Bait Available on site now.

We stock Essential Baits boilies, exclusively to anglers fishing at Blakemere.

These baits are in many opinions some of the best available, long term HNV (high nutritional value) food sources you can buy, and Esnetial Baits have a track record of more than 25 years to back them up. We want to establish excellent long term baits that will help the fish to grow, and remain in top condition, and in turn becomes a 'natural' food item for them, and one that does not 'blow' as its nutritional value means the fish actively look for the bait as it provides them with many of the necessary items they need from a food source.
You are obviously still able to bring your bait of your own if you prefer.

You can read more about these baits

All bait is subject to availabilty and can be purchased on site during your stay, or prior to, by phone or email. Wherever possible most prices we have managed to offer at the same price or less than if you brought them directly.

Freezer Baits -                                                          1kg       5kg        B5
Essential Baits Shellfish B5   (original)          16mm    £10.00    £47.50    

Glugs/ Dips     100ml    250ml       

Shellfish B5      £5.00    £9.00      


Cork Granual Pop Ups    16mm - 50 per tub           

Shellfish B5      £5.50       Fluoro_Pop_ups

B5 Fluro Pop Ups     50 per tub           
Ultra - Glow Yellow     £6.50           
Ultra - Glow White     £6.50           

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