge is in the Moat for a three day session. Sadly he lost a fish right at the net in the early hours of Monday morning, but made up for it last night having a common of 18lb at approx 2.30am. There were quite a few fish showing in front of him last night, and in front of the Channel and Stream areas too. There was also a fish lost in the Snags on Monday morning. Water temp has dropped down to 19.5 degrees which will help things, as its way to warm once its past 20 degrees which it has been for the last ten days or so.

24th July Wel its been another quiet weekend up to now. The water temp is 23 degress, which is very warm, and the water has gone very murky, and dark for some reason I am not sure of. A good fish was lost yesterday on the Moat when a fish just took off back across the lake and into the snag tree with the angler unable to stop it and a repeat of last weeks episodes ending in the same way. However we did have one small double common caught from the Pads swim around 5pm yesterday afternoon. Hopefully there may be a little bit of rain this week to cool the water down and let it settle and start clearing. As I have said before, its a hard time of year on hear, and I'm already looking forward to September onwards when it starts picking up.

LOST & FOUND I have a landing net that was left in one of the swims. It's a bit different to normal, so if you can tell me what make it is, and what swim you were in, I have it here for you to collect at any time, or on your next visit. 

20th July No more action over the weekend into Monday, and yesterday the lake was empty, so I took the liberty of spending the day cutting back the new young pads that have started to grow up in the middle of the swims. Thats all done now so all swims are pads free. I also cleared back some of the lillys to the right hand side of the pads swim just to help get fish back in more easily from that area. The water has coloured back up again, after having gone quite clear. I'm not sure if its because we are having another algal bloom, or if its because I put the aerators back on for a couple of days in this intense heat. It's the most worrying time of the year from a fishery management point of view. Water temps are very high, into the 20's which means low oxygen, especialy early morning, and algal blooms and thunder storms can mean oxygen crashes are more frequent. I also heard that another fishery in the west midlands has had a bout of KHV which means they will be shutting, and also a report that a local fishery may have Top mouth gudgeon. For most of you who haven't heard of these little things, they are the worst Non-Native species we have. They breed every month, and the only way to eradicate them it to net out your big fish, then pour a chemical into the lake which kills absolutely 100% of ALL living organisms, so pretty drastic as you can imagine. By September, there will be new unhooking mats, nets, and weigh slings in all swims so you wont need to bring your own. I know some of you want to use your own, but I simply can't justify risking 10 years of hard work for someone to use their own net, especially now with the stamp of fish we have. The net dips etc simply don't work effectively enough for my liking. Anyway, we'll see what you all think, and it will be a bit less gear for you all to carry. If you do catch a fish in the next few months, please keep it out of the water for the absolute min of time, and have all your cameras ready, and plenty of water to pour onto the fish, thakk you.

16th July Well, Blakemere is certainly living up to its tricky summer reputation, and last night was no exception. The fish were very active in most areas of the lake, and reports of bloodworm coming in all over rigs was probably the cause. This is particuarly frustrating when you have fish rolling, boshing and fizzing all over your baited spots, only to sit in front of motionless indicators. Last night we did however manage to get three takes. The first was in the Moat at 1.30am when a fish was hooked at 85 yards, only to swim directly across the lake back towards the angler and straight into the snag tree on the right where it came off. At 5.30am an anlger in the pads hooked a fish only to suffer from a hook pull. Then at 9am, the angler in the snags, who had been sitting next to his rods since 4am, got up to get something from his bivvy, as he reached his bivvy he heard his alarm sound and by the time he had turned and got back to it, the fish had already found the sanctuary of the tree and was lost !  All in all, 3 takes across the lake in one night at this time of the year was not too bad. Lets hope it continues tonight. 

RANT; Just been on my morning rounds. 1st swim I come to is the Channel, and the angler is absent from his bivvy, with all 3 rods out, so I wonder down to the Boathouse as I know the 4 anglers on that side all know each other, so guess he must be having a morning brew next door.. The angler in the Boathouse is all zipped up and asleep, so I start wondering if the 'missing' angler has gone down to Herons view which is not acceptable as its too far away (over 100 yards). Just as I am about to start heading down to Herons, he comes walking along down the path from the car park. 'Morning' I said politely. Where have you just been ? ' to the toilet' came the reply. I drew a big breath and followed him into the swim. 'Do you think its acceptable to go to the toilet and leave all 3 of your rods out ? 'no, its not really, I suppose' was his reply. 'Can I check one of your rigs please ? The right hand rod comes in with a barbed hook on. 'I don't allow barbed hooks, its my biggest rule, are all the others the same ? 'yes' was the reply. 'Did you not read my rules ? ' no we got here in a rush ' .
So I had no choice but to ask him to leave immediately. Unfortunately for his friend he had to go too, as they were in the same vehicle, but I had checked his rigs and they were fine so I refunded him. PLEASE understand, if you get here late and have no signal to check the website, there is a rule board in car park 1. Barbless hooks is my biggest rule, and hooks must go in and out of my jumper without snagging. The toilet is 175 yards from the Channel and takes 1.5 minutes to walk to, so thats 3 mins plus toilet time of say 2 mins ( if your super fast) so 5 minutes being 175 yards away from your rods , whilst your mate is asleep next door is simply, and completely UNNACEPTABLE. If you don't have respect to me and my fishery rules, by not reading them before you come, or by chosing to ignore them, you will be asked to leave, without a refund, and barred for life regardless of who you are. Thank you for the majority of you who abide, I respect and welcome you.

NOTE The field at the bottom of car park 2 is still waterlogged. Please bring suitable footwear. I simply cant do anything until it dries out, and this will be the next thing we do, once the weather allows us to get machinery down to site. Sorry for all the inconvenience caused. Its best to do 2 or 3 trips across this section (about 100m) or go round the long way from carp park 1 which is flatter and dry, but just a long way. 

th July I had the pleasure of meeting Geoff Cartwright last night after I got back from my lads cricket match. He was fishing the mere for the first time in the moat swim so I took around a cup of tea to say hello and see how he was getting on. We stood chatting about his days on Savay, and in the hour between 9.30 and 10.30 we must have seen well over 100 shows in front of the moat and channel. Fish were coming up 3 and 4 at a time. The whole time this went on, Geoffs line never flickered, or his indicators beep, and quite frankly how so many fish can be rolling and swirling over your baited area without giving any indications at all is beyond me. Needless to say, both Geoff and the regular in the Channel who had also seen the fish both blanked !! We did wonder whether a zig may have worked, and, although they don't seem to work here most of the time, when the fish show like this they rarely get caught on the bottom, so its almost certain that they are either feeding deep into the silt ( rather than on the top of it)  or up in the layers. Anyway, it was amazing to see so many fish, and I'm sure one day someone will unlock the code. Perhpas soemone will take it apart off the top going into dark ? I have been feeding floating trout pellets when possible and have managed to get the odd fish going when conditions are right, and to date, as far as I am aware, no-one has ever caught a fish off the top .

11th July Well another quiet weekend, despite conditions looking good, and the water clarity now back to almost 'normal' too. The only noteable thing to report is that Andrew Hawkes had two fish from the Moat in his 48 hours stay, one fish each night. He started off with a Leather of 13.14 on Friday night and then on Sat night had a mirror of 16.04   Two fish lost from the pads swim and blanks all round for the rest. Some of those on for sat were just fishing for roach, perch and tench.

7th July Pete Johnson was on for a few days and managed a mirror of 16lb from the Channel swim on Tuesday evening. Michael Croucher has doubled up with Stephen May and has managed a common of 12lb from the Boathouse swim fishing 25 wraps over to the far side. They have baited heavily between them and the fish excreeted loads of both their baits all over the mat, so yet again the fish are clearly feeding but just not showing much. The water clarity is now much much better and I'll turn the aerater off after the weekend. 

3rd July There have been more fish moving, especially in front of the Moat where Craig Ridge has managed 3 fish of 16, 16 and 22lb. Rich Mack was doubled up with Craig and had a tench and lost one fish near to the island last night. All fish coming out between 10pm and 5am currently. Craig fished with a mix of B5 and B5 salami. There was also reports that a fish had been lost from the Boathoue swim last night too.  Recently, I got asked if I could make it a bit clearer how difficult it is on Blakemere, by putting how many people blank. Whilst I can't possibly do that all the time this weekend since Friday, we have had 10 anglers on and 3 fish caught by 1 angler and 2 lost to just 2 other anglers, so 9 blanked. Thats pretty typical on here at this time of year. I am only being honest for those who turn up 'excpecting' to catch. Even with all todays 'wonder' baits, it still depends on the weather, and how the fish are feeling, more than anything else. The fishing definitely improves from September onwards and long into December which has been an excellent month over the last 3 years.

30th June Well, after having seen only one fish in the last two to three weeks, the wind picked up big time yesterday and the fish went mad late afteroon. I saw at least 20 shows in half an hour. The fish continued to show, although not quite as often up until dark. They were showing opposite Herons view and the boathouse close to the far bank, then as you moved down the lake between the Moat and Reeds they were in the middle area of the lake. I nipped out for a quick night such was my excitement in seeing so many, and managed to catch a very small, fully scaled fish of around 7lb, one that has been born here no doubt about that. I put out around 3kg of B5 Salami and another 1kg after the fish. There were two other anglers on up in the pads who didn't have anything. Hopefully we we will see a few on the bank this weekend. Loads of rain again this week. Car park 2 is open, its not too muddy, but its still wet on that side so be prepared. We simply cant do the path until it dries out properly. 

26th June Fish 4 - Anglers 0. Four fish lost last night. One from the Channel and 3 from the Boathouse swim where the angler who I won't name, had put around 5kg of boilies out, so although there have been very few fish showing over the last few weeks, they are obviously still feeding.

25th June After a couple of fishless nights, we had 3 fish hooked and 2 landed last night. Steve Shaw had a 13lb common from the Stumps, and Rich Woollam had a mirror of 16lb from the Pads swim, and one fish lost from Herons view. 

22nd June Mark Barton has just finished his 48 hour session and ended up with a new PB last night when he caught Speedy at 24.12 from the Moat swim at 10.30pm. Mark had no other action and didn't even really see any signs of fish so its a good result, and interesting that its the 2nd time speedy has been caught in the last 10 days but is up in weight so must be eating well after being so well spawned out. Roy Cookson came on with his son Stevan and had 48 hours in the Pads and herons view. Roy had the only 2 fish both coming at night from thePads and weighing in at 10lb and 16lb. Algae bloom still very heavy in the water column hence aerator is remaining on 24/7. Field is still boggy in car park 2 the ground is gradually drying out but we will need 3-4 weeks of dry weather before we can get the machines back in and complete this secion of pathway.

19th June All the swims were re-stoned and the path on Car park 1 side finished before the rain came, but unfortunately we have had to postpone works on the path in the field from Carp park 2 as its waterlogged again. Please either use car park 1 and go around the long way, or bring wellies. We will get it finished as soon as it all dries out, but we simply cant get the machines round without getting stuck or making even more mess until its completely dry. Sorry for the inconvenience.

18th June Its been a patchy week, possibly due to the prolonged algae bloom we have had, and hence the aerators have been on for approx 10 days and will remain on until the bloom has gone. Algae blooms are commonplace, and occur most years on most lakes, but inevitably if they affect oxygen levels then the fish will be less likely to feed. We have still managed a few fish this week and with 3 off last night things seems to be getting better, however its always a tricky time of year here on Blakemere, and its a bit of a trade off between being by the lake in its full summer glory, with the longest days of the year approaching, and, understanding the fishing isn't quite as good as it is from September onwards. Anyway, Darrin Bromsgrove managed a 13lb mirrror from the pads on Monday, Carl Williams had a similar sized fish from the Boathouse on Wednesday, I managed a quick overnight on Thursday and had my first fish of the year, a long lean common of around 11-12lb. Last night an angler in the Boathouse had a mid double, Rich Woollam in the Reeds had a mirror of 17.08 at around 1.30am, and Iestyn Smith smashed his old PB of 18lb with a mirror of 27.10 at 4am from the Snags. Iestyn put out 2kg of krill boilies over the far side and fished a krill pop up over the top. I'm waiting for the photo's to confirm if its a named fish or not.  Hopefully we will see a few more tonight, and conditions looking good other than the pressure which has been creeping up over the last 24 hours.

12th June Well we have finished stoning all the swims, and all of the path on car park 1 side. We just have the path on car park 2 side plus the field to finish this week, but rain forecast so its not great news. We have been shut for the last two weeks for work to be undertaken, and just opened up for the weekends. Stephen May came to help out for a couple of days and fished the pads swim at night. He had Speedy at a well spawned out weight of 23.08 and lost two other fish. Steve Shaw landed Big De ' at 22lbs yesterday morning, again well spawned out which is great to see. The fish can lose between 3-7lb after spawning, but always put it back on by the end of the year, plus more in many cases. Open fully now, but we will still be working on Car park 2 side of your booked on, so the other side will be quieter. 

4th June Damian Richards was in the pads last night as we re-opened and lost a fish within the hour to a hook pull. He did however, manage to land a lovely looking mirror around 1.30am, only 15lb but with big apple slice scales randomly scattered over its flanks who cares ! The water has an algal bloom at present (as do an awful lot of waters at the moment) . With Light winds, and high temps, I have the aerator running 24/7 currently, and then will revert to running it at night times only. One of the town parks pools had an oxygen crash on Thursday losing 25 fish, so its a dangerous time of year for fish mortaliies, if your not prepared for it. We will be shut again on Monday morning until Friday 10th at 8pm when we re-open. All of the swims will be finished, as well as a new bunded pathway across the field from car park 2 !

31st May Well after a full week without a run from anyone, we managed to finish off with two fish, one to Simon May in the Channel at 23.00 and one to Kevin George in the pads at 22.00 . We are now closed and the fish are spawning well, and more aggressively and longer than when we closed two weeks ago. I would imagine that they will be all done spawning by tomorrow night, as they were going at it from Sunday night and all through the night last night and today, so I am opening back up again from Friday night 8pm until Monday 8am. We will then close again until the following friday night, or earlier if we get all the work done around the lake. We are stoning all the paths and swims, and building a bund across the field so you can get across easily and without getting your feet wet. 

24th May Well the fished spawned in patches between Sunday and wednesday, but not on mass so I expect we may see some more spawning when the water warms back up again. Chris Olsen came onto the Reeds swim, and managed a low double as well as landing Speedy at 28.02. Ricci Skellam went in behind him for a couple of nights and Ricci ended up with a very small common as well as catching 'Nic' at 28.08, which is the first time she has visited the bank since Sept, and at a good weight for the old girl too. I think from the pictures that she hasn't yet spawned so hopefully she will do in the next few weeks. We are shutting from the Tuesday after the bank holiday monday next week, to do all the paths and swims. We will be starting on the car park 1 side, so when we have finished this side, I may just open up 4 swims for the second week, depending on if they are trying to spawn again or not. Quite a few fish starting to show late evenings before dark, but still fishing quite hard at present.

16th May CLOSED FOR SPAWNING until sat 21st.  We are letting the fish get on with their spawning, and hopefully they will get it all out of the way. Its not been completely full on yet, so hopefully it will be tomorrow,  we keep just getting odd fish here and there spawning. With rain coming they might just stop and start again another time. Befor we closed Andy Murray managed a nice mirror of 21lb from the Reeds swim and Steve Coleman added a nice common of 29.12 to his other fish up in the pads swim. I haven't seen any pictures so not ure what fish it is, but its been a while since any of the big commons made an appearance so well done Steve. Will certainly make the drive back to Grimsby a quicker one !

15th May Daniel Shaw was in the Reeds, and made up for the one he lost on Friday night having 4 fish in total including a 17lb leather, and mirrors of 18, 23 and 24.08. Chris Tonkinson in the Snags added two more with a mirror of 22 and and 18lb common. Steve in the Pads swim had a mid double and Craig Lamb in the Channel had a new pB of 19.06. There were reports of fish crashing in the pads up at the reeds end during the night although there has been no spawning this morning. If they start today, or tonight we will close and refund anglers due on.

14th May 9am. Just been round for my morning walk. Rich Woollam finally managed to get one all the way to the bank after having lost two into the pads. He landed a lovely mirror of 24.13 at 1am this morning. Chris Taylor and Will Tonks came on last night and went into the Moat swim together. Chris had Mirrors of 12, 17 & 20lb and a common of 18lb as well as a tench, and Will had a 15lb common and lost one other fish, so rather a busy night for them both ! They have been fishing krill boilies over a bed of crushed boilie and bloodworm pellet. Chris Tomkinson in The Snags also came on last night and had a common of 17.01 from the far margin. One other fish lost in the Reeds swim. So, finally there's been plenty of action. The fish were showing more actively despite the pressure rising, and hopefully we will see a few of the bigger ones making an appearance in the next few weeks before they spawn. 

13th May  Dan Ryder had an unusually small fish of 11lb from Herons view this morning around 11am. Two fish have been lost in the pads swim today. Kevin George went onto Herons View last Sunday night and put his right hand rod down towards the lilly pads opposite the Pads swim after Joe had put a fair bit of bait out, and had a nice mirror of 25.04. I haven't checked to see if its a new 25 yet so I'll let you know .Water temp is currently 17 degrees. The carp will spawn anytime between 17 and 23 degrees. I have shut the lake for the first two weeks of June to get all the swims and paths done, but if they spawn before then we will close, and any anglers fishing will be asked to leave, and refundd for the time they lose out. Hopefully they might hold out until June !

10th May Joe Charnock came on for 48 hours and went into the pads to land a mirror of 17lb as well as losing one. Its been very quiet otherwise. This sometimes happens a few days prior to them spawning, and given that lakes had fish spawning in Oxford as well as Essex yesterday, they may well have been getting ready. However, with rain this morning, and tomorrow and fresher winds it will be a while again before they look set to go, and its very early still considering how cold it was a week ago. We haven't had the big hit week we had last year when 40 fish came out from all swims at all times within a week, so perhaps it will still happen ? who knows !!

8th May Ian Mayhew fished in the Reeds swim on Friday and had a mirror of 21lbs as well as losing two other fish in the pads. Paul Welsby had 2 fish from the Channel swim of 16lb and 21lb. Stephen Wright started off in the normally productive Boathouse swim, but decided to move into the Reeds once it was vacated, and has had two fish, a mirror of 17.04 and possibly the smallest fish in the lake, but argueably one of the prettiest in a fully scaled mirror of around 8-9lbs. Rich woollam had a tench of around 6lb early this morning, as well as a 2.13 eel the night before from the Pads swim. 

5th May Chris Olsen came on last night, and settled into the Reeds swim for 24 hours and after getting his feet soaking wet on the way across the field from car park 2 (yes its still wet, but drying slowly ) he was paid his due rewards this morning at first light when he landed Shadow scale at 30lb on the nose- a new PB, and the first time this fish has done thirty, so taking us up to 10 thirties which is a nice little milestone. Simon Cope fished the opposite end of the lake in the Pads and lost 2 fish in the night. He was using size 8 hookks, so I suggested using 6's as the fish have fairly soft moths and if your near the pads you need to give them a bit of stick so want a hook that will stay in. Its looking promising for the next few days and weekend. Warm days, and nights and fairly low pressure. We are shut the first 2 weeks of June to stone the swims and do the paths. If any regulars are able to help at any point at all it would be much appreciated. Thank you. 

2nd May Sadly I have very little to report ! We have had plenty of anglers on, but no fish out since the last fish in midweek. On friday night anglers reported a lot of fish boshing in front of the Snags and Moat swims between 1am and 3am. Then Sat night when it was warmer they saw nothing. The weather this week has been particuarly harsh for the time of year, with frosts most mornings, sleet, hail, rain, cold winds so its perhaps not that surprising. The weather forecast is to steadily improve this weekend and temp looking like they might hit 20 degrees by next weekend so that would be very welcome, and hopefully result in a few fish coming out. 

28th April Only 2 anglers on today, braving the arctic conditions. It really has been savage out there, with rain, hail and bitterly cold winds. Warming up ever so slightly for the weekend and next week, but way behind where we all thought it should be. Hopefully we will see a fish or two on the bank this weekend. Good luck to all of you coming on. Car park 2 is open, the path at the bottom of the hill is just about ok and the swims are all fine now, even after todays rain.

27th April  Mark Barton fished in the Boathouse swim for 48 hours, and endured four seasons of weather in one day yesterday ! When I went round at 7am this morning, there were still huge balls of ice from the sleet shower we had at 8pm last night, that hadn't even melted ! Anyway he managed a nice clean mirror of 22lbs from the trees on the far side so was understandably buzzing given the conditions. More cold weather forecast so looks like we will have to wait until May for some warmer days. I have shut the lake for the last week in may, and first week of June as the fish generally spawn then, but mainly its due to getting organised with machines etc to come and do the paths and swims over those two weeks. If the fish dont spawn during that time I will still close again for at least another week, and refund fully any anglers booked on, so fingers crossed they go for it whilst we are working.

25th April Firstly apologies for lack of reports. I have been away over the last 3 weeks to France and latterly in China and only just got back this morning. This weekend jsut passed saw Craig Ridge land a fish called 'my Jennie' at 25.08 from Herons view, along with another fish which I believe was a common. One other fish of 16lb was landed from the Reeds but Rich didn't get his name.  About 10 days ago, Stephen May came on and had 6 fish, over 48 hours and ended up getting through 7kg of bait !! Not all at once I might add, but after each fish, he wound in, walked around and baited up with a kilo more, so good effort Stephen. He had f1sh of 9lb, 2 x 16lb , 19.01, 19.15 and a fish known as 'Ash' at 30.11 so another 'A' list member off the list for him. Its seems more like winter again today, with Northerly winds and temp only just reaching double figures. Night temps this week are going down to 0+1 degrees so its not great for this time of year which is usually a lovely time to be out on the bank. 

7th April  Andy Elwell and his mate Matt Rosling fished for 48 hours in the moat and stream, and despite Andy having the fish early on, didn't feel it was happening, so made three trips around with all their gear and paired up in the Boathouse for their last 24hours. They spread some more bait over the far margin as they came by. Only an hour after being in the new swim, Andy had a fish, followed by another 3. Matt finally had one the next Morning before leaving. Andys 5 fish weighed 21.00, 'Nyeve' at 26.04, a new 25.06, 21.08 and 20.06 and Matt had a 22.00   Ste May is now in the Boathouse and lost a fish last night, but managed another 19.15 this morning just before first light. A fish was also lost from the Snags at 9.30am this morning. The lads catching have been putting bait out reguarly, at least 1-2kgs then when they are getting fish going around and putting out another 1kg again, and just repeating this every time they get a run. More rain again, so paths absolutely saturated at the moment.

I'm really sorry, but I cant do anything about the state of the paths or the field until it dries up. Please be prepared. The swims themselves are genrally ok.

3rd April  I've been working away this week, putting up the otter fence around Biggleswade & Hitchin's swan lake, so that's now safe for the future, hence why there's been no reports. Fish starting to move and show themselves a bit more and a couple of reports from people who have emailed me. Nathan Burrows came on his first trip and went into the Boathouse. He fished across the far side, and got through 5kg of boilies in 48hours, topping up after each fish. he ended up with 5 fish in total, 15lb mirror, 15lb common, 16.08 common, 18lb mirror and the 'H' common at 28.06 so a wicked first trip. Well done Nathan. Andy Elwell came on this morning and had a mirror of 21.00 this morning. Not heard from anyone else, so if you visited and caught, please let me know. Our Otter fence is now almost finished, just the brackets and skirt to be covered this week. When I walked around today when I got back and the gate was wide open in the field. I will be getting signs made, but please use some common sense, I haven't just forked out a huge some of money to fence the whole lake for gates to be left open all night !! Thank you.

28th March We have had some incredible weather this weekend including some of the heaviest rainfall last night I can remember. I don't think I have seen the stream come up sohigh, so quickly. All the dry weather of the last two weeks which had started to dry out the paths has been undone in the last 24 hours. I suggest you either travel light if wanting to fish on the far bank swims, or do two trips, or take the long way round. The farmer has finally given me permission to build a 'walkway' but it will have to wait until June before itsdry enough to do so.Fishing wise Dave Nuttall added another mirror of 19lb around 9pm last night, and his mate Tom in the Channel lost a fish during the night. George Dobbs-Jones came on last night into the Moat and fished singles tight to the island. He had a hard fighting fish on after a couple of hours but lost it after it kited far right under the tree. He then lost another during the night to a hookpull, then finally landed a low double this morning. Its been a much more pleasant end to the day at least. Good luck tonight for those on.

26th March Harry Deakin has been in the Stumps and had a common of 13.13 last night around 1.30am, before losing a bigger fish this morning around 7.30am. Steve Shaw is in the Moat and has just had a fish of 16.15 at 9.45am. The Otter Fence is now up all the way around, which is actually 100m short of a mile !!  Please make sure you close the gates behon you at all times. The ground skirt will be covered next week (digger on site mon or tues 4th or 5th) and brackets put on to secure it all. Hopefully a few more days of bright sunshine like yesterday and warm overnight temps will keep the fish moving around.

23rd March  Stephen May was on for 48 hours since his last visit two weeks ago, since when we haven't had a fish out ! The lake was fairly quiet so he opted for herons view, a swim he is getting to know quite well. Steve baited reguarly during his session, at least twice if not three times per day,and used 3.5 kgs of CC Moores pacific Tuna boilies. He fished matching pop up hookbaits over the top on hinged stiff rigs and had a low double common last night around 9.30pm and a mirror of 19.15 at first light this morning, so he was well chiffed with 2 fish given how hard its been fishing of late.  Nobody on today, but a full lake tomorrow night, so hopefully on or two more fish will grace the banks over Easter.

22nd March First morning for quite a while where we didn't have a frost. I saw my first carp crash of the year, on the far margin opposite the boathouse, and at least four other fish have been seen today. Stephen may has just had a small common from Herons View, so hopefully things are looking up. Rain forecast for Thursday then most of the weekend, but its warm and pressure is low so conditions better than late at least. I looked back to last years catch reports for the sam dates, and they are very similar, even water temp and fish captures being slow. Start to pick up and kick off in the next few weeks so depends on the temps but things are looking up. Otter fence almost done, got around 250m of fence left to do, then add the gates and clad them plus bracket all the way around and cover the ground skirt. 

20th March Water temp is now up to 6.4 degrees, the reeds are starting to push through, and the willows up in the pads swim have started to bud, so spring is now officially here. The carp however have different ideas, and we haven't had a fish on the bank for nearly two weeks, although we did have a fish lost in the pads swim on Friday night. Hopefully this week will see a change, it doesn't look like we will be having any frosts, and the pressure is dropping nicely by the end of the week. The swims have all dried up, however the paths are still muddy, and the field at the bottom of the hill from car park 2 is still very wet. The otter fence is about 1/3rd the way around and should be nearly finished by the end of the week. I still haven't seen a fish myself this year, so hopefully they will start mooching about in the next few weeks and I will see one or two starting to roll.

13th March I wasn't here yesterday, but haven't had any news to say anyone caught, so it looks like our second blank weekend on the trot ! Water temp up 1 degree to 5.4 degrees so finally the sun is making a difference. Next few weeks will see the trees start to bud and reeds just poking through, so rapid changes ahead, and hopefully I will start seeing some fish move, as I still haven't seen one yet this year.

9th March Just two anglers on over last 24 hours, with temps down to minus 3, wind and rain I can't say I'm surprised. The ground paths, and swims are saturated once more, however the forecast is for a week or more without rain, and some sunshine and warmer days so hopefully we can start drying out. However if your due on in the next fe days bring some suitable footwear,which i know I keep repeating but you will end up with wet feet if you don't !!  I've checked rigs of those on, and they have been good, and not minded me doing so, which has made it easier for me. Anyway, after a fishless weekend, Stephen may had a stunning little mirror of 17.15 from the Boathouse swim this morning. It turned out to be the same  fish that was his first ever capture from the mere 18 months ago but was only 14lb back then so its doing well and looking stunning in its winter colours. Hopefully over the next few weeks as the weather improves and we see double figure daytime temps, and above freezing at night, more fish should grace the bank.

6th March We have had some very good anglers on this weekend, but sadly havent had a single fish grace the banks, possibly due to a sudden drop in temp on Friday when we had hail, snow and rain all on one day, along with cold northerly winds all weekend. The water temp is still only 4.3 degrees so we need some sunshine and warm temps to get it rising. We have few more frosty nights ahead, but hopefully some warmer weather heading in from the middle of next week.

3rd March Fairly quiet on the banks this week, and no fish out last weekend at all which is unusual. Joe Ogden came down on Sunday night and fished in the Channel swim and had a 19.13 mirror at 8.45am on Tues and followed it with another mid double mirror at 9am the following morning. His mate George-Jones Dobbs was in the Boathouse and he managed a 15.10 mirror too. 

28th Feb I have been away all week so reports are low. Staurt Chard had a lovely fish from the Boathouse swim last Sunday and Monday with a very nicely scaled beast at 16lb.  However, since then, with the drop in temps I am not aware that any fish have been out, even though we have been full this weekend. I took the water temp this evening and its 4.3 degrees, so still pretty cold. The air temps seem to be getting better next week, so lets hope that as they rise so do the number of fish getting caught.  We have had a digger in this weekend, clearing the path for our Otter fence which will go up before the end of March. the post knocking machine will be on site from Monday 7th march so there will be a little bit of noise for 3 or 4 days whilst he's here.  The swims and paths are starting to dry up at long last, but we still need a few more weeks of dry and sunny weather before they finally dry out fully enough for us to get machines down to scrape them clear and lay some stone.

21st Feb Pretty horrible all day yesterday with it raining almost non stop. Adam Harris had a second fish, a 22.01 Common from the moat, and Mike Farrall finished off with a 15lb mirror this morning at first light, to end a great Feb seesion with 5 fish and one lost. 

19th Feb Mike Farrall has added a fourth fish to his tally so far with a mirror of exactly 20lbs at 10.30am this morning. Adam Harris had a nice common of 18lb from the Moat swim at 7am this morning and had to play it through and under the ice which had covered this end of the lake overnight. Its all melted now and temps set to rise tonight and tomorrow with wind and rain on the way. It is still very muddy and we are busy and its raining, so please don't come in trainers then complain, I can't do anything until the ground dries up, at which point we will be re-doing the paths and swims with stone. 

18th Feb Mike Farrall has started his session well today with 3 fish under his belt already ! Kicking off with a low double common at 2pm, Mike then went on to catch a fish called 'Ash' at 30.08 and another New 30 for the lake which was last caught in June 2014 at 25.07. After unhooking this fish, he re-cast, and before we had even done the photos the same rod was away again, this time with a fish named 'Speedy' at 27.12 Mike fished in the Boathouse swim and had fed Salopian Baits crushed boilies, corn and hemp to the far side with a pop up. Top Angling Mike, and fingers crossed for a couple more before you leave.

15th Feb I have been away as you know, and from What I have been told, Steve Bathers common of 20.14 out of the Boathouse was the only fish out at the weekend.  There was also one fish lost in the Moat and there has been a small low double mirror out this afternoon. Ground was still frozen with ice on it at 4pm after a couple of very cold nights. Lots of rain due all day Wednesday, but warmer air and low pressure coming it for the weekend.

8th Feb I have been working way since last week, and as far as i know we havent had any fish out. if you have been on and caught please do let me know as i have not been getting round. Most anglers have been confined to thier bivvies by all accounts, and the weather has been horrendous over the last few days, so just when we were starting to dry out properly, six hours of constant rain on sat, plus more on Sunday have meant that its all muddy again !! 

5th Feb Steve Hall from Crewwe fished the Moat for 48 hours and had a nice dark coloured mirror of 19lb off the back of the island in line with the telegraph pole around where its very hard on the bottom. 

3rd Feb Stephen May has had the lake to himself for the last 48 hours, and manged two fish from Herons view, including one today on his Birthday, so Happy Birthday Stephen. Nothing to shout about weight wise, 10lb and 17lb but check out the small fully scaled on the gallery, who cares what they weight looking like that. Would be nice to see it go past 20 one day. 

31st Jan  Staurt Wareham was the only angler on last night braving the winds, and was rewarded with a mirror of 16lb at 1.15am so good result for a quick overnight session. Very windy over last 24 hours, Temperatures look set do drop slightly by the end of the week, but pressure is going to be very low next weekend with lots of rain coming in from Fri throught till Sunday.

30th Jan Jono Tolley wins himself 24 hours free fishing for catching the first thirty of 2016, when he landed Scar at 32.11 from the Stumps swim at 1 o'clock this afternoon. Jono fished down to the treeline and used a cell wafter hookbait. Well done Jonno, top angling.

30th Jan James Wilson had a 17lb mirror from the Moat swim around 10pm last night but everywhere else was quiet on the fish front. Very windy night with rain, dry and cold today but pressure still consistent and warming up tomorrow.

29th Jan Stephen Wright has come on for the weekend, and had a mirror of 14.10 from 90 yards out from the Boathouse, after which he put in around 200boilies. He has just had another mirror of 22.12 at 7.15pm so looks set to have a good weekend. Stephen is fishing DNA Nutcracker boilies as bottom baits tipped with some pink plastic corn on KD rigs. 

27th Jan Jack Cuthbertson came on for his first 24 session, and went into the Boathouse swim. At around 12pm he had a common of 16lb at 16 wraps on his right hand rod, then 15 minutes later had a mirror named 'Jabba' at 24.14 from his left hand rod fished at 22 wraps, so a pretty good 1st visit especially in winter. Well done Jack. The swims are all still muddy and paths especially due to rain and how busy we have been this winter, and I do apologise for this. We will sort all the swims and paths out when it dries out properly in the spring. Therefore its still sensible to come in wellies or boots and not advisable to come in trainers. 

26th Jan Staurt wareham fished herons view last night and had 3 runs, but unfortunately lost two due to hook pulls and landed a mid double. Runs came at midnight, 1am and 6am. 

24th Jan Not a bad weekend considering the lake was frozen a few days ago. Steve Shaw ended up with a brace of fish, landing a 24.14 mirror on Sat morning at 1am, and following it up with a 24lb common this morning around 10am from the Boathouse. Stuart Chard came on at 11am yesterday and had a mirror of 24lb from the far side opposite Herons View at 4pm. Adam Hulse came on this morning for 24 hours and made the long walk round to the stumps and caught a common of 15lb a rod length off the trees down to the left of the swim. No fish showing, which is usual for the time of year, however a fair amount of bloodworm bing retrieved on anglers leads and hooks.

23rd Jan Steve Shaw is fishing in the Boathouse and had a fish called 'Nyeve' last night at 1am at 24.14. Stuart Chard came on this morning and went into Herons View and had a mirror of 24lb at 4pm this afternoon on a white pop up. Water levels right back down but paths still very muddy and wellies or boots are strongly reccomended.

18th Jan Only two anglers on all weekend as the lake froze over on Friday night. It thawed out on sat night and has now started to drop back down. The Moat is above water but very soggy. There is still water covering the reeds and snags platforms but only just. No anglers booked on until next Sat at present, and no fish caught by the two who were on. Temps set to get up towards high single figures, possibly even 10 degrees for this coming weekend. All paths still very boggy. We will be re-doing all the paths later in the year when it dries out, as well as stoning all the swims, but it will be well into the spring before this happens as we simply cannot get any machines down with the ground being so wet, so please bear with us. 

15th Jan One angler on last night in the stream who unfortunately lost a fish which is a shame. Water levels have dropped about 2" overnight. All swims on car park 1 are fishable. Stream and Stumps are also ok, but Moat is still flooded. The snags and reeds bivvy areas are ok, but their platforms are under about an inch of water. Hopefulyl it will keep dropping over the next 24 hours. 

14th Jan No fsh to report sadly. The water level has been rising steadily for the last week. Last night it came over the Pads platform, and the Boathouse. It's also over the Moat, Reeds and stumps. I have been a mile downstream today, and cleared out some of the large 3 foot pipes that were almost totally blocked with weeds and the water level dropped a foot in the stream at that point within miniutes. Hopefully it will start subsiding now overnight and we will be back down to a normal level within a day or two. Obviously the paths and pegs are wet and muddy. Anyone who comes who feels its too bad for them to stay can let me know and I'll refund them in full.

On a seperate note, when I walked around this morning, an anlger was on his way up to the toilet. He was gone 5 minutes and his rods were still out in the water. I know its winter and chances of bites are less, but if you are going to your car, or to the toilet, either give your receiver to someone next door, or wind in. I then walked along and the angler in the 3rd peg was also ''missing''. He didn't appear until I was right round the other side. If you are caught away from your rods (1 swim either side is acceptable if you have a receiver, except for snags and moat where you must stay put) then you will be banned, regardless of how 'experienced' you are, or how regular you are. My fishes welfare comes before everything else.

9th Jan Wet, windy and very low pressure, so perfect conditions for the fish, bit muddy and damp for the anglers ! Hoping to see a couple of fish on the bank over the next 24 hours. You can now see Stephen Mays  new video 'Reflections' which was released this morning, showing some of his highlights of 2015 at Blakemere. Click Here to watch it, certainly one of his best video's to date.

8th Jan Simon Cope popped down for the day yesterday and had a low double common from the Channel using Hybrid boiles. 

2016  7th Jan  Happy New year everyone, I would have liked to have posted something before now, but the first three fish hooked this year all escaped capture !! Anyway Steve Hall from Crewe fished the Channel last night, and as I walked around at 8am this morning Steve had a run which ended up in him catching 'T-Bone' at 29.12 Steve was fishing directly out towards the middle of the lake, so well done Steve, a cracking way to start 2016. In case any of you have failed to see the news or weather, we have had rather a lot of rain, and hence the paths, and swims are very wet and muddy so pleased be prepared. As much as I keep saying it people still turn up in mid winter in trainers and get soaking wet feet, so you have been warned ! again. The stream that we diverted is doing its job but its only 6" from the top and its shut the return flaps on the outlet so we need a couple of days rain free for it to all go down. Therefore, the water may drop or rise, depending on how much rain we get over the next 48 hours.  

30th Dec Mike Farrell had a very scaley mirror of 18lb from the Stumps yesterday, along with a tench of around 3 1/2 lbs. Stuart wareham had a 21lb mirror from Herons view this morning just as it was getting light. Both fishing boilie hookbaits,Mike's topped with live maggots, with maggots and crushed boilies as loosefeed. 

28th Dec Mike Howard has been on for 2 nights in The Channel and broke his PB this morning just on first light with a fish known as The Frog at its highest weight and 1st time over the 30lb barrier at 30.03, so that takes the tally of thirties up to 8 fish in total. Mike was fishing approx 60 yards straight out fishng with hybrid boilies tipped with corn and a small stick. Well done Mike.

28th Dec I hope you all had a great Christmas and santa brought you lots of goodies to take to the bank with you in 2016. Despite the continuation of mild weather and anglers on the bank all over xmas, things slowed down compared to the previous week. A lad called Jack had a stunning mirror of 19lb out of the Moat yesterday morning, and other than that its been quiet. I look forward to seeing you all on the bank in  2016 and hopefully o load more new 30's which have avoided capture so far this year.

23rd Dec Lee Burns was on the Stumps for 48 hours and had a nice 24.06 linear and also lost another fish. We have a few anglers on over xmas so fingers crossed we see a fish on Christmas day !

20th Dec Still fishing well to those who venture out. Stuart Chard had 24 hrs in Herons view and had 3 fish of 11, 14 and a common of 24.06 as well as losing one, so well done Stu on a great short session. Interestingly he put 2kgsof bait out at the start ! Dave Nuttall had a 15lb mirror out of the Pads this morning. Andrew Mann was on with his dad Steven for their first 24 hour visit. Andrew fished in the Snags and caught a new PB and his first thirty when he had The pretty One at 30.02 this morning. His dad had a leather of 17lb from the Reeds at 11pm last night. Kevin George Followed Andrew into the Snags this morning and had a fish of 16lb before he had even got hs third rod out. One fish lost from the channel swim too due to a hook pull. So as you can see fish are still coming from all over the lake.

16th Dec  A very special moment occured this Tuesday evening. Regular Stuart Wareham was down for 24 hours on Monday, to make most of the incredible mild spell of late. He went into the Boathouse swim, and had a nice 21lb mirror early Tues morning. He decided to stop on for another night, and walked round to scatter some maggots ,corn and boilies off the far bank with his catapult from the far side, spraying maggots into the air to let the southerly wind spread them out. I managed to get down to see him with a brew around 7.30pm and only having been there 10 mins, his right hand rod was away. I could see instantly from the bend in his rod, it looked a heavy fish, even at range. After a few nervous moments when it took out his middle rod, I managed to slip the net under the fish, and looking down thought thats got to be close to thirty. Anyone who knows Stuart will know that he has caught dozens and dozens of fish to over sixty pounds in France, but has never had a UK thirty. After zeroing the scales we hoisted it up, and the needle swung round to 32.12 . Stuart was absolutely blown away ! We had a big hug and took some photos before getting the fish known as Scar, back on its way. For me, running the fishery is about moments like that, and I'm so pleased he caught it from Blakemere, and that I was there too, espcially after all his efforts over the last few seasons. He then followed it up with a brace of 17's to end on 4 fish for his session. Merry Christmas Stuart, and well done on your new PB.

12th Dec Jason Glover had two fish over the weekend of 18lb and 22lb from the Boathouse swim.

10th Dec Network Rail have a compound in car park 1 on the RHS as you drive in, Please use the left hand side when you drive in. It has been re-stoned. Car park 2 is very wet but hopefully will be stoned tomorrow (friday) or very ealry part of next week. The path down at the bottom of the field is very wet due to all the rain so please bring suitable footwear, you will get wet feet if you come in trainers.

Andy Remelie had a fish of 17lb from the Channel swim last night. He was the only angler on. 

7th Dec What a weekend, with gale force winds, low pressure, rain and mild temps, it was certainly good for the fishing,and hats off to all those that braved the winds on Friday and sat night. Shaun Marchington went into the Moat for 48 hours and had 9 runs, landing 7 fish up to 24.06 and was very happy to say the least when he left on Sunday morning. Dave Nuttall went into the Channell and fished maggots about 40-50 yards out and at 11.30pm on Sat night landed a lake Record mirror of 33lbs. Amazingly this fish is an un-named fish, having never previously been caught at over 25lb so it just goes to show that the fish do go long periods without being caught. So congratulations Dave, on a new PB too. His mate Bradley Joinson was fishing in the Boathouse and landed a fish almost at exactly the same time, this too being a new PB of 26.00 and another NEW 25+ fish for the lake. This takes us to having 27 fish over 25lb in weight, and 6 x 30's, and hopefully still chance to see another few whackers on the bank before the new year.

5th Dec No anglers on this week until yesterday. Shaun Marchington went into the Moat on arrival yesterday morning with friend Connah Reynolds. When I walked around at 3.30pm yesterday, Shaun had already had 3 fish up to 24.00 and lost one. He added another 20lb mirror last night at 4am. I have six anglers on today, and apart from the gale force winds, its exceptionally mild with low pressure pushing in tonight, so conditions looks really good and I hope see some more fish on the bank before tomorrow night. Network rail are working on the tracks and have compound inside carp park one so please turn left as you come into the gates and park on the newly laid stone area. I will be getting car park 2 stoned in the next two weeks as well now I have managed to get consent from the farmer who owns the field.

29th Nov It certainly wasn't a weekend for the faint hearted, or those with short pegs ! Gale force winds, driving rain and a cold night on Friday all part of the weather, however it didn't stop the fish from feeding. Steve Hall came on for three nights and went into the Moat. He called me around 8pm on Friday night to say he had the Big lin in the net. When I got round to do the photo's it was blowing a proper hoolie,  with rain driving horizontally down the lake. None of which would remotely shrink the size of Steves grin, and, after a big hug, and a few photos I left him to go back to sleep with one hand holding his bivvy down. Last night around 10.30pm Steve landed the Pretty One, at 28.04 (which equalled his old PB before the big lin) and was a very welcome site after not gracing the bank for at least 2 years. Having seen how excited Steve was on friday night I'm not sure he got much slepp after that, but well done on a brilliant session, certainly one to remmeber. Craig Ridge wont forget the weekend in a rush either, not with the same happy ending, but a pair of very wet socks from his first take, and nearly burning down his bivvy whilst he ran out to a fish with his cooker on his second take an hour later, only to end up with two hookpulls. Gutted for you Craig. James Waters had his first trip down with his friend Tom, and went into the Moat to get some shelter, and had a lovely fully scaled mirror of 14lbs mid afternoon.

24th Nov Joe Charnock did 48 hours in the Reeds and managed a mirror of 19lb on sat around 11pm.  Now we have had a couple of cold nights will be interesting to see if it picks up at all once we get some anglers back on the bank for the weekend.

19th Nov I managed to get out Sunday and Wed nights (both pretty windy) and had a lovely common of 18-19lbs around 8pm on Sunday evening gfishing a single B5 bottom bait tipped with corn. Only one other angler on this week for the day who blanked as far as I know. Few on over the weekend, but still a lack of fish showing anywhere. 

11th Nov I am very pleased to announce that Mr Shaw has ended his long barren run with two fish so far of 17.12 and 22.14 from the Moat swim so is once more a very happy chappy. Well done Steve.

09th Nov At last a change in weather, and with it some fish to report. George Jones -Dobbs had Nyeve at 25.07 from the pads at 3.30pm after losing a fish at midday. Joe ogden had a lovely scaley mirror of 13lb. George then followed his 25 up with a late fish of 22.12 before packing up at 7.30pm.  Stephen May fished in the Channel and caught the Big Lin, slightly down in weight at 30.12 a new pb and looking as stunning as ever. Mark Reilly came on in the dark last night and had a 16lb mirror from the Boathouse at middnight, around 70 yards out. Steve Shaw aslo lost a fish from the Moat around the same time. Bill O'connor had a fish from the Moat on Sat and also lost one Sunday morning, so things looking much different now compared to the catches over the last two months. Hopefully they will finally get their heads down in preperation for winter. Still loads of the big ones to make an appearance so its exciting times over the next 6 weeks.

3rd Nov Andy Remelie had a lovely mirrorr of 23.13 from the Moat swim last night around 11.30pm, despite it being very damp and foggy and conditions looking far from favourable. He is the only angler on until tomorrow. 

2nd Nov  Firstly apologies to Andy Remelie who pointed out I had not mention his 3 fish catch from 2 weeks ago whilst I was away. Andy fished in the Moat and had fish of 18.15, 19.15 and 22.09.   This weekend gone, was one of the dampest and foggiest I can remember, and not really very carpy at all. Hardly any fish showing at all, just the odd one in the pads at either end. Stuart Chard had a mirror of 20lb from the Boathouse early Sat morning, the only other fish coming to Steve Hall (w'ton) at 2am from the Moat and weighing in at 19lb. Water temp is 10.1 degrees today and still very clear.

29th Oct I've been away over the last week in china then in London, so the report is based on anglers I have seen tonight, or those who have emailed me, but things are obviously picking up. Steve Hall from crewe came on for a 12 hour nights session in the Boathouse last week and had 2 runs for 1 fish of 15lb. Craig Ridge fished the Moat at the weekend and had a 19lb mirror in the morning. Joe Ogden fished Heron view and had a 17.07common at 8pm. His friend Tom fished the pads and had 3 fish of 15, 17 and 18 coming at 3.30pm, 5pm and 10pm so fish starting to come out in the daylight hours now. Tom also played another big fish for 15 mins before it picked up one of his other lines and he lost it. Kevin George was in the Moat and had a mid double mirror at 5am fishing only 25-30 yards out. Water is very very clear at the moment. High pressure coming back in for the weekend which is a shame, but hopefully over the next month we shall see some more seasonal weather with low pressure and cold snaps, along with some wind and rain and hopefully accompanied by some of the bigger residence who have been in hiding over the last month !

20th Oct Well as we approach November, it seems more like September. The continued high pressure and still days and nights, have made fishing very hard, not just here but on many waters across the UK, and, in a month when we would expect to see the fish feeding hard, they have done the opposite. We do have some rain forecast for the end of the week and early next week, and its coupled with some slightly stronger south westerlies and drop in pressure, so that might just be enough to get them feeding. I think a good couple of days rain and a cold snap is whats needed, but we shall wait and see how the next week goes.

16th Oct As the high pressure continues then so do the results, or lack of them ! Ian Woodvine fished in the Boathouse for 36 hours and had an 18.08 mirror yesterday morning at 7am, then lost a fish this morning at 9.30am. I have just come back from having a brew with Steve Hall in the stumps (10.30pm) and loads of fish rolling in the middle part of the lake. Interestingly they seem to be out in front of the Boathouse but only 40-50 yards out, and presumably feding on naturals as Ian was fishing over to the far side, and I'm not aware of much bait going in at that short distance over the last week. pretty frustrating but still at least the odd fish coming out, and seeing them in the dark is encouraging. Fingers crossed for a few out tonight and over the weekend. Pressure due to drop slightly next Wed but I really think we need a complete change. Either some hard frosts, a couple of days of rain, some low pressure or big winds before we see any dramatic change in captures. All part of the jigsaw !!

13th Oct Ste May has been down for two days in the Moat. I joined him for a brew from 8.30-10pm on Sunday night and the amount of fish we heared was crazy. Not just rolling gently, but rolling hard and a few huge boshes coming off the island opposite, and up by the reeds and snags. Surely the fish were finally getting their heads down for winter. Not wishing to let this opportunity pass I joined him for  quick overnighter, and even though it was much warmer last night, the action just wasn't there, with only a few fish rolling quietly, and both of us having an uniterrupted nights sleep. Dam this carp fishings annoying !! Frank Warwick is on and off over the next week with 4 tutorials, so hopefully he'll be able to show us how to do it, and I'm sure as he gets a feel of the water and swims over time he'll help his customers catch a few too. Still think we will be seeing some big fish over the next few weeks. Water temp is down to 11.5 so down 2 degrees from last week, and I think once it drops a couple more, the fish will have no doubt its time to fuel up for winter.

10th Oct John Buckley had a 22.03 mirror from the Snags last night around 3am. Lovely misty sunrise this morning at 7.15am for anyone that was up !

9th Oct Joe Ogden had a nice mirror of 18.11 last night around 9.30pm from Herons view. The take was only a few bleeps, so think the fishare either getting riggy or not feeding flat out yet. Still,  that's 3 fish out in last 24 hours so not too bad.

8th Oct back to high pressure with little wind and clear skies for the next few days. Stuart wareham had a fish of 15lb last night at 10pm from the Stumps, and Andy Remelie upped his PB to 27.03 with Shadow Scale at 7am this morning from the Moat swim. Well deserved Andy.

7th Oct Given the conditions over the last 3 days, I would have liked to have been on here daily, but alas it has not been the case. Depsite the seemingly ideal weather, as opposed to last week, I was expecting to see fish all over. However its been very quiet. I managed to sneak a small mirror out of 17lb on Monday night, but thats it as far as fish captures go. There were however reports of loads of fish rolling and boshing last night from midnight onwards, and I have actually seen 3 fish today in daylight which is a first for a week or so. On the bright side there are 14 less coots than this time last week. 5 anglers on tonight and I'll be gobsmacked if we don't see some fish, and biggers ones too, in the next week or so.

1st Oct Kevin George went into the pads for 24 hours and had a 20.02 mirror around 4pm on Tuesday, so another fish out in daylight hours. As we get closer to winter we will probably see more fish coming out through the day. Simon Cope went in behind Kevin and had a low double. Water still like glass at night and pressure remains high until the weekend at least.

28th Sept I said there would be a few surprises, and we had two this weekend. Ste may added a second fish on Friday night at 3am. he had a couple of bleeps and as he was fishing locked up across the far side from th boathouse came out and struck. He thought he heard a coot, and started winding thinking he had a coot on the end. he wound all the way in, then in the thick mist a fish rolled in the pads to his right, then swam stright into his net. At 17lb its certainly not big, but beautiful it most definitely was and a surprise to see such a lovely fish for the fisrt time. Ste is sure it has never been caught before, and hence it had no idea what was happening which would explain why it came in so easily. Its not a fish that I recognise, so please let me know if any of you have caught it before and at what weight and when. If it reaches 25+ or even 30 in a few years it will definitely be one of Blakemere's most wanted !!  Neil Corner came on for his first visit, and surprised us again by catching a mirror of 20lb from the pads at 4pm in the afternoon in bright sunshine. This is the first fish to come out in the middle of the day for over a month. High pressure all week so not looking great, but its dropping slightly for next weekend.

25th Sept Andy Remelie finished off his session with a fish of 21.04 at 3am, fishing at 18 wraps out from the moat, which is at the bottom of the drop off. I nipped out for a very quick overnighter in the channel and had my 2nd fish of the year at 18lb !  Just as I had landed it, I had 3 beeps on my right hand rod, then heard a fish roll out towards that rod. Just as I slipped my fish back, Ste May who was in the Boathouse came down to say he had just had one, and it had gone over my line at one point. Seems we both had them on at the very same time. Ste's fish weighed 21.10 and we both went back to bed around 11.30pm with fish rolling all over the middle parts of the lake, which was flat calm, and well lit from the moon. Sadly we both got some good sleep after that , but the fish are steadily getting their heads down now, judging by th amount of activity last night, and the recent catch rates. There's going to be a few surprises this winter I'm sure.

24th Sept Andy Remelie had a mirror of 17lb at 10.30pm, and Steve Hall came on for a quick overnighter, arriving in the dark and fishing the Stumps. His efforts were rewarded with 3 fish between midnight and 5am weighing 14, 16 & 17.04 so well done Steve. Lots of fish rolling quietly in the dark last night. Hopefully a few bigger fish will start to appear in the next few weeks, and perhaps we might see a few more come out in daylight hours too, as the majority of fish still all being caught at night presently.

23rd Sept Andy Remelie is in the Moat for a few days. He had two runs last night, one resulting in a mid double common, and the other a much larger common which tangled over one of his other lines, and stopped him netting it, despite several efforts the hook finally pulled out ! gutted. John Taylor came on for the day and went into the pads. After being pestered by the coots all afternoon he moved his rods away from the pads on the right and went straight across and slightly short to land a common of 19lb shortly before leaving. Weather looks perfect tonight for a few bites, slight westerly breeze, overcast, warm, drizzle and low pressure ! lets see what happens .

21st Sept Had an amazing weekend with lake booked off for my birthday and 8 good friends and anglers all coming down for a BBQ. Loads of laughs and fantastic bbq weather, but sadly despite over 150 years of angling experience we could only manage 1 small low double to Mike Farrell fishing in Herons view and one fish lost in the stumps. Loads of rain in today and forecast for tomorrrow along with lower pressure so will be interesting to see how the few mdweek anglers fair this week. Water temp down to just over 13 degrees and fish should strart feeding in earnest over next couple of months.

15th Sept Ryan Cope came on yesterday morning for a 24 hour session and went into the Channel Swim. At 1.30am he landed the Big Linear at 30.04 then at 7.15am, shortly before packing up, went onto land his second of a BRACE of 30'swith Bertha at 31.08. This was Ryans first ever trip to Blakemere so well done Ryan. Bertha was last out in Dec 2013 at 25.00 so has put on 6 1/2 lbs in the 21 months since it was last caught, and is a new 30 for the mere. There are a few other fish that havent been out for a year or two, and they were 28-29lb when last caught so we must surely see the lake record dissapear this winter. Ryan fished over 1kg of cc moore's oddyssey boilies and fished bright pop ups over the top at 50-60 yards range.

14th Sept  Stephen Bathers is on for a couple of nights in the Boathouse and had a personal best mirror of 27.11 last night at 3am, as well as losing one fish yesterday moring.

13th Sept After a barren week we finaly have had some action with a 20lb mirror from the Boathouse and a mid double from the Pads swim. There wwas also a fish lost last night in the Moat. Again all fish coming at night at the moment.

10th Sept I've been away most of this week so far at tradeshows and as far as I know we haven't had any fish out since the weekend. Got back late last night and could hear a few boshing in the dark, and with the nights drawing in quickly and water temp slowly falling should start seeing some better reports twoards the end of Sept and into October. Next 3 weekends already pretty full so hopefully we will start seeing some fish on the bank, and one or two of the A team that haven't made an appearance so far this year. Interestingly enough, Nic was caught a few weeks ago for the first time. Last year she didn't make an appearance until Sept, then came out 3 times in 6 weeks, so it seems like the same has happened this year with her avoiding capture uo until now, along with some of the others. The pretty one, crinkle tail and lilly are to name a few, all of which should be well over 30 on their next visit. Fingers crossed. I still seem to bee getting new anglers coming on, thinking they are going to 'rinse' the place, and leaving dispondant, or saying there are no fish in here !! The fish are most definitely in there, but getting wiser each year, and its not the sort of water to come to if your starting up in carping, or if you have an irrepresable urge to catch fish on every trip, you wont !. I can't be more honest than that. There are nearly always some regualrs on the lake, so if your new, have a chat to others, they are all friendly and will help you and tell you how it is, and tell you that all of them blank on here, as well as having good sessions where they catch. 

6th Sept Its been a pretty hard weekend so far. Only two small mid doubles out all weekend, one of those to Mark Jordan who was having a tutorial with Frank Warwick in the Moat , and the other to harry Deakin in the Boathouse.  2 other fish lost.  Not too many fish showing, at least in the daylight, and almost all fish over the last few weeks have come during the hours of darkness, including these two at 1 and 3am. Hopefully now we have had some rain, and the lake is nearly back up to normalheight, the fishing will continue to improve as Autumn closes in and water temps start sloing down.

1st Sept A 16lb common out of the Boathouse on Sat night. Two fish lost to anangler in the pads swim. I will mention now, again that if you're fishing tight to the pads, you need to make sure you dump your lead, and you are completely locked up- thats NO line at all coming off your clutch, and NO baitrunners as the fish will get you in the pads and come off. You need to be out of your bivvy for every single bleep. There is absolutely no point in fishing for them otherwise if you're not going to have a hope in hell of landing them. If you can't afford to lose your leads, or just don't think you would like to fish like this, then just come 2 rod lengths away from the pads, its fairly simple. The fish have wised up now, and if you do get them away from the far side pads, watch out for them getting in the pads on your nearside too, once you get them close in. Two lads , Mark and Steve were in the Channel on Sunday night, but blanked so moved at 8pm last night once the Boathouse became free. Steve had a mirror of 29.09 (not identified yet until I get the photo) plus one of 17.04, and Mark had a 16lb common, and mid double mirror, so well worth the efort lads, well done.

29th Aug Steve Hall from Crewe had a great 24 hours in the Moat swim with his son Harry, catching 2 pb's in a row, firstly with Shadow Scale at 27lb then in the morning with 'Nic' one of the original commons at 28.04 so well done steve. Steve Hall from Wolverhampton fished in the Boathouse and had three fish of 16,18 & 22 during his 24 hours. Stuart Chard had a 16lb fish from the tight to the back of the island last night. Simon Cope had a common of 17lb from the pads on Thursday night doing a quick 12 hour overnighter.

27th Aug Andy Remelie was on for a few days midweek, and fished in the Moat. Andy baited up with B5 and a spod mix, and on Tuesday night had 4 runs, with 3 fish landed up to 22lb. Steve hall (from Crewe) has just had a fish of 27lb from the moat and a new Pb so well done steve. Loads of fish showing all over for the last 3 nights.

25th Aug I have been away in Italy on holiday for the last week, but Rich my baliff was looking after the place whilst I was away. In total we have had 11 fish out since last report, including a 30lb+ common from the Channel, which I am awaiting photos of. There was also a 25, and most other fish upper doubles and low twenties. There were loads of fish rolling last night, very quietly between 9pm and 10.30 and if you were on the north bank (car park 1 side) you could see them in the moonlight. One fish lost in herons view last night, and one from the stumps this morning, both fish gaining sanctuary of the pads !! Alan Mcgervin caught shadow scale at 26.08 well spawned out so it looks like the big girls have had a good spawning season and will soon start packing back the weight in sept to Nov before the winter sets in.

15th Aug After whats been a tough couple of weeks everywhere, things picked up this last few days. Guy Ward and Damien McGloughlin booked the lake exclusively from Thurs to this morning. Just the two of them fished in the Pads and herons view, and when they arrived the wind changed and blew Easterly up towards them, for the first time in what seems ages, after almost constant westerleys. By Thursday evening they had landed a fish known as 'Tubs' at 25.08, then on thrusday night they had 8 runs between the 2 of them landing a further 5 fish most upper doubles, so an amazing 12 hours spell for them. The rain came in on Friday and despite still looking great for a bite, the wind swung back round to a westerly and they managed to catch up on all the sleep they missed out on the previous night, without so much as a bleep ! Thats carp fishing for you ! Full changeover this morning so hopefully we will see some more fish on the bank. Fishing should start to steadily improve now as the temps fall and we move toward Autumn. Tight lines.

11th Aug Well its been another difficult week, but we have seen a few fish at last. Ronnie Hewett had a small fish of 12lb in the pads, as well as another angler having one of 12lb from the moat last Thursday morning. It was a pretty quiet weekend though overall. Kevin George had a 14lb mirror from the Reeds, and Liam Brown on his first visit last night had a mirror of just under 20lb from the Pads. A lad called Alan had a new PB, jumping up from 12lb to 26.08  with a mirror from the Channel around 8.30am this morning. I'm waiting for photo's to be sent so I can see which fish it is as I couldn't tell from his camera. Rain forecast for Thurs and Friday so hopfully it will cool the water a little and get the fish feeding. August is always tricky and I look forward to mid Sept to Dec when the fishing gets a little easier and the fish start piling on the weight.

6th Aug It's been a pretty slow start to the month, one that I consider to be one of the hardest, along with July, Jan and Feb. Fish seem to be feeding and showing one minute, then switch off the next, and although conditions have looked perfect, like last night for example, the fish have had other ideas. John Buckley managed a couple of upper doubles from the Boathouse over the weekend, as well as losing what he said was possibly a 30lb common which he had its head over the net cord when the hook pulled out !  Other fish have come from the Moat, and Stumps and all been between 17-19lb. 

28th July  Well I managed 36hours in the Moat with Rich (Woolly) my bailiff, and conditions looked absolutely spot on, with low pressure, rain, cloud and warm temps. I had an absolute one toner at 4am, I was already awake and lying on my dedchair so it was only a few seconds before I had the rod in my hands and hooped over, only for it to cut off on a mussel shell within seconds, gutted. At 5am I was having a coffee when one of Rich's rods burst off. It went straight for the Island, and just made it, but luckily he managed to get it out quickly. We were both fishing about 18 wraps, on the bottom of the drop off. That fish went 25 yards up the slope and against the clutch to reach those pads in just a few seconds!! Anyway after a very spirited fight, we landed a lovely looking mirror which I reckognised as 'Big De'. The fish weighed 21.15 down nearly 5lb post spawning. Yesterday saw a lot of fish activity from 3.30-4.30pm then it went quiet again. Stuart Chard fished the Boathouse and had a nice 18lb linear this morning fishing very tight to the far trees on the left hand side.

26th July  Despite plenty of fish showing on friday night, we haven't seen a single fish on the bank this weekend. In fact until 10am this morning when Stephen May lost a mid double at the  net, nobody had even had a run. Pressure plumetting tonight, and rain and winds forecast all day, so its too good an opportunity for me to miss out on a rare 24hour session, but with everyone else blanking, it gives me a god excuse too !

24th July Firslty, apologies for lack of reports, the admin site broke down and my web guy was on holiday so its only just been fixed. I have also been away working so only got reports from those that have contacted me. Matt Nolan came back a week after catching the big common and only went and landed the Big lin at an all time heighest weight of 31.06 !  on his second ever trip, so well done Matt. Herb Owen had a mirror of 26.10 from the Moat also, Ronnie Hewitt had his first Blakemere fish 18, 17 and a very small fish of approx 8lb from the pads, so well done Ronnie. Mark Benson had fish of 18, 17 and a 25.04 from the Stumps. Jay had a 25 mirror from the Reeds swim on his first trip. There have been at least 4 fish off up to 19lb in last two days, and fish showing well just before dark. Bites seem to be coming between 3 and 5 am in the last few days.

July Russ ended up with two more small fish around mid doubles, then had another hook straightened, before going on to land a fish of 24.08, and one of 16.09 before leaving, so ended up with 6 fish and 3 lost. Simon cope had a night on the Stumps and had two mid doubles at 4am and 6am this morning, his first two Blakemere carp so well done Simon. Matt Nolan lost a very big fish this morning from the moat, fishing off the back of the island, playing the fish all the way in, only for it to charge under the snag tree on the right and Matt unable to stop it. He was absolutely gutted, but his misery was short lived as this afternoon he landed a new PB common at 31.05 which I think is Ivy but will confirm once I get the photo's, so he absolutely made up now, and has forgotten about this mornings loss. Steve Shaw came on this morning and gone into the stumps and has had a mid double this afternoon. Andy Remelie had a PB mirror of 25.02 this morning from the Reeds, turns out ot be a very spawned out Shadow scale which was last out at 28.14. So for the time of year its fishing pretty well. Water is still exceptionslly clear for here.

2nd July Christopher Olsen went into the pads on Monday night and had the lake to himself and ended up with a fish of 21lb before leaving on Tueday. John Taylor came on for his usual 12 hour day session today, and had a 16lb common from the moat. Andy Remelie has gone into the Reeds swim today, and has had a very hard fighting fish of 17.08 so he's well happy as he's here til Sunday.Russ Helsby and friend Gary went into the pads this morning. Russ said he had 6 runs in the first three hours, with two fish landed - a mirror and common both at 15.08, and lost another decent fish which he had on for 5 minutes before it straightened his size 6 ESP hook so he was undestandably gutted.  This afternoons rain seems to have quietened action off, but im sure it will see some more fish this weekend, as the rain has been desperately needed. The lake is very clear at the moment.

28th June Stephen Mcgee managed another fish at 5pm yesterday and upped his PB to 28.13 with a lovely mirror known as Scar and fully spawned out as its usually over 30.. He also lost another fish in the Pads at 8pm. Fairly quiet for all the anglers that were awake when I went round, on a very sleepy sunday morning. Conditions look perfect with rain overnight and warm south westerley, and cloudy skies. Dean walker added another two fish last night from Herons at 16 &17lb.

27th June Dean Walker has been in the Herons view for a couple of days and has so far had 3 fish of 15, 18 and a pb of 23.08 as well as losing 1 fish. Stephen Mcgee came on yeterday morninig and went into the pads, he had just landed a 19lb pure leather carp this morning whilst I walked around. Pure leathers are genetically different, and often have deformed fins, as was the case here. Its pecs were smaller and twisted and it had very little dorsal fin too. Lovely conditioned fish though and will be a true prize once its 25+. Jono Tolley went into the Reeds last night and had two small fish of 14 and 15.08.. Most fish coming out during 1-4am at present. Loads of fish showing all over last night mainly from 9.30-10pm onwards. One other fish also lost from the Stumps at 4am this morning.

25th June Andy Remelie had a nice mirror of 22.01 from the Reeds swim last night as well as losing another which took off whilst he was playing his fish at 1am. pretty quiet  everywhere else, but fish rolling just under the surface from 9.30pm onwards for a few hours. Not much activity during the day when its so bright.

22nd June Steve shaw added another fish of 21.00 at 2pm, before leaving yesterday. No anglers on overnight so nothing else to report, other than there were thousands of tiny fry swiming around the sheltered back part of the island, possibly week old carp and ones for the future, if they can make it that far. No more signs of spawning but water has dropped below 18 degrees once again.

21st June Well despite the fish spawnig really well for 48 hours non-stop last weekend, they don't seem to have got back on the feed in any style, and its been very quiet here all week, hence the lack of catch reports ! Only a few anglers been on mid week but full this weekend. Geoff Nicholl managed a fish of 18lbs from the Pads around 9am yesterday morning, using cell wafters, and also had a tench of 8lbs so well done Geoff.  Last night Steve Shaw had a New 25 from the Reeds at 2am, fishing his flurocarbon D rig with a B5 snowman set up over a bed of B5. The new fish weighed 25.12 and I'm now just waiting for a name from Steve for the fish. The pictures aren't brilliant as Steve took them in the cradle, but he did get both sides and they are fine for identification, and if anyone catches a new fish over 25 I WILL need a picture of both sides. To be fair to Steve he wanted to get the fish back in the water as soon as possible, so thank you for considering my fish welfare Steve, much appreciated and very respectfull at this time of year when the water is warm.

14th June Fish have finished spawning for the time being at least. Water temp has fallen back to just over 16 degrees after the rain amd cooling winds yesterday, but as they have had a good 48 hours of non-stop spawning, it will be interesting to see if a few spawn in the middle of next week when temps get back up into the low 20's. Geaorge Jones-Dobbs has had mirrors of 21.12 and 14.08 from the Reeds swim, and Steve Shaw had an 18lb from Herons view. Stephen May had a small pike this morning taking his pop up clearly in the mouth. Next weekend should be a good weekend, with hopefully all the fish spawned out, and looking to pack on the weight as quickly as possible.  Aerator is staying on for the timebeing too, and according to feedback, is quite relaxing and not intrusive by keeping you awake at night.

12th June typically the fish started to spawn this morning. I have closed the pads swim off where most of the activity is. I think that with all the rain due in tomorrow they will most likely stop tonight, and perhaps look again next weekend once it warms up again, but we shall see. Please make sure that any fish caught in the next two weeks, are kept out of the water for the absolute min of time. Please get all your cameras and weighing stuff ready, before taking the fish out of your net and the water. Please try to  get them back as soon as possible, and please let them go off in their own time once back in the water. If they need a couple of minutes please just hold them upright until they are ready to swim off unaided. Thank you.

8th June Two fish attempted to spawn on Sat morning, for about half an hour, but nothing else has been happening. The water temps are still 2-3 degrees below where they need to be at 18 degrees. The wind is cooling down the water so we'll have to see what happens on Wed/ thurs this week when it gets up to 18-19 degrees and there is less wind. I know some of you are booked on this coming weekend, but if the fish dont spawn until then, I will be closing and you will all be refunded. Fingers crossed it happens in the next 5 days.

1st June. We have closed this morning for the next 11 days to let the fish spawn. There were loads showing last night, and it certainly closed with a bang -Jonathon Tolley had been here over the weekend, and was half packed down when he had two fish within 20 mins of each of other from the Channel. A lovely common of 21 and a mirror known as Sara at 25.08  Steve Hall came down at 8pm for a quick overnighter and had 6 fish from Herons View 8, 14, 14, 18, 19, & 25   Stuart Wareham was in the Stumps and had 3 fish of 11, 15 & 21  so an excellent way to close off. The fish will be fed some micronized flaked maize and car pellet over the next 10 days and hopefully will be all recovered by the time anglers return. Hoping to get some decent video footage of the spawning too, for those who haven't witnessed it first hand so fingers crossed.

30th May Three fish out last night, 13lb from the Moat and one lost, 16lb from Channel and 16lb from the pads.

27th May I have just taken the water temp and its only 13.7 degrees. Although it's nice and sunny the forecast over the 4-5 days is for temps of only 14-15 degrees, and with rain forecast for tonight, Fri, sun and Mon I can't really see the water warming up enough for them to spawn. The fish are ready to spawn, but water temp must be high enough for a few days, so all anglers on this week before we shut should be ok. However, if I'm wrong, and they do start spawning I'll close straight away and refund all those who were booked on.

26th May Still pretty quiet compared to last few weeks. Thomas West made the effrot to move from the Boathouse down to the pads for his last night, and at 3.30 in the afternoon caught his first ever twenty when he landed 'Joelle' at 26.01 so well done Tom and congrats on your 1st twenty and new PB.

25th May  Craig Ridge sat it out in the Reeds for two nights without a fish, and decided to stay for his last night, despite not seeing only a few fish. He had a 23lb mirror shortly after 1am, then a tench, and at 7.30am this morning, broke his PB with 'Shadow Scale' at 28.07 so well done Craig, its his last session for a while as they are expecting their first baby in a month or so, so congratulations to you both. Rich Woollam managed a mid double out of the Moat at 5am too. Only one other fish lost in the pads. Water temp still only 14 degrees, so although the carp are probably ready to spawn, I cant see it happening until June when the temps hopefully pick up. I caught an angler with 2 rigs with barbed hooks on today, please READ and RESPECT my rules, I don't like the confrontation it causes, but will stand by my rules regardless.

24th May 9am It has certainly been a different week this week. We normally get a quiet spell just prior to spawning, however the water has only just got up to 14 degrees so we are at least 5 degrees below where it needs to be for them to kick off, but it really has been quiet in comparison to the last two weeks.  Staurt Chard had a lovely 23lb mirror just before leaving at 7am on Wednesday, and other than seeing a few fish roll they have been few and far between visiting the bank. Steve Shaw did managed to land one though, and at 8am this morning he had his first UK thirty, and new PB common, with the 'S' Common at 30.02  - another new thirty for the fishery.

18th May  Well its been a quieter weekend than last, but that was to be expected after having had so many fish grace the bank in the last ten days. Steve Hall ened up adding one more, and losing one before he left with 9 fish in total from the pads. Mike Farrall had a low double from there after he moved in behind Steve. Stephen may has been in the Stumps for a couple of nights and has now had 4 fish between 17 & 18lb as well as losing one. There were loads of fish rolling last night between 8-10pm, mainly in open water, in front of the Stumps , Boathouse and down to the Moat, where they were in the middle part of the lake . Lots of rain this morning, but we still have a few anglers on midweek, so will be interesting to see the results as the week goes on.

15th May In the last seven days, the fish count has been as follows. 42 fish caught . 2 x 30's, 1 x 29, 2x 28's, 3 x27's, 2x 26's, 1x 25, 1x 24, 1x 23, 3x 22's, 2x 21's, 2x20's, 4 x 19's, 2x18's, 4x17's, 4x 16's, 2x15's and 6 fish under 15lb. Total weight  850lb giving an Average weight for the week of 20.02.

15th May Stuart Wareham managed two fish just as he was about to pack up last night, a 23 and 24 from the Boathouse. Steve Hall had 2 more upper doubles in the pads last night and lost one, so his tally is up to 8 fish so far, and Endrew Sidwell moved down to the Reeds for his final night and had a mirror of 28lb fishing across towards the island as there was no-one in the snags or moat. Might be 'The Frog' but will await photos to see which fish it was. Wind has changed back from an Easterly yesterday to south westerly.

14th May  Steve Shaw ended up with 9 fish in total, his best trip so far. Keving George was in th Boathouse, and moved into the Pads behind Steve, as he was leaving early afternoon, and had a fish of 17lb, a really amazing gold coloured fully scaled. Then Steve hall from Crewe moved in after Keving and had 5 fish last night !  He had fish of 15.02, 19.02, 12.00, 17.00 and 17.02, landing both seventeens at the same time in the same net. Top angling Steve.

13th May Staurt Chard came on for a quick overnighter in the Snags and had a fish of 16lb. Kevin George had a fish of 17lb from the Boathouse, and Steve Shaw ended up with 7 fish in total adding fish of 19 and 21.08 this morning from the Pads.

12th May Steve Shaw has added fish of 28.08 (shadow scale) and mirrors of 16 and 12lb from the Reeds. John Taylor came on yesterday for a day only session and had a mirror known as 'Speedy' at 29lb from the Moat. Andrew Sidwell is here for a few days. He had a common of 27.08 from the Stumps in the middle of the day. Andy Remeilie is back and had fish of 22.09 and 19.08 as well as a 7.12 tench from the Reeds last night.

11th May A fantastic weekend all round. In all we had 19 fish landed and 4 lost. Two new 30's and two new 25's too. I got the rods out myself last night and fished off the back of the island, about 15-20 yards short, at the bottom of the drop off, and finally after 25 years of carp fishing broke the 30lb barrier with The Big Linear at 31.02, its first time past thirty at 5.30am this morning. To all those who have found it hard, this is my first fish in 12 months after 12-13 quick overnight session, so its worth the wait when it finally happens. Fish weights this weekend were; 31.04, 31.02, 27.06, 27.04, 26.00, 25.00, 22.00, 22.00, 21.02, 20.12, 20.03, 19, 18, 17, 17, 16, 15 and one of the prettiest of them all, a home grown stunner of 10lbs.

10th May 9am Well, it seems like things have realy kicked off here this weekend. Stuart Card came on last night and went into the Boathouse behind 2 anglers leaving who hadn't caught. He walked around the lake and baited up with 4kg of boilies across the far margin about a rod length out. From 2am -6am Stuart ended up with 4 fish and one lost, weighing in at 17,18,a new 25 and 27lb. Duncan Farrall added another 2 fish to his tally including a mid double and 20.03 mirror. His brother Mike moved from the Reeds into Herons view after Ian left, and had only been there an hour before landing a lovely common of 27.04 and followed it up with a mirror of 15lb. Joe Ogden was fishing in the Moat, casting tight to the island. After 4 attempts to get it right, Joe was happy with his cast, and as he was about to put his bobbin on, a mirror of 20.12 nearly pulled the rod out of his hands !  His bait had only been in the water a few seconds. Steve Shaw has just come on this morning, gone into the pads and had a common of 22lb on his right hand rod, he hadn't even set his net up, or his other two rods, so clearly the fish are feeding well. This common looked as though it may of had spawn in, so they are clearly feeding up in readiness for a few weeks time. 

9th May  8.45am, just been for a walk around and its been quite an eventful 24 hours. Duncan Farrall is in the Stumps, and after having blanked on his last 9 trips here, started off with a mirror of 21lbs yesterday, lost a fish at 4am and then had a beautiful common of 31.04 at 6am this morning. Well done Dunc ! Carl Williams was in the Moat for 24 hours and fished tight to the back of the island. He lost a big fish yesterday, then had mirrors of 19 and 22 during the night, as well as losing one at the net estimated around 25lbs. Ian Pattison is in herons View and had a 16lb mirror, then upped his PB to 26.04 with a mirror around 4am this morning, as well as losing another fish too. Plenty of time left this weekend for a few more fish yet.

6th May Well, depsite what seemed like perfect conditions, with low pressure, overcast skies, rain and a strong south westerly, fish have not showed themselves at all down on the windward end (Reeds and Snags end). Mark Higgins did a quick 12 hour overnighter in the Stumps last night and had a mid double mirror from the left hand margin, fishing over corn and small baits. Fish have been seen off the back of the island opposite the Moat swim.  Nobody up the far end by herons view or the Pads so its difficult to know if they have stayed on the back of the wind. Plenty of anglers on tomorrow so perhaps we'll find out where they all are !!

3rd May  Steve Shaw had a 22.04 common on Sat afternoon, and followed it up with two mirrors of 18lb and 19lb during the night. he fished the Moat swim and baited up tight to the island where fish were crashing close to the bushes. A 24lb mirror has come off this afternoon from the stumps swim. Chris Thomas had a 19.02 mirror from the Pads swim on friday night at midnight. Nice strong westerly blowing this afternoon, which is much warmer than the cold easterly we have had for the last 3-4 days so hopefully conditions will stay good for any anglers on over the next few days. Steve Hall from Crewe had a mirror of 18.04 from the Reeds swim during a quick overnighter on friday night too, so plenty of action all over the lake. 

01st May Andy Remelie came on for a couple of days earlier on this week.  Andy has been on over ten occassions, and had yet to catch. His luck finally changed and Andy was delighted to catch the ghost common at its highest weight of 24.04 from the Reeds swim.  Stuart Chard went into the Reeds on Thursday night and caught a fish known as 'the Frog' at 28.02 at 3am. We had an 18lb mirror from herons view yesterday too. Fish showing all over the lake, mainly in the last hour of light or early morning, Temps overnight have been very cold with regular frosts, but the fishing has been getting steadily better, and a lot of fish still being lost. Fingers crossed for a couple more whackers this weekend.

26th April  Stephen May added an upper double common to end his session with 3 fish. Stephen fished krill boilies rehydrated in hemp juice, and baited by hand after walking round the far side. He is particular about getting his rig in the right place and will make 4 or 5 casts if necessary, something that possibly makes the difference on a water like this. Steve Shaw lost a fish from the Stumps at 2am, and sadly Craig ridge lost 2 from the Reeds swim in the night including one very big fish, which he swears was the biggest fish he has ever hooked and would have been a PB.  Rich Mack had a 14lb mirror from the Snags.  One fish also lost from the moat this morning, so overall a very good weekend, 11 runs in total, with 6 fish on the bank. If you can lose your lead on the take it will help prevent fish losses, not all obviously, but the fish are wise to the fact that the pads offer them sanctuary and will head for them, so you want everything on your side if you want to get them out. On past history, I predict that if Lily's fish is going to appear this year, it will be in the next 3-4 weeks, so good luck, and please contact me immedaitely if you catch her.

25th April As predicted, this new south westerley and drop in pressure has switched the fish on. Stephen May had a 24lb mirror at 4.30am yesterday morning in the fog, and has just caught 'Shadow scale' at 27.10 from Herons view so well done Stephen. Steve Shaw had a 21lb mirror at 12 noon, and Craig Ridge had a 14lb mirror from the Reeds last night. Hopefully we will see a few more before the end of the weekend but conditions looking spot on for the next 48 hours.

21st April Had an email from Chris Leeming to say he caguht a 29.11 mirror from the Channel swim a week last Friday. I'm pretty sure the fish was one called Arthur which ahs not been out for way over 12 months, but the image quality was too poor as it had been taken at night on a phone camera. Please try and make sure you get a shot of both sides of the fish if they are over 25lb and that the photos are in focus. I know its more difficult at night, but its a shame to catch such a nice fish and not have a decent memory of it. Well done Chris anyway on a great catch.

20th April  The weekend before last saw  8 fish banked. The Handley brothers fishing in the stream and stumps,had 5 including 2 twenties, as well as losing a couple. My Jenny came out at 26.08 and also two other fish landed. This weekend saw Jason Welsh catch a 24lb mirror and his mate Adam had his first Blakemere carp at 17lb, both fishing from the Boathouse swim. A small 14lb mirror came out of the Moat on sat evening. Pads are nearly up, just 5 or 6 inches below the surface, but will be completely up in the next 10 days or so. The end of this week, looks fantastic with pressure dropping below 1,000 and night temps staying around 5 with winds turning southerly (instead of these easterly's we have currently) and rain forecast too. Just what we want as far as the perfect weather goes.  Just an early reminder in case you're looking to book a month or so ahead, to say that we do shut when the fish spawn, normally around the first week in June (but weather dependant) and any anglers booked on will be refunded in full for any time lost fishing.

7th April Well after an amazing weekend of weather things have definitely woken up at last. Stephen May fished Herons View and broke the 30lb barrier for the first time by catching a fish known as Scar, at 30.09 around 2pm on Sunday. Stuart Chard had just lost a fish from the pads swim next door around an hour before. The pads have suddenly started to shoot up, and will be poking up through the top soon enough, and fish have been crashing uring the day, mainly around the warmer marginal spots, however they were rolling in open water last night from around 8-10pm. Two fish lost last night from the Boathouse swim. I'm sure we see planty of the bigger fish appearing now in the next 4-5 weeks.

30th March Well after a mixed bag of weather including very strong winds, rain and sunshine the fish seem to be starting to move and a few have been seen rolling over the lake. Stee Shaw had 2 low doubles on Sat night, both commons from the Boathouse swim, and fish were lost from the Moat and Channel swims early on Sat morning. With night time temps staying above freezing this week we will hopefully see some of the larger fish out in the next two weeks as they get munching after their winter slumber.

26th March  Joe Charnock came on Moday for a few nights. After a very quiet night on Monday Joe had a 14lb mirror on Tuesday fishing in the reeds swim. He then lost a big fish after receiving just 4 bleeps in the night he got out to find his bobbin tight up and rod tip bouncing, but unfortunately suffered a hook pull. Water is still only 6.5 degrees, but forecast for the weekend and early next week is good with temps in 12-13 degrees and staying above 5 degrees during the night, so hopefully the water will warm up next week and the fish will switch on properly.

15th March Just as we thought spring was here last weekend, it seems winter has returned today with a biting easterly wind. No fish out this weekend. One decent common seen rolling out from the stream swim yesterday afternoon ,but other than that its been pretty bleak all round. Sleet showers forecast for Tuesday and temps not looking to rise much above 10 degrees this week so it looks as though it may be a while before the water temps rise and catches improve steadily as a result.

12th March I have been asked to update the catch reports so here's the latest news for you. The weekend before last saw one fish out at 17lb and one lost as well as 2 tench. Last weekend there was just one fish lost from the Channel swim at 2am on sat night, plus an eel of 3lb !  Only one angler on a day session this monday who blanked. Water temp has now reached 5.5 degrees, and is rising slowly but we had frosts on Mon and Tues this week, and winds are still bittelry cold if you're in the face of them. Anglers on today right through till early next week so fingers crossed we might see a few fish on the bank. I've been informed that Baden Hall has just done its first fish of the year last weekend, plus other waters not having done fish for 6 weeks, so please remember we're just coming out of winter, and don't get too dispondant if you're blanking, its still early days yet. Once we get some prolonged weather in double figures and some sunshine, I'm sure it will improve. Hopefully I'll be updating this again with news of some carp gracing the banks. Tight lines.

Feb 23rd A very quiet weekend, with only one small pike gracing the bank ! two carp were spotted, which is 2 more than I have seen this year ! one was opposite herons view, and one was halfway between the Channel and the Stream swim. Hopefully the weather will improve and the water temps rise, as they are still around 3.5 degrees,which is pretty cold. Thats not surprising as we had, snow, sleet, rain and sun at the weekend, coupled with frosts for the last 3 or 4 nights. Spring will soon be here.

Feb19th Steve Hall from crewe did a quick overnighter last night in the Boathouse, and fished glugged balance baits as singles across the far side. His right hand rod went off at 3am this morning and ended up with a nice mirror of 18lb, the first fish out since the netting last week.

Feb 10th We have been closed for the last week due to being frozen. The lake thawed just in time for our netting on monday, part of ongoing fishery management, to remove the biomass of smaller roach which have bread so well and survived last winters exceptionally mild weather. Nobody was expecting to see what lay in the net when we found a huge crucian weighing 4.07oz, just a few ounces under the UK rod caught record. Hopefully it will live for a few more years and put on some more weight and go over 5lb !! It was an awesome sight for those present, and just goes to show that you never really can be sure of whats lurking beneath. Back open tomorrow night. Levels are down 18" as we dropped the lake to help with the netting. Should fill back up over next 2-3 weeks now we are back to normal. We also netted around 30 tench mainly between 6-9lb and looking awesome, even though they seldom get caught, along with around 6 very healthy looking carp. Plenty of food this year, should ensure they gain 3-4 lb each in weight, and we end the year with 8-10 thirties. Tight lines.

Jan 25th Steve Shaw added another small mirror of 15lb at 8.15am this morning. Temps dropped sharply last night and there were bits of cat ice floating around, mainly down at the Reeds swim. Sun is up and bright already so should dissapear quickly.

Jan 24th  Steve Shaw followed Steve Hall into the Boathouse this morning as he left, and had a lovely looking mirror of 20.12 around 3.30 pm. Steve was using Milky Toffee wafters over a scattering of cell boilies.

Jan 23rd Steve hall from Crewe came down at 11am this monring after running late, and had a lovely 17lb leather on the bank by 1pm. You have to be in it, to win it !!  He was fishing in the Boathouse swim. 

Jan 17th  One small fish out of 14lb from Herons view to Mark from Wolverhampton. he had only been fishing for half an hour, so it just goes to show, if you put it in the right place your in with a shout. Lake froze over sat night, then thawed out sun afternoon, and froze again sunday night.

Jan 11th 3 fish out yesterday and one lost. Craig Walmsley upped his pb from 11lb to 22.08 when he landed a mirror from the stumps within an hour of setting up. Jonathon Tolley landed 2 fish from th Snags swim, both mirrors of 14 and 16.08 and Steve Shaw lost a fish up in the Pads swim, so looks like there are fish all over the lake. Water temp was 5.7 up at the pads end, and 4.4 down in the Moat.

Jan 9th  No anglers on this week until tonight. Very mild, and very windy, and water temp up from 3.7 degrees last week to 4.4 degrees tonight. Its very boggy down at the bottom of the filed from carp park 2. I am going to try and put some spare otter fence down on the ground to walk over asap to see if it will help. Most of you know this is not my field, and despite several ongoing talks with my neighbouring farmer I cannot get him to allow me to put an earth track down there sadly. I'll keep trying as I know its a hard slog to those pegs in the winter.

2015 Jan 3rd Stuart Chard had the fist fish of 2015 with a stunning 18lb mirror from the Boathouse swim. Not the biggest fish, but really dark, with a golden orange colour to its belly and a great start for Stuart who only managed 3 fish last year, so hopefully a good omen for him this year coming.

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